The Psychology behind Alarm Clock.

We must understand the psychology behind the alarm clock that helps for a better experience with healthy sleep and high productivity. The alarm clock would no longer control your life or wake up your wife, and that makes for a better experience with healthy sleep patterns, and thus directly starts to correlate with longevity. Nothing could have been better.

Alarm Clock Helps You To Regularize Your Body And Mind Clock.

The psychology behind an alarm clock should be that the alarm aligns your natural sleep cycle in a way that you start to automatically wake up at a time which you set on the bell. Assuming you are placing your alarm for five then you should begin to wake up at four automatically or at 4: 3 0 or 4: 15 or 4:45. 

Doesn’t it sound like an alarm snooze time, yes, your body’s natural body clock should start matching the snooze on the alarm? That is what an ordinary alarm clock should do, and many months later, when you are confident of your sleep cycle, you should give up using the alarm clock.

Our brain is the most important vital organ among other organs in the body. The brain along with the spinal cord forms the central nervous system of the body.

Our brain consists of the cerebellum, cerebrum, and brainstem, which controls most of the activities of the body like processing, integrating and coordinating all the information which is received from all the special senses/organs and thus makes instructions for the body to follow.

Our body regulates many of the biological motives which are rooted in the physiological state of the body. These motives include hunger, thirst, desire, temperature regulation, sleep, biological alarm, pain avoidance and a need for oxygen.

Many of the biological motives are triggered, in part, by departures from balanced physiological conditions of the body. Physiologists have discovered many of the automatic mechanisms that maintain this balanced condition.

What Is Biological Clock?

Our human brain has a master clock which synchronizes our sleep and waking up with light and sound. There are even many clocks which are present in our body and are related to our different organs, which reflects the need and function with respect to the body.

This clock governs the flow of hormones which are responsible for the functioning and regulates the body mechanism known as homeostasis.

Wake Up Early To Perform High

the psychology behind alarm clock

Those who are successful either sleep at 5 AM or they get up at 5 AM. Therefore, let us say that setting the alarm clock for 5 AM is the best thing you could ever do to yourself. An early riser says so many things about the 5 AM routine.

  1. Get a lot of me-time when you wake up before dawn.
  2. You can have a quiet cup of tea or coffee with yourself before the drudgery of the day catches up.
  3. Catch the beautiful sunrise.
  4. Just waking up early can give you 4 hours more than a typical late riser who gets up at 9 and rushes to work.
  5. Getting up at five also gives you enough time to groom well, like a relaxing shower, and other morning rituals. But, getting up that early is easier said than done.

How Much Sleep We Required?

Today no one is getting a healthy sleep rather it becomes a critical one. As sleep is required to retain all the information and learn the skill we did in the past.

Children need more sleep than adults for their development of the brain.

  • Child- one year needs approximately 11-14 hours of sleep.
  • School going children required about 9-11 hours of sleep.
  • Teenagers required 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • An adult in average required about 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Harmful Effects of Snoozing

It is proven the fact that snoozing confuses your mind, which in turn confuses your body and it sends you in a state where you do not know whether you should get up or sleep further. This is also medically known and called sleep inertia syndrome.

Snoozing also allows you ten minutes of extra time to relax which means the body is neither awake nor asleep.

Alarm Clock for Deaf People

The alarm for the deaf has a vibrating feature along with a visual element. Deaf people can wear the alarm clock, or place it under their pillows when sleeping.

This has another advantage; its vibration would not wake up your partner and wake only you. This product is called a sonic bomb with a super shaker.


  1. It has an audio feature through which can come of use in case the person concerned has partial hearing loss
  2. It can shake the whole bed with its vibration,
  3. A red light flashes which are good enough to wake you up
  4. The device comes in many different colors.


It is not just a phone alarm that can vibrate; there is a new product in the market called the vibrating ring. Wear it on the finger, and it vibrates slowly when it is time for you to wake up. It is an invention similar to inventions of alarm clocks for deaf people.

More options you can try:-

  • Clarity AL10 visual alert system
  • Sonic alert combination alarm clock with super shakers
  • Sonic bomb
  • Amplicomms extra loud alarm clock with vibrating pads
  • Geemarc wake N shake alarm clock

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

There are similar alarm clocks for heavy sleepers who cannot get a loud alarm because their room-mate would wake up, so there is the bed shaker, it is a cozy, gentle feeling to wake up to a moving, vibrating bed than it was to ever get up to a harsh, loud alarm tone.

The second kind of alarm clock plays music to put you to sleep at night so that it is easier to wake up in the morning. The makers of this alarm clock realize that it is essential first to fall asleep early to wake up early.

Therefore, the ambient noises. It also has chip attached which would note down all your body movements through the night, and send that information to your phone.

Now, the alarm clock decides by itself when to wake you up because this machine has an algorithm to determine when you are fresh.

Some more alarm clock:-

  • Alarmy (sleep if u can)
  • Morning routine- alarm clock
  • Puzzle alarm clock
  • Shake-it-alarm
  • Sleep as Android

Harmful Effects of an Alarm Clock

An alarm clock may seem harmless, but it can give you a rare condition of a headache where you wake up every night between 1 – 3 AM, and you realize that you would not be able to wake up at the time noted in the alarm, you shift the alarm clock from 5 to 7 AM, and feel you have ruined your sleep cycle. This headache is called a hypnic headache.

Why People Feel Headache Because Of Alarm Clock?

This type of headache usually occurs rarely. The reason for this headache is still unknown but various researches have shown that it is related to REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. In medical terminology, this headache is called a hypnic headache.

Paradoxical sleep is sometimes called rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep. This is the stage of dreaming. About 80-90% of the time, when people are awakened during or immediately after paradoxical sleep, they report that they were dreaming.

Headache occurs when the person wakes up in between 1 o’clock -3 o’clock in the early morning same time daily and sleep after a gap of about one hour. If this happens daily, then on waking up in the morning the person feels head heavy and complaints of pain.

This pain varies from mild to severe disturbing daily activities of the person.

If the general alarm does not work, you could try the online alarm clock

Online alarm clock

Choose an online alarm clock which works offline too. Just select the time, the volume of the ringtone, and settings and features of the alarm clock. Leave your computer on if you want an e-alarm.

If you do not want to leave your laptop on for the whole night, you could get a mobile app which acts as an alarm.

Mobile alarm app

Choose your alarm theme, alarm colors, and wake up to your favorite music. If your app malfunctions, even then you have a reliable signal that would go off at the pre-decided time.

Ringtones for Your Alarm

There are many websites where you can search for tones for your alarm. These ringtones could be beeps, and alerts or any music. All these downloads are for personal purposes. 

Psychologists have studied effects of an alarm clock, and they opine that

1.    You should keep your alarm clock away from the bed so that you have to get up to shut it.

2.    You should put the alarm on both vibrate and ringing mode when you want to wake up.

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