Vivo V15 with 32 MP Pop-up Selfie Camera – Vivo V15 Found Real X-Factor.

A glamorous look, sleek design, and more battery power this is not even specifications today you look in your new mobile. Here comes the astounding mobile Vivo V15 with 32 MP Pop-up selfie camera that stunned the world. Vivo v15 found xfactor with astounding 32MP pop-up camera and maximum screen-to-body ratio. Best pop up selfie camera phone with advanced Android 9.0 Pie.

The phone has a newer mobile camera or what is called the pop-up selfie camera. The camera is not placed on the front screen but covered within the body of the phone. When the phone is being used to click a selfie, then the lens would pop out of the device and retract once the picture is clicked.

This is Vivo’s unique feature. Therefore, it can be said that phone technology has emerged in a big way with this phone. Besides that, there are three more back cameras. 2019 is being called the year of pop up cameras. Vivo hopes to continue its winning streak

Key Features of Vivo V15 Phones.

Vivo V15 with 32 MP Pop-up selfie camera

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  1. OS – Android 9.0 Pie
  2. Battery –3,700mAh
  3. RAM – 6GB RAM
  4. Display – Super AMOLED
  5. Storage – 128GB expandable storage up to 256GB

It happens to be one of the 55 smartphones to have Android 9.0 Pie update which means each battery charge lasts longer, automatically adjusting brightness according to lights, the phone keeps your most-used apps on the surface.

For example, if you go to Uber, the phone would show you the nearest drivers from other companies, the expected fare, and distances. Thus, the phone is indeed a Smartphone.

The phone has been designed to have your comfort in mind; the right side has of the phone will have the power and increase/decrease volume buttons, while the left has a button for Google Assistant and on the left, there is a micro SD slot for expandable memory.

Vivo V15 Pro specification is that the phone is a better version than even the HD phone. What else gets you higher definition displays is the super AMOLED.

This makes each pixel get activated faster thus making for more extensive and higher definition. The Snapdragon processor means you get better photographs and you can easily play games which are HD and need to come with supporting graphics.

6GB RAM makes your phone future proof. Usually, any phone works fine even with 3 GB RAM. Then there is the 128GB expandable storage up to 256GB means a cheaper method to enlarge the memory of the phone, and for not facing the storage space woes and not having to delete videos and data and apps from your phone because the phone is having a shortage of space.

Best Camera Placement

ivo V15 with 32 MP Pop-up selfie camera

Vivo V15 with 32 MP Pop-up selfie camera is an astounding camera revolution we saw above, the rear cams are also mind-blowing especially the one which is a 48MP rear camera, and the remaining two rear cams are 8MP+5MP rear cameras. You even get Fun touch OS which means additional features not found earlier on Android.

Design Specification

We will first talk about how the phone looks and feels. One must know that it comes in a mix of blue and purple combination which looks glamorous and in one look, the phone seems very sleek, it is a slim phone, but which feel solid.

A phone cover is a must as the phone is a little slippery. The overall design has been kept to a bare minimum alongside being simple, and the overall look is minimalist

You must have a back cover for two reasons. One is that the phone is very slippery. Second is because you do not want your phone smudged with fingerprints.


The phone performs well, and there would be no crashes mid-operation. Switching between tabs is easy; you can efficiently multitask on the phone such as music, videos, phone calls, and chats. Overall, a great buy within the 25k section. Please give a review on “Vivo v15 found real x-factor, maximum screen-to-body ratio, and astounding 32mp pop-up camera”.

Please give a review on “Vivo V15 with 32 MP Pop-up selfie camera”.

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