Top 10 Email Marketing Automation Platforms In 2020.

Automation is one of the best innovation hacking strategies. It helps you to connect your clients better and encourage customer satisfaction experiences. Although finding the email Marketing Automation Platforms is simple; finding the one best suited to your business is crucial.

Tools used by marketers to create, send, analyse, optimize, and report on their email campaigns are email marketing tools.

An email marketing tool may be a particular marketing tool, such as a generator of an email subject line, and an inbox placement analysis tool.

This tool package allows a marketer to do email marketing.

What Is an Email Marketing Automation Platform and It’s Importance:

Importance of Email Marketing

All the email marketing activities are simplified through Email Marketing Automation Platforms and applications. If you excel in email marketing, you’ll use the tools to automate your campaigns.

Email marketing systems remain a valuable, competitive resource for businesses of all sizes in all sectors today. All as they carry trades along with the buyer’s experience and maintain secure communication.

They allow companies to establish better relations with prospects and customers.

Automation made the tools even more accessible for a marketer who preferred to connect with an increasingly diverse audience.

Marketing Automation - New e-commerce features

Important Considerations before Comparing Marketing Automation Platforms:

Email Marketing Automation Platforms


Many Email Marketing Automation Platforms with extra training and add-ons costs are priced on a sliding scale.

If you are not careful, it may be ludicrously expensive very soon. When considering your choices, it would consider using a 3-5 year perspective.


Usability is crucial because the benefit the team gets from the tool can be determined. The less efficient the device, the more you pay for training, and the more the team suffers headaches.

Integrations of the latest software:

his is very significant but often overlooked. Such marketing automation solutions require only a limited number of third party applications / CRM systems to be implemented.

User experience:

The tool should be an intuitive user experience. It is important. Moreover – visually appealing tools make working with your employees less tedious and more enjoyable and fun experience.

Dashboards for reports and analysis: 

Email reports and dashboards analytic assist marketers in making decisions. Based on data they decide to maximize the efficiency of email campaigns.

Factors like open rate, click-through rate (CTR), mail-reading tool, etc.

These metrics allow marketers to test their subject line results, email copies, graphic contents, and call to action.

Mobile Optimization:

Nearly every customer use their mobiles to access their emails. This is why mobile optimization of the emails will be the focus of marketers.

On mobile devices for all sizes, your email formats, templates, and contents will respond.

Best Free Email Marketing Automation Platforms to Ride Business:

1. HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a marketing automation pioneer with excellent email marketing capability. The business will be the perfect platform for customers as it begins to progress into sales and CRM.

In the following tool, you can find all basic email marketing functionality, email templates, email automation, personalization of the user interface, A / B testing, high deliverability speeds, and email workflows.

Because of the number of marketing tools they provide, they are among the most popular choices for SMEs. They have a great platform that allows you to recycle leads through different sales personnel and to automate some of the more tedious activities.

  • A magnificent combination of the workflow.
  • CRM integration.
  • Remarkable social media administration skills.

2. Mailchimp

You can develop, test, improve, and collect informative reports and statistics by using Mailchimp. It is quick and easy to hang the campaign editor in a few hours.

Mailchimp provides a different edit feature that lets you change the text and display. Also the outcome on the template along with the other email marketing automation tools on the list.

The additional benefit is that Mailchimp has a complete integration list that helps you to connect to your apps and increase productivity.

Enable you to get all the essential email marketing automation tools to start while Mailchimp has a range of excellent features that are not included with the free plan.

The open layout lets you send emails to 2,000 contacts with seven marketing channels, automation of marketing, few simple templates, and marketing CRM.

  • A free choice of integrations by third parties.
  • The price is flexible.
  • Valuable documentation.
  • Marketing network with full-service.

3. Constant Contact

It is one of the popular email marketing solutions that is effective with many businesses. It offers an elegant interface and excellent email marketing capabilities.

The enterprise works hard, but mainly through other marketing platforms and even media buying, to extend their skills. It will be a shortlist for evaluation by every small and medium-sized company marketer.

Constant Contact provides advertisers with over 100 email template designs to create engaging, responsive, and attractive email campaigns. The drag and drop editor for these models can be conveniently modified using the app.

Email drop programs, email planning, management data, email workflows, email automation, transactional email, surveys are all features of this tool, among them. Constant Contact is the right tool for building email templates that are easy to use.

  • A wide range of templates.
  • Module for intuitive and customizable editing.
  • The option of integration of trade and events.

4. Omnisend

Omnisend is a convenient-to-use platform providing workflows for automating any step in a customer’s journey. Omnisend’s omnichannel technology distinguishes you from other email marketing platforms.

It helps you to monitor whether and where your target interacts.

Although their platform is far from the best, they have a variety of creative features to assist e-commerce marketers in automating their marketing across multiple platforms.

You should add emails, SMS, push updates, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more in the automation workflow. Omnichannel and user-friendly segmentation features let you send the right message on the appropriate channel to the right person at the correct time.

Omnisend also provides models for email collection, promotions, and workflows for automation so you can start quickly. Omnisend offers several pricing options — one free with minimal capability and a flexible business package.

You can experiment with the service to determine what is best for you by using a trial free of charge.

  • For specific customers to customize their messages.
  • They are boasting their campaigns at a high open-rate.
  • To assist marketers on numerous channels in e-commerce.

5. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a right, competitively priced solution for email marketing that most small and medium-sized businesses will consider excellent performance.

You have all the essential resources in one place with Sendinblue. It is a platform for customer relationship management software (CRM), an automation tool, and simple transactional email software.

You can track the sales funnel, collaborate easily on team ventures, and send out email updates or SMS campaigns and a lot more.

This email platform helps marketers create beautiful templates for email using a customizable drag & drop editor. The tool is a perfect choice for lead nurturing campaigns.

Send 300 emails per day to the free version of SendinBlue and upgrade your plan to explore the advanced features. It has a reasonable price point and enough specifications to get the results that you want immediately.

  • The functionality of the SMS campaign.
  • Available free plan.
  • Strong self-response and transactional email characteristics.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse is another popular marketing email software tool. This platform provides all the essential functionality at a fair price, and it will be another competitor for the best software for email marketing in 2020.

GetResponse is an email marketing service in more than 20 languages. GetResponse provides CRM, landing pages, and an interactive webinar tool for email and automation marketing.

The service provides more than 500 templates for email and Shutterstock integration to allow you to access a creative library.

Their Calendar Interface is used for dripping campaigns so you can see where you achieve your goal.

Marketing Automation - New e-commerce features

The tool offers a feature called “Auto Funnel,” which serves for email campaigns as a ready marketing funnel.

GetResponse is a versatile marketing platform for SMEs, primarily due to its excellent email marketing tools, marketing automation expertise, and reasonable pricing.

  • Good to consumers.
  • A full variety of third-party integrations.
  • Excellently-functioning email marketing.

7. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is an excellent mail marketing automation tool to create, optimize, and convert email marketing campaigns effectively.

Apart from being extremely easy to register, Zoho Campaigns lets you create subject lines that are optimized for enhanced conversions and open rates.

This tool provides you with three options to create your incredible campaigns. Zoho Campaigns provides the Zoho family of applications with a wide range of features and convenient integration.

Zoho campaigns are still a fantastic deal and offer a high-quality email marketing tool.

When visitors to the landing page are available, web forms in Zoho CRM ensure that each of them takes the lead. Build your forms without coding skills with a quick drag and drop interface.

Zoho CRM works with standard tools for marketing automation to help optimize marketing investment.

  • Free version available.
  • Functionality for extensive automation.
  • Reliable auto-responding functions and workflow.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the world’s best marketing automation platforms and used by more than 90,000 small businesses. They were also made the most cost-efficient marketing automation platform on the marketplace with ActiveCampaign pricing.

The tool provides all email marketing solutions for small marketing teams at an affordable price to facilitate them.

ActiveCampaign can help the sales team to surface the right way with features like lead tracking by adding a CRM to their task.

The service helps you to exchange your emails with interactive content.

This allows you to provide your clients with different interactions depending on their segmentation.

Their pricing is impressive, and it is one of the most affordable. Finally, it is worth noting that they still announce new features to keep top of them.

The platform includes advanced capabilities in addition to essential functions, including multi-user editing, subject content, managed deliverability, and geo-tracking.

  • Great time-saving.
  • Advanced tools such as multi-user editing,
  • Geo-mapping.

9. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the most accessible tool in this guide for marketing automation. This is a fantastic platform developed specifically for bloggers and content creators who are searching for simple marketing automation tools for beginners.

ConvertKit suits well with e-commerce businesses, providing exclusive features such as opt-in forms and the design of landing pages.

It also provides advanced email workflows and robust tagging schemes ideal for e-commerce businesses.

ConvertKit’s other features cover data management, database segmentation, email customization, email automation, and interactive reports. Intuitive UI, website designers, and advertisement automation are included in advanced tools.

If you just start up, ConvertKit is a good option that’s still very cheap but is only a workable choice for individual content-focused businesses.

ConvertKit doesn’t even have an email template, which allows consumers to send plain-text emails to improve interaction.

  • Very cost-effective.
  • An intuitive user interface, website design, and campaign automation.
  • Management of data, database segmentation.

10. Aweber

Aweber is a specially developed email platform for small companies and businesses. For Teams looking to build engaging Email templates, Aweber is a powerful email marketing solution.

It is ideal for small firms and companies who are working on smaller email campaigns. AWeber is designed to facilitate the creation of a professional email and to support those who are newly initiated in the email marketing segment their contacts.

AWeber is recognized by consumers for their consistency of service. The Delivery Team of AWeber monitors its servers 24/7 to ensure your campaign reaches your recipient’s inboxes consistently.

It provides a drag and drop of the email editor, email updates, templates, email automation, A / B testing, list segmentation, email autoresponder, and simple integrations.

It contains all standard email functionalities. Aweber is an excellent choice for beginner email marketers due to its high deliverability rates and email tracking.

AWeber offers several plans, depending on the number of customers, which vary in costs and specifications. Whether you choose to pay on a monthly fee, you can also opt to spend on a quarterly or annual basis.

  • The delivery team monitors your servers 24 hours a day.
  • A successful email marketing option for beginners.
  • Ideal for small companies.


You have options when looking for the right Email Marketing Automation Platforms for your marketing team no matter whatever their size, field, and service. It has become an integral part of every organization.

Emails will assess your popularity and brand exposure in a quite competitive environment that is changing all the time from blogs and e-commerce stores to SaaS businesses and agencies.

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