Tibetan Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Life.

Tibet is the historical region in inner Asia which covers most of the Tibetan plateau. It is the homeland for the Tibetans people. They have their own traditions and culture which makes them unique in the world. Tibet lies on the highest peak on the earth, the elevation of about 4,900 meters. Mount Everest is the highest elevation in the Tibet. Take help from the Tibetan diet and exercise for a healthy life.

The diets of the Tibetan peoples mostly contain barley, which is an important crop for these people. They use to roast the barley and milled it for making the flour, they called is as tsampa. It is the staple food for the Tibetan people.

Because of the high altitude of Tibet on the earth, most of the crops are not able to grow as they don’t get the soil which favors the growth of the crops. But in the low altitude of Tibet, few crops grow like rice, orange, banana, and orange.

Even now in India and Nepal, they are also much influenced with a neighbor in relation to cuisine (diet) and included Tibetan dishes in their diet. Most of the Tibetan people are A vegetarian. It has been practicing in Tibet since the time of the 11th century.

They eat Sha Phaley which is meat and cabbage in the bread. Most of the Tibetan people eat balep at breakfast and lunch. Thukpa in the dinners which have more vegetables, meat, and noodles of various shapes and are eaten by bamboo sticks.



According to the Tibetan people aversion, ignorance, and attachment created body illness. It also results in mental disorders. They correlate these three mental states with the bodily humor as a:-

Badkan (kapha)
Lungs (
Khrispa (pitta)

For treating the illness they consider each people as an individual and will have different mental, emotional, physical constituents with different circumstances.



Tibetan diet and exercise for a healthy life can not be accomplished without nutritious food and beverages.


Tibetan people’s cooking utensils are entirely different from the others. They use pots, pans, cans, streamer boxes and other boxes which are build up of different materials. A woman’s used to carry daily a large wooden box which almost contains 20-25 liters of water for their daily requirement.

Brass or iron cook pots are best for cooking foods, Brass and iron do not destroy the nutritive value of the food while cooking. To store the food like cheese, butter, dried fruits, rice, the sugar they use the wooden boxes.


For serving of food Tibetan people follow their traditional culture. They serve the food in dinnerwares which are made up of wood. The chopsticks are made up of bamboo sticks.

Tibetan people use wood to make teacups. They use dzabija wood which they considered as very fine for preparing cups.



green teaIn Tibet, mostly Tibetan people drink butter tea daily. Some people also drink jasmine tea also but butter tea is mostly preferred. Brick tea which is prepared by boiling water in which a handful of stuff is crumbled and poured into it and allowed to boil till its color change almost to the black.

At this stage when the black color appeared they put some pinch of salt in it and also soda which is used sometimes. Butter tea is most popular as the butter content in the country is very high. Few people also prefer to drink black tea also


alcoholAlcoholic beverages include beers which are made up of barley, rice, wheat, oats maize and millets are used for the drinking.

But not in all places, these alcohol beverages are allowed. Some people do not accept alcohol as it is not traditionally accepted. 

Beverages which are used in drinking in Tibet are:-

  • Chang – A beer that is made up of barley.
  • Pinjopo – wine which prepared from rice.
  • Ara – It is prepared from distilled or fermented grain alcohol.


Most effective healing methods in Tibet

According to the Tibetan belief for healing the illness based on:-

Herbal medicine (which means the proper nutrition provided to the body)

Sound healing (meditation through sound and vibrations)

five Tibetan rites (which means exercise)

This exercise is based on the yoga moves for the renewal of energy and vitality. These are three main things on which the Tibetan lives a healthy and a long life free of illness.


Whatever we eat our body absorb all the nutrients from that food which helps in regulating the body functions and reduces the illness. The first process of illness is the inflammation present in the body; this is a functional change which can be revert back by proper nutrient supply to the body.

As the food also contains phytochemicals which help in reducing the inflammation process. Tibetan people include all the necessary things which are required for a healthy body. They eat fenugreek, which is known since the time of ancient for its medicinal property.

Tibetan people include barley as their main food, also include rice, all season fruits, and vegetables which are free from the exposure of pesticides. All these work as an anti-inflammatory and thus maintain good health.


Tibetan people believe in sound healing of the body. Passage of sound and vibration in the body by practicing in the form of :

Mindfulness (meditation)

Music (vibration)

Prayer (intention)

They used these three as their way for treating the diseased person.

They believe that by doing meditation, it regulates the sympathetic nervous system which controls our body and mind and the patient feel very calm.

Through this meditation, the process of transferring the positive energy in the body occurs which maintain the balance in the body and regeneration of the new cells and tissues in the body occurs.

They also believe that negative thoughts, emotions, and belief attracts the negative energy in the body, in turn, harms the body in form of discomfort at mental as well as in physical level and also produce a dysfunction of any body organ.

For producing sounds and vibration they use bowls, bells, tingshas, chimes or gongs which helps in providing a proper meditative state. The sounds produced help in removing the blocked energy in the body, providing calmness at the mental level and clear the inflammation process.

One can also use this process of removing negative energy by creating a humming sound or producing a vibration in mouth or throat. These vibrations go to the brain and stimulate the pituitary and pineal gland which in turn regulates the hormonal function in the body.


Tibetan Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Life.

Tibetan diet and exercise for a healthy life, this exercise when done regularly promotes the healthy function of the body along with it also slows down the aging process. These exercise help in balancing the body in three ways:-

  • By strengthening the physical health of the body for doing work.
  • It balances the heart/solar plexus, chakra which in turn balance the digestion process, emotional flexibility, and receptivity.
  • It increases the flow of positive energy in the body and clears the level of consciousness.

In the revised publication of The eye of revelation titled Ancient secret of the fountain of youth, they claimed that those who perform the Tibetan rite, medical effects have been shown in cases of:

  • Improved eyesight
  • Memory
  • Potency
  • Hair growth
  • Restoration of partis to complete hair grey
  • Anti-aging process.

Rite 1:-

For this rite, you have to stand erect with arms outstretched, horizontal with the shoulder. Rotate yourself until you feel slightly dizzy. You must turn from left to right if you in the north hemisphere anticlockwise in the southern hemisphere. Do this again gently.

Rite 2:-

For this rite, you have to lie down straight on his rug or bed with your hand flat alongside your hip with closed fingers. Now raise your feet until your legs are straightened up and if possible with extended legs raise your head towards the body but don’t bend your knees.

Try to hold this position for a moment and then slowly lowers your leg down to the floor. For the next movement, firstly relax the muscles and then do it again.

Rite 3:-

For this rite, you have to kneel down on the mat putting your hands alongside the legs and then bend forward as much as you can along with bending at the waist, try to bend forward so that you can put your chin on the chest. Same pull your head backward as much as u can. Don’t do it vigorously, do it slow especially when you return from bending backward.

Rite 4:-

For this rite you have to sit erect on the carpet with legs straight out in the front, now put hands alongside your hip bone and position of the chin should be towards the chest.

At this position, gently raise your body and at the same time bend your knees, your head should be a drop back and arms should remain straight. Hold this position for a few moments and then return back to the previous position, allow your muscles to get relax and do it again.

Rite 5:-

For this rite, lie down on the floor and put your hand on the floor about 2 feet apart and then stretched your leg rear with feet. Now push your body from the hip upwards as much as you can by raising the toes and hands and next allow your body to come down slowly into a sagging position, this time bring your head up as far as possible. In this rite, the muscle will be tensed in both positions.

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