Work From Home Jobs Are Best, Here Is Why?

Work from home comes into the picture to maintain work-life balance and when you love your comfort as much as you like working or when you think your productivity would enhance when you get a work from home job. But, the question is what work from home jobs are available and where.

Most common jobs which can be done from from

  1. Writing articles and assignments.
  2. Editing images and videos.
  3. Web development – website, blogs.
  4. App development – Android, IOS
  5. Software development – Windows, Linux.
  6. Handicrafts

Websites which provides work from home jobs


These websites provide sit at home or freelance jobs in almost all domains. You need to run a thorough search.

Benefits of Work from Home Jobs

  1. There are work-from-home jobs that need no prior experience.
  2. A part-time or a full-time freelance position would make you save fuel
  3. There are no additional corporate expenses
  4. A freelance decides his or her income
  5. A freelancer chooses his work shift.
  6. Freelance is perfect for work from home mothers.
  7. Freelancers love their work.

No Experience Required

If you have no experience, then you will be rejected in a corporate. But, freelancers do land the job because employers are very flexible with experience when it comes to hiring work from home employees.

The reason why employers are so liberal when it comes to hiring a freelancer is that freelancers get paid 1/4th of what regular employees get paid and more often than not freelancers deliver the same quality of work.

A Freelancer Decides His Income

The underlying meaning of this is when you are freelancing, you decide what you want to earn; you can start with one client and then move to four clients. You could charge different amounts from different clients, and there is flexibility in this case which makes freelancing very tempting.

A Freelancer Decides His Work Shift

Work from home also means you control your schedule. It is not necessary to work between 9 AM to 5 PM. You can work from 12 PM to 10 PM, you not even need to get off from your bed, and can work the whole day laying down in your bed, you do not also need to get ready or take a shower.

Work from Home Help Mothers

Work from home works mainly if you are a hands-on mom, and you have a toddler, then you do not have to leave your kid at home, and you can take better care of your kid since you are doing work from home, and can handle both work and kids.

You need to organize your time well, and you can earn pocket money and take good care of your toddler. You might be thinking that corporate offices also have daycare for kids, but in daycare, can you be with your kid in a homely environment just like you can be at home, and the answer is a no.

Imagine a day in corporate daycare with no other kids with your kid; it could be a traumatic experience for the kid, so work from home mothers win the race. The saved time and money could go towards your pursuits.

Save Time and Fuel

Second of all is the fuel. Fuel prices are skyrocketing and not getting stuck in a traffic jam every day is no short of a miracle. When you stay 50 km away from your workplace, then driving twice a day to and from work is harassing.

It saves time to work from home. If you travel for three hours just to and from the office, and sit in the office for 15 hours, then you have 6 hours left with you for your day. It sounds like slavery more than anything else.

Cabs are no better. The argument is office cabs are overcrowded, and you lose your dignity just taking the taxi. Same for when you take an auto to work while everyone else comes in a sedan.

Reduce Corporate Expenses

Corporate employees spend loads on food every day, they splurge on corporate events and other parties, so a large part of their income goes into showing off which is a significant benefit of sitting and working from home.

Why Freelancers Love Their Work?

If you are freelancing, then chances are you are doing what you love, and there is no better feeling in the world to earn money doing something you love.

90% of the human population works at a job which they do not like, and they dedicate their whole life trying to be good at their job which is a pitiable state. Freelancers, on the other hand, live an entrepreneurial experience and a life they choose which a life with respect is.

The Highest Paying Online Jobs for Freelancers

Writing and Editing

Work from home jobs are best here is why

You need to have a flair for writing, and you do not need any experience to start writing. All you need a laptop and an internet connection so you can research and bring forth the wordsmith.

You’ll write travelogue to fashion tips to book reviews.  It is interesting. The next kind of writing where you should try is writing product reviews which could get published on Amazon. It is easy, and you’ll get paid a decent amount.

Academic essays and college admission essays pay a lot more because of the expertise required to write those. If you are lucky, you’ll get an opportunity to write an e-book, and later you could achieve your dream to write one whole book. To keep brushing your writing skills, do take part in poetry and short story writings.

Your work could be ghostwriting, or you could also get hired by a publishing house as an editor, or better still you could write for magazines or a newspaper, and in this case, you see your name published under your article, and that is a feeling unmatched. You do not even need a journalism degree when you are working from home and writing for a newspaper.

Web Development

It could be a part-time job where you use your web development skills when you wish to earn some extra income on the side.

App Development

Have you ever wondered how many apps there are on your phone and who’s making those, and you believe you have the skill to make an app then app development may be for you. We need web development or software degree and experience for this. 

If you write the code yourself, there is no end to how much you can earn. If your app runs in the market for even a month, you can make more than a lakh. It should just be some app which has high performance and with a useful UI.

Software Development

The kind of software that we use daily is just very high in magnitude. Software development is a great way to earn money. You could be part of a small company or a huge conglomerate and leaving your job and starting a private practice could seem like a significant decision, but if you have confidence in your ability and if you have the knack to find clients then this might work out for your great benefit.


Work from home jobs are best here is why

If you have an apparel business such as you do hand painting on dress materials, not just is that a brilliant creative outlet of your energy, it is time-consuming positively, and if you are good at it then you earn money and fame as well as you start getting invites to fashion shows.

When models wear your design, and you arrange a showing in collaboration with other fashion designers, then your happiness would be out of the roof


That said every company and every corporate this day is offering work from home packages because they realize that the cab time is becoming too much of a hassle.

More and more employees are complaining despite the best cabs on offer by the company. So, the government has also started making rules in the regard that at least three days out of 6 should be work from home days.

One exciting feature of work from home is that you save taxes. Though you should consult a tax expert for the same and it’s not tax avoidance, it is legally paying a lesser fee.

To wrap up, let us say there is no greater joy in working in your PJs in your comfort zone. Your productivity would improve instead of getting diminished. At the same time, if formals make you feel better than being in PJs, then you could wear those and sit in the workspace.

This workspace for you could be something you have created at home to sit in a proper posture as you work. Then the idea is to imitate the way you would sit in an office with no disturbance.

You could convey to everyone at home what your work timings are when you want some strict alone time, but work from home also means work-life balance which means you get the best of both worlds.

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