Top 10 UX Hacks To Bring Massive Traffic On Your Website.

Presently, creating a unique and impeccable impression is critical. It’s an aspect that ought to be displayed in every field and on day-to-day living. Now, when it comes to developing your website, the same case must apply. We are going to discuss Top 10 UX Hacks To Bring Massive Traffic On Your Website.

So, as a website owner, you have the responsibility of making that your site satisfies the needs of your visitors. In other words, your visitors should feel comfortable with everything that is displayed on your website. This idea is what is referred to as the User Experience (UX) of the website. 

Below, I will share 10 of the UX on my website that brought me the most benefits after implementing them. Keep reading and see how you can also benefit. 

Let’s discuss Top 10 UX Hacks To Bring Massive Traffic On Your Website.

1. Eye-Catching Website

There were about 200 million active websites by 2019. There are many more being developed every day. That means that users are tasked with the responsibility of choosing the best ones. 

For that reason, I had to make my website as eye-catching as possible, or otherwise, I lose a lot of visitors. So, I had to design my site for the best UX meticulously. This idea helped me to retain my visitors and ensure the number of unique visitors keeps rising. The following are the parameters I had to scrutinize:

  • Images
  • Theme colour
  • Videos
  • Texts, etc.

Generally, I made sure that UX wowed the visitors of my site before navigating deep into my content. However, that wasn’t easy for me, and it’s not always easy for everyone. If you find yourself not being able to execute this smoothly, you should seek the help of a professional website designer to assist you with it.

2. Create Easy to Read Content

It’s a known fact that SEO rewards sites that are highly readable. That’s because it is easier to select the keywords or the content it highlights. Additionally, readability attracts a vast number of users to the website.

So, I ensured that by designing my website’s user interface (UI) properly. By so doing, I made sure that the most compelling message is correctly pronounced. That involves meticulously placing and using keywords.  

Another thing I ensured my site’s UI had is a proper font for all the text. Generally, it’s expected that you’ll employ a font that’s easy to read so that visitors who have visual issues will find it more comfortable going through the content.

That’s what I did precisely and eventually benefited by enjoying a higher ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

So, you should ensure that you don’t design your site hurriedly without considering its outlook. You ought to ensure that your readers don’t find it hard scanning through your content and picking the critical points. Failure to do so, you might quickly get penalized and rank low on SERP. 

3. Enhancing User Interactions

Just like everyone else, my motive when I was designing my site’s UI and UX was to reach out to the end-user. However, I couldn’t have realized this if I didn’t invest in this. Realizing this, I went the extra mile and put up enough resources in the venture.

By so doing, my website’s user interface made it easy for me to understand users’ reactions when they visit my site. For instance, implementing a comment section for visitors to share their encounter was a good move.

Additionally, personalizing the platform made it possible for the images and text to serve the specific needs of the visitor who comes to the site. 

4. Create an Appealing and Relevant Call-to-Action

One of the reasons for developing a website for your business is to attract the attention of more clients and users. This idea was my motive behind coming up with the website.

As I have mentioned, I ensured that I had created an outstanding UI. However, that was not enough – I had to include an appealing and relevant call-to-action.  

Therefore, I made sure that my website’s UX has call-to-actions at specific points within the pages. For instance, I included a call-to-action after providing a product description. It’s through the button that I successfully made the visitors buy my items

5. Reducing the Probability of my Website Crushing or Failing to Respond

When you create your website’s user interface in a hurry and forget essential things, you’re likely to run into issues in the future. Undoubtedly, as website owners, we depend on the visitors to realize the required results.

There are many issues that you can encounter for hurriedly creating your site, including constant upgrade and maintenance of the website. That can force you to spend more than you had planned.

I wanted to maximize my resources as much as possible. So, by ensuring that I employ an excellent UX prevented me from encountering such challenges. I have not spent any more resources on redesigning the site or on any upgrade that I had not planned. 

Thus, what you need to do to ensure you don’t experience the obstacles is to invest in the first stages and keep running the necessary tests. By so doing, you’ll be sure that your site won’t crash or fail to respond in the future. 

6. Put My Best Foot Forward

Indeed, this is one of the secrets, behind massive traffic which some websites receives, because of the logical flow of their content. When I was making my site’s UI, I saw it wise enough to invest a lot of time in checking how well my work was flowing. That entailed arranging my articles in a way that doesn’t confuse the visitors. 

In return, that ensured that I achieved a consistent and proper flow of content. It’s easy to believe that you have the ideal flow of content, which may not necessarily be the case.

For that reason, if you’re starting a new website, you should put your best foot where they are easily scanned by every visitor that’s on the site when you’re developing it. 

7. Ensure Outstanding Overall Design and Fast-loading Web Pages

When visitors land on a website’s page, they should enjoy a fulfilling experience. So, to achieve this objective, I ensured that it’s easy to navigate from one page to another hustle-free.

That entailed various actions, including swipes and loading speed. It has proven that users don’t like it when the pages of a particular site are downloading too slowly. Therefore, by ensuring fast-loading speed, I was able to seduce or encourage visitors to open other pages

As I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of sites being developed daily. That is bombarding or overwhelming the people. For this reason, you ought to be aspired to come up with an excellent website, which calls for your meticulous efforts when you’re designing the UX.

You should also make sure that the visitors of your website are happy with the design even before navigating into the content. 

8. Offer Something Unique

I also mentioned that because of the numerous websites being created every day, users have the responsibility to choose the best. Thus, to ensure that my website was selected by at least a good number of internet users, I had to offer something that other websites aren’t offering.

By hiring professional web UX designers, it made me stand out from my competitors

According to recent research, about 60% of internet users require double-clicking or zooming-in when accessing an e-Commerce site when they see an item.

That hugely reduces their interest, and they end up leaving the page, which is a massive loss to the e-commerce business. To ensure you don’t become a victim of this challenge, ensure you hire an expert web designer and take your site’s UX to the next level. 

9. Providing Quality Content – Not Stuffing Keywords

For your website to rank highly in search engines, it has to have an outstanding and very impeccable user experience. Unlike years back, today you can’t just stuff keywords in your content and the following day find yourself indexed and already ranking on the first page of Google.

For instance, Google is continually changing their algorithms, which consider hundreds of factors when determining which pages need to be in SERP. That means that by providing excellent quality content, I was able to boost ranking ultimately.

There’s an association between UX and SEO. That is, UX focuses on the visitors of your site while SEO focuses on search engines. For that case, both SEO and UX have one goal, which is to provide the best site user experience.

If your site has great UX, it will satisfy various aspects such as structure, speed, and easy navigation, among others. So again, hiring the best web designers will come in handy in reaching your SEO goal. 

10. A/B Testing For Further Action

Last but not least, I ensure I do proper planning of users’ journey on my website. That provides that I’m able to find out and optimize any potential opportunity to convert users into profitable customers. I carry out regular A/B testing to learn what my site’s users are responding best.

That way, I’m able to refine the UX continuously. Additionally, that ensures that I’m always outperforming my best outcomes by improving how friendly the experience is, planning interactions better, and improving calls-to-action that convert as well as results in the growth of revenue.


There are numerous benefits that you stand to enjoy when you make the appropriate improvements to improve your site’s UX. The above are some of the upgrades I did, and surely, I have realized favorable results.

The article had discussed Top 10 UX Hacks To Bring Massive Traffic On Your Website. You can implement some of the upgrades given above, you haven’t and be ready to reap the most out of your website’s visitors! 

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