Ultimate Tips to Rank Your Website on Google.

Tips to rank your website on google will help you rank your blog or website in google search console. Other search engines do follow algorithms like google to search for optimized and well-prepared websites. All these efforts are done to serve better content and useful information to information seekers on the web.

Rank Your Website With Given Tips.



Before starting up, if you wish to know how you can check your Google rankings and work around it then download Alexa and find the keyword which is getting you a high ranking, go to Alexa rating and test how well the page is listed, then make some changes to the words and check back your ranking.

You must also remember if you are writing about what celebs wore for a wedding, it would make sense when you add some relevant images. But, the images should be small or else the photo takes a lot of time to load.


The first step to an excellent rating or ranking is the writing of quality content which is 100% free of duplication. This is called white hat content. This means you get a high ranking without compromising on the rules. If your content is not white hat then no matter how good it is, there is a chance that Google would ban your website because of the material.


The length of the article matters and the article should be at least 300 words and a maximum of 800 words, anything more or less than this margin makes for a reading material which is either half incomplete or there are repetitive behavior and wordiness there.

  • Certain writers disagree with that word limit, and sure website experts are saying that long-form articles are the real winners and the report should be at least 3500 words long.
  • If you were to talk about keywords, they should not be more than 2% of the article.
  • The third thing to do is to share the content well. Add a social media button so that more and more people can read your article and your fan base increases.


The fourth thing is that your website should have such a design that others can navigate quickly. SEO friendly structure for blog post lies in H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 heading format. 


The fifth thing to do is have a good Meta description. Meta descriptions are not a thing of the past; it has a central value and is a good aspect of the website. Meta descriptions summarize web content.

Now, it is this aspect that would show the readers the benefits and urgency of the material. Right keywords need to be placed in the Meta description to make sure that your website does well. 


The second thing that matters is how fast your web page loads. Your integrity would show through. It is surely a disadvantage for you if you are not using a fast server.

CDN services are booming nowadays to increase web site speed. Use Cloudflare CDN, it is free and fast. That definitely will help to draw more visitors to your website in no time.

Delete unnecessary plugins, themes, and media files which you are not using anymore.


The next thing is that your content should be mobile-friendly. This becomes important because most sites are now loaded and downloaded on the phones, and fewer people are using desktops and computers to view websites.


Look for competitors’ work since all webpages are ranked; it would not be a problem to see who your real competitors are. You should analyze the backlinks of the websites which are the competitors; this would help you know how your competitors are earning. But, you must remember that you have traffic on the site before you start building links, this saves money.


The content should be such that there should be social engagement, and people should know that such a brand exists. Find your domain and become an expert at it.

Now, there is a simple formula to judge your success, and that is backlinks that work in a way that you make a backlink, someone clicks on it, more and more people follow you, then follow connections rise in number along with followers and finally, your PR rises, when PR increases, the website becomes capable of getting sponsors, and people want to do business for you.

Social networking also happens to better for the ranking of the site. This is because social media marketing also improves business by attracting clients. You would also easily follow News vine when you are on social media. You are done and now you just need to verify the Alexa rankings.  

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