Top 10 Best Streaming Service – Watch Movies, Web series, and Live Shows Online.

Watching the latest movies and TV programs has never been easier, thanks to the many streaming services available. And in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are indoors, and nothing is annoying than staying at home without at least some form of entertainment. So, we have prepared a list of the top streaming service providers for movies, web series, and live TV programs. So, if you love to be entertained, stick around, and know which streaming services will suit you best.  

1. Netflix

Top 10 Best Streaming Service

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in most parts of the world. Unlike a few other services, Netflix doesn’t charge you an extra fee for additional add-ons.

Additionally, this streaming service makes it possible for you to download your favorite shows and watch them online. Some of the big things to watch here include the Something Ventured, which is a 2011 documentary that introduces you to the American venture capitalism.

Moreover, you can also enjoy some excellent original content like the Strange Things franchise that’s also very popular among its fans. The disadvantage of this streaming service is that it doesn’t avail new episodes immediately they get released. 

Netflix Subscription Plans

With $7.99 every month, which is the Basic Plan, you can stream content in HD on a single device at a time using. For the Standard Plan, you’re required to pay #10.99 per month.

This plan too allows for HD streaming, and you can enjoy the content on two devices at the same time. Lastly, the Premium Plan asks for $13.99 a month.

However, this plan offer UHD and allow you to stream content on two more screens at the same time; that is, you can stream on four screens simultaneously. 

2. Sling TV

Watch The Profit, one of most people’s favourite shows on Sling TV. Sling TV has a huge variety of add-ons such as language and country-specific plans, in which you can enjoy a 50-hour cloud DVR recording for $5 a month. 

However, with Sling TV offline viewing isn’t possible, even with the cloud DVR feature. Additionally, it’s quite hard to access sports network broadcasts.

Moreover, the price for a single channel might also not make you happy. If you compared this streaming service with others like FuboTV, you don’t get a lot of TV channels to enjoy. 

Subscription Plans

The Sling TV’s initial plan, Sling Orange, provides you with over 25 channels for $20 a month. Also, there’s the Sling Blue and over 40 channels for an extra $5 a month.

To enjoy the most out of this streaming service, you can go for the Sling Blue Plan combined with Sling Orange, which features over 50 channels. With the plan, you’ll be required to pay $40 a month. 

3. HBO Now

HBO Now is another popular streaming service that will allow you to stream many of your favourites TV shows and keep yourself entertained all the time.

With HBO Now, you can also stream some popular series like Silicon Valley, a kind of a comedy series. One of the greatest things about this service is that you can view the content in VR through the HBO Now Virtual Reality Application. That means you don’t need to sit and put up with any ads. 

However, there can’t lack drawbacks. So, one thing that might piss you off is that the service won’t let you download and watch them offline.

Additionally, the content is very limited to only the videos on the network’s channels. You also have limited simultaneous streams though HBO Now doesn’t restrict the number of devices. 

HBO Now Subscription Plan

HBO Now’s plan requires you to pay $14.99 a month for all your streaming needs. Ensure you don’t confuse this plan with the HBO Go, which needs a TV subscription. 

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video also makes it possible for you to watch all your favourite movies, series, and TV programs at your convenience. Some of the best movies you can watch here include the Freakonomics: The film. Amazon Prime Video has an astonishingly enormous title collection. 

However, you have limited streaming options with this service on the number of devices simultaneously. You can only enjoy watching on two devices at once.

Additionally, you’ll not get a lot of room to personalize the content because you can’t have multiple accounts with the same plan. 

Subscription Plan                 

Amazon Prime is considered to be one of the best streaming services. The Amazon video comes already include for Prime membership. However, if you’re not an Amazon Prime customer, just subscribe to the video service for $8.99 every month.

5. Philo TV

Philo TV is another fantastic streaming network that has a lot to offer for movies, series, and particular TV program lovers. One of the popular shows on this network is the Save It or Sell It, on the A&E show.

So, when you subscribe to this service, you’ll be able to watch using up to 3 devices simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use a cloud DVR option to record your favorite shows and watch up to a month later.

However, if you’re a sports fan, you’ll not like Philo TV. This service doesn’t provide cable or local sports networks. Additionally, you have to look for a Roku for you to be able to watch content on TV instead of other devices like a laptop. Roku is the only device that’s compatible with Philo TV you can use to stream content. 

Philo TV Subscription Plans

You have access to 37 channels by paying $16 a month or enjoy 46 channels when you spend $20 a month. Additionally, you’ll also enjoy add-ons for an additional $4 a month. 

6. Hulu 

Hulu has a lot for you to watch, including “Small Business on Main Street”. As a user, you can come up with up to six of your viewer profiles with just a single subscription.

With Hulu, you won’t have to wait for any current season you might be watching. That’s because episodes are availed almost immediately they are released.

This streaming service’s originals are top-rated among a vast number of fans. You can stream your entertainment on unrestricted screens simultaneously at home and three on the go. 

The only disadvantage with this streaming service is that the unrestricted screens are only available at an extra cost. Additionally, this service doesn’t provide for offline viewing. 

Hulu Subscription Plans

You’ll only need to pay $7.99 per month to be able to access the Hulu’s Streaming Library. However, with $39.99 per month, you can access the Hulu With Live TV plan.

This plan features 50 live as well as on-demand channels. It also allows you to stream on two screens at the same time. You can also enjoy adds-on such as unlimited screens and enhanced cloud DVR, and no ads available. 

7. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue allows you to watch some of the many people’s favourites’ series like Relative Success with Tabatha and many more. One of the good things about this streaming service is that it includes local broadcasts for its subscribers.

With this service, you can buy channel add-ons yourself, and you don’t necessarily need to subscribe. You can additionally watch on up to 5 devices simultaneously. 

On the drawback’s side, the PlayStation Vue is one of the most costly in terms of its plans. Furthermore, if you happen to record shows, you’ll have 28 days only to complete watching them before they delete them out of your storage. 

PlayStation Vue Subscription Plan

The Access Plan will need to pay $39.99 a month to get access to over 40 channels of well-known live TV programs. 

Next is the Core plan. Here, you’ll require paying $44.99 every month and enjoy sports streaming to the mix. 

A step higher comes the Elite plan. With this plan, you’ll pay $54.99 a month and get to enjoy lots of movies. 

Lastly, the Ultra plan asks you $74.99 every month. This plan includes all the features in the above programs as well as premium networks like Showtime and HBO. You’ll enjoy over 90 like this with this plan. 

8. Pluto TV

Pluto TV also can’t miss in this list. It’s an excellent streaming service from which you can watch TV series, movies, and live programs. It’s here that you get to enjoy the popular Closing Bell if you love to be updated with the latest market news.

The great thing with this streaming service is that it’s free of charge. Pluto TV is one of the few reliable streaming services you can find around. This service provides you with over 100 channels to enjoy without paying a buck!

Apart from movies and TV programs, this platform includes internet video and radio stations. This streaming service is agreed well with numerous devices such as smart TVs or connected devices, including Amazon Fire TVs.

But when it comes to the black side of this platform, there are so many ads. If you’re the kind who hates seeing ads in the middle of your favorite program, you might not love Pluto TV.

Pluto TV Subscription Plan 

No subscription; it’s free to stream. 

9. FuboTV

FuboTV is another excellent streaming service that you can use to stream your favourites movies, series, and TV programs. One of the best TV series you can stream from here is the Jungletown, one of the popular series among FuboTV fans.

This streaming service provides its users with an appealing 85 channels with the Premier package and add-on channel plans. As a Fubo Premier subscriber, you can record saving up to 30-hour programming with cloud DVR or pay an additional $9.99 per month for 500 hours.

The only drawback is that you can’t stream the popular networks such as ESPN on this service. Because the service heavily relies on sports fans, that is frustrating. Additionally, it might be a bit costly for someone on a budget. 

FuboTV Subscription Plan

Fubo premier, an English-language subscription package requires you to pay a discounted amount of $19.99 for the initial month, and $44.99 for the subsequent months. 

Additionally, you have two more plans to choose from – the Fubo Portugues package for 19.99 a month and the Fubo Latino package for $17.99 a month. 

10. YouTube TV

Top 10 Best Streaming Service

Last but not least, we can’t end this list without including YouTube TV. It’s also one of the best and most popular streaming services that many find to have affordable subscriptions for their entertainment needs. One of the well-known series here includes the Mind Field.  

On top of that, this streaming service has a lot of benefits you as a subscriber stands to enjoy. One is the unrestricted DVR storage. Moreover, the programs you record will be saved for up to 9 months. Plus considering that in other services, this feature allows for only up to a month.  

Also, you have access to over 50 networks as well as local sports and news. This service offers services that are much greater than most of the other popular services. Subscribing to this service allows you to create up to 6 accounts with a single subscription. You can comfortably stream with up to 3 devices simultaneously.

However, to enjoy the best out of this service, you’ll have to pay a good one. It’s one of the most expensive streaming services out there. Additionally, many programs will also show ads.

YouTube TV Subscription Plan

There’s only one subscription plan available requiring you to $40 a month. However, you’ll at least enjoy a lot of add-ons such as Showtime network but available for an extra monthly fee.


These are the top streaming services where you can stream movies, series, and even live TV programs. If you’re movies and series enthusiast, you can subscribe to one of them and enjoy without limit. Additionally, subscribing to the one you find suiting to your needs will ensure you’re always entertained whenever you’re at home. So, which one do you choose? 

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