These 4 Worst Addictions Are Hard To Quit.

Have you ever experienced the allure and devastation of addiction? It could have been an addiction to a relationship, addiction to drugs, addiction of power, addiction to work, addiction of tobacco, and addiction as a life choice. Le’ts see “These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit”.

The 4 Hardest Addictions.


These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit

The addict knows that there is devastation waiting for him or her the moment the drug goes inside the body, and the addict knows that he or she is harming themselves, the drug would make them look uglier, the drug would make them lose sense of reality, the drug is expensive, and it costs the person monetarily, socially and health-wise.


These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit

The second most addictive thing in this world is an abusive relationship where you cling, and you know that the relationship is full of torment, there is domestic abuse both verbal and physical, but the worst is sexual abuse within a relationship and what is called marital rape.

Surprisingly, so many women tolerate this thinking in their head that kids would solve the problem, they give birth and fall into the trap till it is too late to go for a divorce, and they end up with a guy who tortures them and tortures the children. All this is the effect of societal pressure that we put on each other.



Alcohol is the next addictive thing that makes you act differently than your original behavior, and people notice that this particular person is no longer the same after he has consumed alcohol. In the list of “These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit”, alcohol is considered as the worst addiction.

He loses control, works rash, becomes angry and violent; he drinks because he has that loneliness inside which he wants to overpower, but every time he drinks he pushes himself further into the dungeons of more lonely times, nobody wants their son or daughter to marry a person who drinks endlessly.

The parents do not see safety in marriage with someone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol for happiness. At the same time, no one likes a person who is obsessing with his or her partner.  Interdependency is okay and acceptable but obsessing over your partner is not.



If these were not enough addictions, then there is more. These days’ people are addicted to power. People react to control the way some people respond to drugs.

This addiction is for people who were born with a silver spoon, they had seen every high they could when they were young and kids, and now they have the desire to see something more, but there is not anything that money can buy which they have not seen, so they feel a vacuum relating to people who are middle class, and those who are poor.

There are very few people who the powerful and famous can have a feeling of connecting. This is a biological fact – the power trip. These people bury themselves in work and turn their personalities inside, but they are not able to find that proverbial solace.

How to Live an Addiction Free Life?

Earlier in this article “These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit”, we have seen 4 worst addictions. let’s get out of it with the help of the following techniques.


These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit

First, you might need parental support. Parents would always guide you along the right path, and if medicines are required, then that is not a bad thing either, one week of counseling and rehab is generally prescribed for drug addicts and people who have both alcohol, and drug addiction.


These 4 worst addictions are hard to quit

After the short rehab time, you could find a few trustworthy people whose advice you would need no matter what before turning towards addictions again. These people could be your parents, your siblings, or your friends.

Parents or someone strict makes for a better guide; if you have to change a company of people then that you must, it is tough to maintain resolve in front of the social company which encourages you to drink and dope. It is true that it is better to be alone than to be in the wrong company.


Having a purpose in life becomes important, we discussed above that shoving yourself into your work is wrong, but having no intention to work is equally wrong.

You should work towards financial security, have some savings and you should not be inclined towards extremes, and strive towards a more balanced life. Money is essential for you to feel self-respect and when no one is there, you should have your own money to make ends meet at least


Following a strict sleep schedule helps. You should have a rigid sleep cycle. You should sleep and get up at the right time every day. Try and rest early before midnight or midnight maximum and then get up before noon.

This midnight and noon cycle is a biological factor in determining how good your health would be. Rest you must but oversleep; you must not.


Diet plays a role in the way you feel. If you must then indulge in one good yummy meal a day and food addiction is the most acceptable addiction there is but remember that being obese is not something which you would like.

You do not need to harp overeating disorders; food love is the best kind of love. When you feel addictions calling then eat something you love whether it is chocolate, chips or fried chicken.

Once you have practiced abstinence for a long enough period, then you can take up a good job and commit to it, you can also practice hobbies such as swimming, gaming, dance or music.


Community work is another passion which has helped many addicts, the feeling that you are doing something good for someone else helps you in a big way. Charity is also an excellent way to go about helping people which in turn makes the addict feel good about himself or herself.

You should be honest with yourself and make sure that anything which you go for should not remind you of addiction when you see habit catching up, you should tell yourself that you had to go through a tough time to overcome the addiction. Any self-talk that works should be said to avoid falling into the addiction trap again.  

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