The Top 5 Home Safe for Jewellery in 2020 with an Advanced Electronic Locking System.

We think that money and jewellery are the most valuable assets, and they need to be guaranteed from peoples with bad intentions. 90 % robbery FIR report shows, jewellery, and other essential assets were not kept inside safe or locker. We have brought the top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020 for you. 

Stilling the assets is so easy if it was not sored inside the safe box. With the help of unique and advanced features of my home safe, I can assure the security of my valuables in my house. 

Our top 2 home safe picks

Amazon Basics Fire
Resistant Safe 
Dolphy Electric Safe
Key features:-  
1. It is made with fire-resistant
material to safeguard your valuables.
2. Build with heavy-duty steel of 14-gauge.
3. The smooth operation to lock and unlock the safe.
4. Suitable for all kinds of valuables. 
5. Easy placement at any location.  
Key features:-  
1. Intelligent 3 attempt restricted system.
2. The speedy response of live-locking bolts. 
3. Long-life battery.
4. The door opens only with the master password.
5. Advanced design for easy mounting.  

Why should I buy home safe?

My insurance documents are safe.

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020
  • Documents, purchase receipts, and many more papers also need to keep in safe. Loss of any one of these documents can cause you severe damage. Though getting those documents from the insurance company is more hassle process.
  • I can now sit and relax because all my documents are safe. Superior fire resistance manufacturing technique makes my reliable fireproof. 

My money is in a safe place. 

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020
  • Though my whole house burnt down, my money is safe. This fire resistance safe can withstand up to 20 min – 30 min at 1200 degrees Celsius temperature. 
  • Steel body construction makes this safe nearly unbreakable. Around 14 gauge heavy steel is not easy to cut, melt or break. 

My wife’s jewellery is secured. 

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020
  • The wife always worried about her jewellery that forced us to keep all her jewellery into a bank locker. I am sure many of you may have done the same to secure your valuables. 
  • Paying a high amount for bank locker service is not that affordable thought bank lockers are safe, but having one safe at home can save your lot of money for not paying to the bank.  

Key features and specifications you should see before buying home safe.

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020 has all mentioned below features.

  1. Size of a home safe.
  2. Select the home locker according to the place you are going to keep it. 
  3. Strength of safe building material.
  4. Mechanical or electronic locking system.
  5. Battery backup capacity for electronic control
  6. Waterproofing
  7. Fireproofing
  8. Adjustable shelf optimizes storage space;
  9. Backup system to open safe if you forgot password.
  10. Insurance provided.

Best picked home safe for you

AmazonBasics Home Safe – 1.52 Cubic Feet(43.04 litres)

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020

Key features:- 

  1. Easy operation
  2. The advanced electronic keypad system
  3. Heavy-duty carbon-steel construction
  4. Mounting available for floor and wall
  5. Suitable to secure personal valuables.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe – 1.24 Cubic Feet(35.11 litres)

Key features:- 

  1. Fire Resistance body structure.
  2. Safe can sustain into high temperature during the disaster. 
  3. Tough with 14-gauge heavy-duty steel body construction
  4. Adjustable storage space partition. 
  5. Best locking system

ARMOUR Burly Series Mechanical Safe (16x19x21-inch, Light and Dark Grey)

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020

Key features:- 

  1. Twin Bolt Locking system makes this locker super safe. 
  2. Best Mechanical with duel key locking system 
  3. Robust metal body construction.
  4. Sufficient storage space for your valuables. 

Ozone Agate Safe (Black)

Key features:- 

  1. Compact size
  2. Electronic Locking System.
  3. Mechanical override Key in case the password is forgotten.
  4. Locker gets freeze after three wrong passcode entry.
  5. Indication for low Battery 

Dolphy Unique Design Electric Safe

The top 5 home safe for jewellery in 2020

Key features:- 

  1. Electronic Locking System.
  2. Low battery indicator
  3. Compact design for portability. 
  4. ADA compliant rubber button backlit keypad
  5. Top opening

Final words

Home safe gives me a choice not to carry keys all the time. While I am busy in any activity, I have to remember just my password. All my valuables are safe inside the unbreakable metal box.  

Don’t have to pay bank locker charges anymore. I will not lose my essential documents and other paperwork. 

Electronic storage spaces are considerably increasingly secure as there is just no entrance to the lock. Electronic safes likewise make it simpler to set up criminal alerts.

It’s the moment when I feel safe and secured. No one can still or damage my property. High definition, advanced and unbreakable electronic locking system truly makes me happy. 

I want to encourage you to buy one for you and your family. 

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