Top 10 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards For 2020.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, in particular among PC gamers, have become very popular in recent years. However, they will load the desk with additional wires as big as they are. There are some fantastic ways to keep your space wireless. It is best to use Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards.

Nearly all wireless keyboards, if not more than conventional wired models, work in this guide. The accompanying parts will separate them, examine their characteristics, and clarify why they are so extraordinary. Let’s look at what makes them different for each of them.

Who Should Buy Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards?

Top 10 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards For 2020.

Wireless mechanical keyboards are the perfect alternative for people looking to install a gaming machine in their living room. Being able to launch your favourite games with wireless peripherals and still play them on your sofa gives you the best gaming experience on your TV.

The other sort of individual who benefits from these consoles is the individuals who need an agreeable and clean work area. You get a better feel without unnecessary noise if your keyboard has no wires.

Benefits of Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards.

  • There is a range of wireless gaming keyboards that use the latest wireless and gaming technologies to provide a proactive device.
  • Wireless technology creates an opportunity for portable modes that are perfect for gaming.
  • High-quality materials are on the best wireless gaming keyboards which produce sleek form factors that match your set-up. RGB backlit options and other exclusive designs are also available.
  • The gaming keyboards are for gamers and provide fast-lightning responses, anti-ghosting and, customizable hotkeys, and much more.
  • It is equipped with a different set of parts and specifications for each keyboard type. Some also offer technical features, such as advanced switch communication technologies and gaming performance requirements that cannot be found on standard wired keyboards.

The Top Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards:

1. Logitech K350

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 leads your hands in the right position and conforms effortlessly to your fingers with its distinctive wave design and continuously curved layout.

Also, the cushioned palm rest will comfortably and appropriately place your hands on the keys. They will help you type together with ease and confidence, but without pressuring you to learn to type in an unfamiliar way. And when you need it, your keyboard is always set.

Thanks to the long battery life (up to 3 years *), fast and reliable wireless networks, and the compact receiver you can connect once and forget wireless issues.

The Logitech K350 is an excellent option when you are searching for a budget keyboard and don’t particularly hang on your look. That’s because it includes all the features you like for professional use and gaming.

It comes with programmable F-key, digital controls on-board, and Logitech proprietary features. The wave design precisely outlines the hands as for ergonomics.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Wave design
  • Backlighting: No RGB illumination
  • Wrist rest: Cushioned

2. Corsair K63

Corsair is one of the largest manufacturers of gaming keyboards. so it is no surprise they produce one of the finest mechanical wireless keyboards there.

The K63 has a strong, tough structure on an agreeable wrist rest to facilitate the worry during typing. This keyboard is like a standard wired keyboard, which makes it perfect for those who want a complete interface of wireless support.

Without losing the mechanical sensation, there is a Cherry MX Red button that gives a good quiet experience. It likewise offers a flawless blue backdrop illumination that can be splendid.

It is ideal for viewing a film in obscurity or making the most of your games with the light off. As it stands, if you want a small, portable mechanical keyboard, there is no better option.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Cherry MX Red
  • Backlighting: Yes (Blue)
  • Wrist rest: Detachable
  • Macro Keys: N/A

3. Keychain K2

Not everyone uses a Personal computer as their main device. The Keychain K2 is a nice way to go if you are a Mac user. In addition to all the luxury features of a high-end wireless mechanical keyboard, this keyboard has an amazing look.

The blue key switches have a very smooth and satisfying look at this keyboard. There is no better choice for those who love the click and the sound it makes.

If you are not playing any heavy duty games on your Mac, then there are no macro keys available here. Here you get a stylish white backlight that most of the Apple fans would appreciate.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Blue
  • Backlighting: Yes (White)
  • Macro Keys: N/A

4. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

One of the best manufacturers of gaming keyboards out there is Logitech. They are admired for the look and feel it has created. This is not the most advanced model you can buy, but it has many great features. You would be very delighted with it as a gaming keyboard if you can ignore any of the omissions here.

Logitech now has its own patented Romer G keyboard switch. This has been praised by the users who use it because it has a mechanical sensation that is extremely satisfying.

There’s no backlighting in this particular Logitech model, but six macro keys are available. It would make it extremely enjoyable for MMORPG players.

In terms of stability and sensitivity, it fits wired peripherals. It is also reliable as hell; up to 18 months of continuous use are possible with a pair of AA batteries. The smooth, relaxed nature makes it perfect for gaming and typing.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Logitech Romer-G Tactile
  • Backlighting: N/A
  • Macro Keys: Yes (6)
  • Wrist rest: Fixed

5. G-Cord Wireless

Not only gamers but even typists are fascinated by the tactile support of a mechanical keyboard. This wireless gaming keyboard provides distinctive functionality and sensitivity.

It is mainly focused on providing the best typing and gaming experience for you durable and realistic.

The USB receiver is included with this kit which offers better access, low latency which secure connections than Bluetooth, WIFI, and other device applications.

A gamer’s dream is the G-Cord Wireless Keyboard. The USB Wireless Receiver helps you to plug it in for wired play or game away. However, you will love the response period and anti-ghosting features that will hold you in the leaderboards.

The aluminum design is ultra-lasting in style and the full 104-key configuration is ideal for any user type. You can also light your workstation directly from the panel with 6 LED lighting effects.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Cherry MX Brown Switches
  • Backlighting: 6 kinds of RGB illumination
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology

6. Razer Turret

Razer is known for its high-performance gaming accessories. While a little pricey, the overall gaming experience is enhanced by this wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Since the 2.4GHz connection is secure, gaming keys and battery life is up to 50 hours. The elegant black design and magnetic mouse Docker support the stunning RGB lights for an excellent overall experience.

You can connect your keyboard to your Xbox One with a simple, seamless dongle solution and enjoy a fast and secure wireless link. Up to 50 million clicks and 80 million keystrokes are durable for the Razer Turret.

Each command is executed with a swift response, featuring automated actuation and reset points. Feel comfortable through long hours of gameplay with an ergonomic wrist rest, which beautifully cushions your wrists.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Razer Mechanical Switches
  • Backlighting: RGB illumination
  • Wrist rest: Cushioned
  • Retractable magnetic mouse mat


Bluetooth 3.0 is available for this Wireless keyboard for stable connectivity and filled with features such as a key-roller and RGB backlight. It is also available in different switch configurations, meaning that the game setup suits perfectly.

The switch has three different colors, namely blue, brown and red, on this mechanical keyboard. A clicking sound will give you a perfect game and workplace experience.

These switches are amazing in size. It is faster than normal keyboard launch, particularly when playing a game, and when all switches are pressed at the same time, there is no conflict.

This keyboard creates several color patterns to make playing joyful. The lamp has 17 varieties of effects in operation.

Key Features

  • Switch Type:  Mechanical Switches
  • Backlighting: RGB illumination
  • Bluetooth technology

8. Anne Pro 2

Anne Pro 2 has rapidly grown to one of the most popular wireless gaming keyboards on the market. Because it has 61 keys and syncs with Bluetooth connections to your PC and Mac flawlessly.

Anne Pro 2 uses a 1900mah battery running up to 8 hours regularly, which ensures a single charge life cycle of a few days. This also has top gaming features such as anti-ghosting.

With 100% customizable backlighting, this elegant package supports up to 16 million color combinations.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Gateron Mechanical Switches
  • Backlighting: RGB illumination
  • Bluetooth technology

9. Drevo Calibur

The Drevo Calibur is a stylish, compact, and lightweight mini keyboard with outstanding wireless features. In a range of configuration switches, the 71-key mechanical keyboard features gaming essentials, such as the anti-ghosting and N-key rollover.

Furthermore, the Calibur backlight can be completely custom-made with 7 preset effects or its downloadable software can be more optimized. An outstanding all-round keyboard and one of the best wireless gaming keypads.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Mechanical Switches
  • Backlighting: RGB illumination
  • Bluetooth technology

10. UtechSmart Mercury

With a pocket-friendly price, the UtechSmart Mercury keyboard ticks the boxes. Driven by a pair of 2000mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, which require a game time of up to 40 hours.

A compact USB receiver with a range of up to thirty feet provides wireless communication. The red backlight can be programmed to a good touch across five levels of power.

The picture is enhanced by little touches including a gold plated USB connector and anti-slip rubber pads, which make this keyboard an outstanding value for money.

Key Features

  • Switch Type: Mechanical Switches
  • Backlighting: RGB illumination
  • Wrist rest: Cushioned

What to Consider Before Buying Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards:

There are many different types of mechanical switches on the keyboards in this series, each with a different type of response. Finding out which switch is the right for you will allow you to minimize the one you need from the best game keyboards.

1. Type of Switch: 

The switch that you choose is a personal one. Some prefer to choose the clicky blue switch, while some choose the quieter brown switch. In the end, you have to consider this for yourself. There is a whole set of choices, just select the one that suits you.

However, the majority use a switch known as a Cherry MX. Patterns in black, red, brown, blue, and translucent colors, gives you a very different feeling. All of this is desirable but certain types are more suited for certain roles than others.

Such keys are particularly common among players because they can choose between click / non-click and linear/non-linear variants.

The majority of keys enable you to switch if you don’t like the keys you have, so don’t worry you’re stuck with a pattern for always after investing in it.

2. Backlighting: 

Some people prefer RGB or solid colors light, while others say it’s distractive. Not every keyboard offers it, so make sure the one you pick can do what you want. This is an alternative that is based on personal preference.

3. Macro Keys: 

You want a keyboard with macro keys if you are a hard-core gamer, particularly if you like to play MMO games. In games such as World of Warcraft, these keys simplify your gameplay. Just a portable keyboard with macro keys if you play open games like that.

4. Affordable price: 

In particular, if you buy on a budget game keyboard, you ideally want a good, if not the feature-packed model for a reasonable price point, rather than a similarly priced model from nobody, which will, in reality, let you down easily over months when searching for more feature-packed for the money.

Sales on gaming keyboards occur throughout the whole year, so look out for any offer you might benefit from.

5. Battery life: 

If the keyboard has to be constantly charged, an AA battery deck consumes a week. Its wireless existence is more of a liability than a point of sale.

Another important aspect is the battery design. The “Integrated batteries” save energy, but over time they may wear out.

In the case of “Removable batteries”, replacement and charging is quick.

6. Connectivity:

Another factor is the connectivity method in Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, whether it is Bluetooth, USB dongle, or both. It is very easy to set up a USB dongle. But only a USB connection port is offered on your devices.

Bluetooth communication, on the other hand, may seem like a convenient (and rather costly) option. But, if you happen to be in an environment that has many Bluetooth devices around, you might face issues.

Final Words

There isn’t a lot of mechanical wireless keyboards, but the main ones in this guide emerge above the packaging. As long as you realize what you are searching for and anticipate from your keyboard you can’t go wrong. Without wires, there’s no better way to type.

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