What Is A Virtual Private Network Or VPN?

A virtual private network or VPN, is often just called a VPN and takes a private network across a public network, and makes for sharing of data across public networks as if the computers are working with a private network.

A VPN works by using the shared public set up while maintaining privacy through safety measures and tunneling procedures.

Tunneling procedures are also called port forwarding which is sending and receiving data which can be used only for a private network such as a corporate network through something like a public network in a way that routing nodes in the public system are not aware of the transmission is part of the private network.

Routing nodes are connecting points that can send or receive data along network routes.

How VPN Works?

virtual private network or VPN

Let us talk about how VPN or virtual private network helps you. More straightforwardly, a VPN connects your PC or a tablet to another computer which is called a server somewhere on the internet, and you can browse your web.

So, if the server is in another country, it would seem like you are coming from that country which has the server and you can access things that you would typically not.

Let us list a few things that a VPN can make happen

1.    Overcome geographical boundaries on websites and streaming audio and video

2.    Watch and stream video such as Netflix

3.    Protect you from malicious Wi-Fi Spots

4.    Gain some confidentiality and privacy on the internet by shadowing your location.

5.    Not being logged in during what is called torrenting.

Thus, the main idea is to watch content that is in another country. More so, you are protected when you are in a coffee shop and browsing their net.

The main aim of a VPN is protecting yourself when you wish to watch some media online which you do not have access to in your own country.

If you wish to use a VPN, then you should head to one of the following websites

1.    Express VPN – It is easy to use, gives you high-speed internet, and supports streaming of online content, and all for meager prices.

2.    Tunnel bear  – It provides you the ease of use, gives you the security of use when you have a coffee shop internet, and it is free.

3. Secure VPN – Cannot be used that easily, and can be used for torrenting and for streaming media.

All of these media give you a free trial, and you can get money back in case you are not happy. The next good thing about VPN is that if you have a USA based VPN network and you wish to watch Netflix, then Netflix would see your internet connection as seen from coming from the USA.

Why You Must Use a VPN?

If you are a business traveler, you can access your business network on the road, local resources do not need to be connected to the internet, and that gives you a secure system.

If you wish to get connected to the home network, you can do file sharing, and play games online as if it were all happening on the LAN.

You can also hide all your internet activity from your local network, this simply means that when you are in the public system, your browsing activity is all visible to the nearby people.

If they know technologically well enough where they can find the information, but if you need some privacy, you should earn that privacy by connecting to the VPN.

The VPN would see one connection only, and all other internet traffic would get diverted to the other VPN connection. But, this is a case of overcoming bypass connections monitoring.

If you are an Asian and you are traveling to the USA for some time, then you should be able to access geo-blocked websites, and other regio-restricted websites and all that is possible when you have a connection with a VPN located in the USA.

How To connect VPN?

virtual private network or VPN

You should connect to your VPN so that you can share programs and files, and devices such as printers and scanners. Wireless VPN is becoming more and more common.

If you wish to connect to the VPN, you should have a VPN profile on your PC. You can either create your VPN yourself, or you can get a work profile from your place of work.

So, let us see how to connect to the VPN. If you are making a VPN profile from your home of work, you will have to get to the PC settings, or a VPN app on your company’s intranet or you should contact the company’s support person.

If on the contrary, you want a VPN for personal use, you have to visit the Microsoft Store to see if you can get a VPN app. Then go to the VPN website to see if VPN settings are listed there.

The same applies in the following few steps.

  1. Select the windows start button – settings – networks and internet settings.
  2. Add a VPN and then add and make a VPN connection.
  3. For which VPN provider you wish for, choose builtin Windows.
  4. Provide a VPN name to connect.
  5. Provide the server name and VPN type.
  6. Create a user name and password. This should be your one-time password.
  7. When you are creating the VPN ID and Password, you have to create security questions, and answers.
  8. If you wish to reset the password when you have forgotten the password, then you have to answer the security questions.
  9. Enter all this information and then save this information.
  10. Your VPN profile is ready.

Now, you should connect to the VPN settings.

  1. Go to the taskbar. Select the network icon. Select the VPN connection which you should use.
  2. If the connect option shows up, then hit connect, if not then open settings, select the VPN connection there and then go to connect.
  3. If the system asks for your login information, then enter the same.
  4. Each time you log in, you would be sent a code on your phone, and you have to enter the system so that you can log in with ease.
  5. You can receive this passcode through any means whether it is email or mobile phone or landline.
  6. If you are having doubts, you should contact the system administrator

Common issue user faces while setup VPN

When you are installing the software, some viruses may block your installation and lock your install. Then some anti-virus would make you delete the set up entirely to reinstall correctly, once the whole system is uninstalled, the entire VPN would be reinstalled again without any further issues.

It is a quick and easy process. You should know that you are connecting to the user profile which is yours.

If you have to accept an untrustworthy security certificate, then you should take it at this particular time only or for always.

You can also end this security warning for all future use. After this process, the client would start receiving configuration and give you a VPN IP address.

It is then that you get connected with the VPN server. Your connected status dialogue would be the name of the server, traffic on the server, such as what is the files received and what is the file outgoing. It would also show the time and date of the connection.

The VPN client should be compatible with your OS. You will need to have administrator rights, and JAVA is required; you can virtually use any browser.

If you wish to disconnect, the button for the same is already there, and you can easily disconnect. You should also know that VPN expires one year after the creation date. You can change the expiry date by changing the password.

If you have more than one VPN, then you may delete one of those by right-clicking against the name of the VPN.

You also need to know that if you do not use your profile within two months of enrolment, you will get a second email, stating that you are no longer a VPN member and to reactivate your VPN membership.

Your connection is now secured with VPN

virtual private network or VPN

Now, you should know why you must have a VPN account, that is because some Wi-Fi accounts can be intercepted by unscrupulous means and your personal information may be sold off, and every time and all the time you are logged into the internet provider, you would be sending off information to frauds, and con men.

You can track your own movement and find your location with a VPN.
This is very much possible with a VPN because the internet was created for the exchange of information and not for privacy controls.

It can be said that HTTP has always been a great way to protect the information, but it cannot protect you from local snooping attacks, and that mostly happens in coffee houses and when you have a free wireless internet connection.

So, that is why VPN comes into play. To put it, VPN can put forth a tunnel of encryption between the user and the remote server and that is done with the help of a VPN service.

All your internet connection goes between the tunnels. So, you do not need to worry about prying eyes — this way the identity and location of the user are protected. Now, your data is secure when you are using HTTP.

But, even if your account were hacked, you would be able to be safe because the information cannot reach the criminal since you have VPN server security.

If you need more information on why you should be using VPN is because some fraud may be after stealing your data, that could be your credit card numbers, and you would always be worried that your money could get stolen

Types of VPN or Virtual Private Network?


This connects the user to the secure remote server. This provides an added layer of encryption. This added encryption allows you to maintain that security is not threatened.

This is the foundation stone for all commercial VPN services; the service providers will enable you to use their network when you are browsing. This gives you privacy and makes your data safe. It is also ideal for personal use.


This is for multiple users in different fixed locations with the ability to reach out to each other’s resources.

This makes for a secure connection of information between each other. The information on each is not reached to the other easily; the different type is extranet based. This is used in large scale business environments.

The other criteria between VPNs are personal and business use. This could be when the VPN is for large enterprises and when it is for personal use. The first of such kind of VPN is which is easy to use, takes full control of your network, and lets it be of no use for external hardware.

Express VPN is one such network, it is mainly for personal use and high performance, and it gives you total privacy, it is not the perfect choice for business packages.

If you are high on privacy, then use the VPN and you would not like high risk and low on security VPNs. Then there are some VPNs with lenient, and that preserves people’s privacy.

Further classification of VPNs is done based on whether the VPN is free or expensive.

This could depend upon the speed that the VPN is offering.

Excellent customer support is also what you can expect from these VPNs.  If you are taking VPNs for one month or longer durations, this would also determine the rates and availability of VPNs. The price of some VPNs is their biggest strength.

Examples of Virtual Private Network or VPN.

  • Betternet is one example. The free version does not cost at all. You get excellent customer support and eight locations.
  • Cyberghost is the second example, in this kind of a VPN, you get banking-level security, it is available in different countries, and you are connected to 23 servers, then is Express VPN. You can browse securely and safely and privately with this VPN. It gives you blazing speed as you operate your internet in full security. It is available in more than 60 nations. If you do not like the service, you get a money-back guarantee in 45 days. The users have given this VPN a full five on five ratings.
  • Nord VPN is the next example of a VPN. You can use Netflix with this VPN. It operates in 80 servers are more. You get a 30 days guarantee where you get money back after 30 days if you do not like the service of this VPN. Users have given this VPN a 4.5 on five as ratings.
  • Surf shark is the next VPN. They have services in 50 nations across the world. You can browse unlimited internet. The VPN promises that you leave no footprints behind which means your internet activity cannot be traced back and you are safe when you are browsing and downloading. Therefore, it gives you the option to access the content of your choice whenever you want.

There is also a 30 days money-back guarantee. Making an account on this VPN is the most natural choice you will make. It blocks all your unnecessary advertisements. You get white lister which means you get access to many local and foreign websites.

You get your next VPN which is called Private internet access. This also gives you free Netflix and an ad blocker, and you can be connected to only five devices at one time, and the payment is also very little.


The primary purpose behind the VPN is that it creates a secure and encrypted network for otherwise unsafe networks such as a public internet.

It does not matter if you are working or browsing for fun, you need to be safe when you are using a public network such as if you have a coffee house internet connection.

It keeps your sensitive data protected, and that is because it encrypts data. You can connect this service to unlimited devices. You get the best price for this VPN.


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