Uber Self-Driving Car Project Step towards Autonomous Vehicle.

What Is A Self-Driven Car?

Let us look at what is a Uber self-driving car project. An autonomous vehicle or self-driven car has specific duties such as steering control, changes in the acceleration, and all else is under human control. Since a robot is doing a job, it is going to be foolproof, and this takes away a lot of chances of accidents.

Then there are other cars which are partially controlled by a robot. In this case, the only job of the robot is to make sure that collisions do not happen, for this to be true, the robot does lane centering, paying more attention to the steering, and going to cruise control.

Next kind of automation is conditional automation. Here, the robotic machinery is running the vehicle for an extended period, but the driver should be ready to handle the car when demanded by the machine to do so.

The fourth kind of auto-driven car is high automation. This car is fully automated, and robot run, and you need not intervene as a human at all.

Although if it is a case of geographical change such as a steep mountain drive, then the human should take over the control of the car. Another scenario is extreme weather changes then too the human driver should take control of the car.

Finally, the last kind of automation is known as full automation which is what Uber and other companies are aiming. In this mode, the robot or the machine itself handles all on the road possibilities. From the wheels to the pedals, it can travel with zero human intervention.

Uber’s Dream of an Autonomous Vehicle.

uber self driving car

Uber had an aim to start 75,000 autonomous vehicles on the road at the end of 2019, and Uber says these driverless taxis would reach 13 cities by 2022. To make this dream come true, Uber was spending $20 million a month on developing self-driving technologies.

But, even Uber had realized that it was reckless and too hasty when it came to corporate governance and letting a lot of loopholes open and it was overambitious.

Ever since a self-driven Uber car killed a woman driving a bicycle in Tempe, Uber had to rethink its strategy, and Uber sensibly said that it does not want the kind of self-propelled vehicles that do not break in time and go about killing people on the road.

Uber’s efforts are still trailing and embarrassingly so in the light of the fact that founder Travis Kalanick called self-driven cars something innate to Uber business.

The Legal Battle between Uber and Waymo

This thought of an automated car business model landed Uber into a constitutional lawsuit battle with another company, Waymo.

This lawsuit has multiple parties. The first party to the suit is Alphabet, the parent company of Waymo, the second party to the lawsuit is Google itself, and Uber has paid stocks worth $244 million to these companies along with a promise that Uber would never use the intellectual property of Waymo, and this Waymo technology would never reach Uber cars.

Though Uber has given the settlement in the form of the shares and the money, Uber has still emerged victorious as the company got to know the strategies of its rival companies.

What made the lawsuit begin was when Google technologists left for Uber, and Google realized that Uber was stealing Google’s intellectual property.

The parent company of Waymo called Alphabet blamed Uber for the same, but Alphabet had a weak defense.

Uber Self Driving Car Project Details

Uber autonomous driving project is an Uber project where Uber wants to make auto cars a possibility on the roads which would make the streets safer and transport cheaper. But, making self-driven cars is a significant technological upgrade which is facing its due challenges.

Just like existing Uber taxis, the Uber self-driven cars would be sustainable, shared and with an arrangement of automatic vehicles. Uber is trying to make these auto cars as affordable as possible.

Considering the accident mentioned above, and the company fired many safety professionals and drivers, and the accident is the reason that these automated cars would temporarily have drivers who would note down safety rules, safety breaches, and who would once again re-do or read the maps

To make Uber auto cars better, these cars have bells and whistles to warn other passengers that a vehicle is approaching. It also has an active driver monitoring.

There is a driver facing camera which calls for human help in the form of auditory messages when the machine detects some human is inattentive.

Uber said that it would have the off the shelf system to keep an eye on the drivers.  No one knows which company has been hired for off the shelf keeping an eye on drivers.

Overall, the accidents opened the eyes of the company Uber, and now these self-driven cars would have emergency braking, and all means to avoid an on-road collision.

When the Uber self-driven car road accident took place, the victim knew that something untowardly could happen, but this was signal was given to the victim only 6 seconds before the crash which is not enough time when someone it is making a strategy to avoid an accident. Hence this was a major fail on the part of the Uber Company.

If the car’s assist functions had been on at the time of the accident, then life could have been saved. Uber is also making sure now that there should be a very smooth driving experience with a lesser scope of an accident.

But, smooth and fast driving should not be Uber’s aim in case of self-driven cars and assist functions are more critical. The technology has reached the stage where the vehicle easily will be able to change lanes and handle highway interchanges

Importance of This Uber Self-Driving Car Project

Self-driven cars are a revolution. This revolution started as much as five years ago, and since then it has gone from auto cars being impossible to inevitable. People once thought self-driven robot cars were a dream, but since 2014, the USA and other developed nations have seen its share of self-driven vehicles.

Self-driven cars are robot controlled, so this means there is no human required to drive a car, and a lot of drivers would lose their job. Not just that, warehouse people would lose their jobs because a robot would be present even in the warehouse to tinker with the machine and repair it.

Uber is excited about dislodging the drivers who seem like money mongers to Uber, and Uber is sure that customers would feel some relief that they are not traveling with an ill-mannered, unskilled driver who could put their life in jeopardy.

There are more advantages of auto cars, such as you reach your destination much in time, safe and at a staggeringly low rate. Yes, auto cars are cheaper than even simple taxis.

Involvement of Big Companies in This Uber Self-Driving Car Project.

It is not one or two companies such as Uber and Alphabet which are working on the self-driven car business; there are as many as 46 conglomerates working on self-driven automatic cars.

The famous names being Alphabet which we talked about earlier, then there is the big-name Tesla. Most of the money is coming from automating startups, the levels of funding and the kind of work going on are legendary.

All these companies have one thing in common which is their conviction that this business would take off and their investment would pay off, and it is only a question of who gets the largest share of the pie.

The companies that are involved in this new generation technology are automation industries, technology brands, and telecom giants.

Investment Amount in the Uber Self-Driving Car Project

The company called GM which is a significant car maker made some delays but ended up investing $9 billion meanwhile the leading company behind the auto cars, Waymo spent $175 billion. This amount should give you a rough idea which stocks to invest in.

The first company where the shares are very high in value is Tesla. NVidia also saw a significant surge in its stock value. This company also has up-to-date information about artificial intelligence about cockpits, and information about robots, cars, and self-driven cars is what sells in billions.

When it comes to self-driven cars, knowledge is the key.

Future of Auto Drive

The future of a self-driven car is that you’ll be in a car which drives itself and lets you enjoy reading a newspaper in the back seat or having your breakfast in the car. It could free up one hour of your time.

You’ll not have anything to worry about even if you do not enjoy parking because your vehicle can auto park. In the long runs, traffics would be better managed since only robots could help the situation, there would be lesser accidents and more lives saved, time gets saved, and there is pride in this travel.

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