WhatsApp Clone App Users Warned To Shut Down Immediately.

It is one of the oldest and most popular chat apps. Whatsapp has no competition, but a sudden change of things dampened the spirit of the makers of Whatsapp as well as Whatsapp users. What is this sudden dampener if you wish to ask then the answer is the Whatsapp clone app.

Whatsapp came out in 2009. It is a brainchild of two software engineers called Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Usually, it is for 3G and 4G phones, but can also be used for laptops and desktops because of technological upgradations.

It offers various services such as free international and national audio calling enabled by the internet, open sharing of images and GIFs, audio and video messages, and regular chat.

WhatsApp Warning to Clone App Users

Whatsapp clone app users warned to shut down immediately

Whatsapp has issued an official warning to its users not to use an app that looks like Whatsapp but is not. Some clone apps might attack your system, and these would be available under the name Whatsapp GB and Whatsapp Plus.

You should not use any of these variants even if they look, act and seem to be real Whatsapp because these apps have no security rules in place. Whatsapp cares a lot about the privacy policy of its users which these fake apps do not.

These modded apps know that Whatsapp is famous, and therefore the clone apps wish to drive some customers of Whatsapp towards its self.

Therefore, Whatsapp has taken the mantle to issue a warning to all its users that one should only download Whatsapp from an official app store preferably through Play store or any other legal app downloader or from the official Whatsapp website.

WhatsApp Temporarily Deactivated Multiple Accounts

In the meantime, Whatsapp now deletes the original Whatsapp accounts of people who have made an account on these fake websites so that these users, as well as counterfeit websites, get deterred from using the Whatsapp name.

Whatsapp would also delete your chat history when you have multiple accounts on clone applications. Whatsapp would ban your phone from its database.

If you use a fake Whatsapp app and Whatsapp finds out, then it would delete your account from Whatsapp. In any case, Whatsapp would come to know that you have an account on a fake website and hence Whatsapp would close or temporarily deactivate your account.

Whatsapp will wait for you to delete your account from the clone web site before you can start using real Whatsapp again. For this, you have to remove the clone app from your phone and also all related APIs.

The idea is that one should not operate two or three accounts on the same website since that could become an account used for criminal purposes.

If Whatsapp bans your account, you’ll have to contact the authorities of Whatsapp. This ban is because you have violated the terms and conditions of the use of Whatsapp by making an account on a fake website that is working under the Whatsapp name irrespective if the logo might or might not be the same.

How to Differentiate Between Real and Clone WhatsApp App.

  • WhatsApp is free, there is no membership fee. If it asks you for any fees then it is a fake app.
  • The original app never promotes themself. Promotional advertisements do not flash in the app.
  • It’s an ad-free service.
  • The fake app shares your personal information to unauthorized servers.

Whatsapp launches new features now and then but users should never get confused between a real, and a fake app and Whatsapp would do its best to always clarify its stance to its loyal fans and the user base.

Whatsapp claims that it’s business model is not to earn from its users.  Whatsapp once again proclaims that it is free and always will be which has always been the tagline of Whatsapp.

There is no membership fee, and if you are being asked to pay any price, then it is fake Whatsapp. Whatsapp also never gives you or shows you any advertisements and does not try to do anything underhand to scavenge money out of you.

Whatsapp has given the names of two modded versions so Whatsapp users should at least try and stay away from those two versions. These are Whatsapp Plus and GB Whatsapp.

But, Whatsapp has not given out any official statement about the developers of the two modded Whatsapp apps. Whatsapp business model and how it earns money is not known to many, but Whatsapp does promise and deliver ad-free service and which is laudable. 

Usually, it is easy to figure out the difference between a real and a fake app, but there is one app in particular that is made to look entirely like Whatsapp, and this comes under the name of an update. So, this fake app is called, ‘ Update Whatsapp messenger.’ Never click on this link.

This piece is official news because the modified Whatsapp apps are all set to start showing you ads and that may be a reason to fear a little because that means the modded app is sharing your personal information illegally with ad makers. The rest of the decision is yours.

The Risk from the WhatsApp Clone App and Fake Account

Easy to get hacked.

The account on the artificial version of Whatsapp is at a high risk of being hacked, and Whatsapp does not want to get dragged in the controversy of an individual and a company fighting a legal suit because the said fake Whatsapp Company harassed the user.

The perfect platform for crime.

When you use a modded app, your details are also at risk along with your location which could make you perfect bait for someone wanting to commit a crime at your site or using your financial information to commit financial crimes

You might think where all the fake versions are available, so the answer is fake apps are available on all app stores.

No personal security settings are available.

If you are flummoxed then one way to figure out if you are using real or fake Whatsapp messenger is that on real Whatsapp you will be given options such as you can hide the fact that you have read a particular message.

The real Whatsapp has a trick which is putting your phone on airplane mode right after reading a message, and iPhone users get an option called 3D touch. You can use these tips to figure which app is real and which is fake.

More Information on Modded Apps

A fake, illegal and modified version of an original app is known as a modded app. You would not want a modded app. A modded app is just some app that builds on the original innovative app and puts some added coding to become a so-called better version of the original app.

If a modded app promises that now you can send several additional images in one go then let us analyze that promise. The modded app is not writing its code and giving you an added number of images to send and this is something related to your phone and not the server end of things.

The Next Question Is Whether A Modded App Is Safe?

The answer is that modded apps are never safe. They are also not free but come with a hidden cost. They spy on you when you give them access to contacts, microphones, and photos.

One day you might land into trouble only to realize that you should not have used the fake Whatsapp app when everyone told you stories about it not being safe and knowing that Whatsapp would not have blocked your account if you were doing something legal.

If you argue that Whatsapp could also cheat then you forget that Whatsapp is an international company that has a lot of accountability.

Whatsapp plus is not even comparable as the size of a company so they have no reliability and such a fake company does not care if they just shut shop someday after doing something very wrong or illegal.

Even the code of Whatsapp plus or other Whatsapp modded apps are malicious, and it is spying on you, it has your personal information, financial information, location, and photos. Does that sound safe? It does not, and it is not.

Advantages of WhatsApp Over Modded Apps

One more thing why Whatsapp is better than the modified app. Whatsapp, as we all know, is end to end encrypted. It does not read your messages, and your messages are only visible to the person sending and receiving the message. Not so in modded apps and there is a third party in a modded app.

The second reason why Whatsapp is better is that modded Whatsapp can launch adware on your phone and this is a malware that would give your personal information to whoever cares to seek the data, and put your data is the danger zone.

These are pirated apps which add to your woes. Pirated has no quality and can always stop working at any point in time.

Whatsapp has given a statement in public saying that, ‘Whatsapp plus is not an official version and it can prevent you from using the service.’ This warning is in the specific language of the notice by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp further states that if you are restricted you have to get an official version from Google Play or Whatsapp.com and after 24 hours your account would be restored.

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