Ten Weather Prediction Software And Websites You Must Know.

We are going to look at the most prominent weather software and weather websites on the list – These are ” The top 10 best weather prediction software and websites you need to know”.

First Look at the Five Best Weather Prediction Software


Visual weather is the first weather prediction software on this list, and it is leading software for weather prediction. No matter where in the world you are, you can get re-projected data on your screen. It would tell you the weather, the way it has been in the last 24 hours.

The details which you would get are –

  • 1.    Max. Temperature.
  • 2.    Min temperature.
  • 3.    Rainfall in mm.
  • 4.    Wind speed in km/ hr.
  • 5.    Solar radiation
  • 6.    Wind directions calculated in degrees clockwise from due north.

It works in tandem with the world meteorological organization, 1873, which is a nongovernmental organization.  Visual weather software covers all forecast parameters, and scientific parameters, it also works in association with the universal binary form for the representation of the meteorological data.

 It works with many a weather station. You need to select a weather station, and the software calculates weather every 5 seconds, then the values are processed by the clock time of every 15 mins, per hour and daily. You can configure this software on your computer within a matter of minutes.


My free weather is the next software on the list. It is a decent weather tracker. You would know prematurely when there is going to be a storm, what would be the pattern followed by the weather. You can see daily weather, weekly weather, monthly and yearly weather.

 But, this software may be a tad bit slow. If you are shifting cities, you can change the software to show you data from the new town, provided that you give the name of the town and the country.

The pattern it follows is that you get wind speed, and direction of wind, humidity, cloud cover and visibility, and five days prediction of weather and max and min. the temperature of all days. All significant locations around the world are covered.


Ambient weather is the third weather software around the world. The User Interface is friendly, you can install this software on tablets, desktops, and radios, on tablets, you can get ambient light with the help of which, you can read the weather forecast from any distance.

It works with WIFI. At this moment, you can get information such as wind speed, rain, the direction from where the wind is blowing, how much is the temperature, how much is the UV rays and how much is the incoming solar radiation. Also available as a phone mobile app, and it has a mobile rating of 4 on 5.

It would show you when the UV index is so high that it gets risky to step out, the dashboard has listed all features, and you can choose how would you want to be given alerts such as by SMS, or by email or other phone notifications.

You can customize the app to make the app and the phone look good. This means things like if you wish to see the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and many more elements of the same nature.


Weather Man is the next software. This happens to be one of the most accurate weather apps. The accuracy is such that you get to know the last and latest wind speed. This can be used on a desktop, and this app is so versatile that you could be on a boat or a beach, and you would get accurate weather data.

The user interface is friendly, and you can customize the same to look something like have your array of colors on the UI and your own choice of images on the app. It is a USA app, so you would have to customize it country-wise if you were to use it in any other country.


The weather network is the fifth app on and software on the list. It is available for Android phones, Windows phones, Apple devices, and it comes into the lifestyle category.

The subcategory is the weather. With this app, you can get the most current, and accurate – reliable weather conditions of a place, the weather is updated every 14 days, every seven days, every day, and every hour.

 Whether it is the day gone by or the day that is going to come, there is accurate weather data for all days. This is mainly a Canadian app, and this app would work on all your devices, you would get weather updates when the weather is going to get risky, and these are called ‘ safety alerts.’ Overall, a reliable weather forecast software and app.

Now Let Us Look At 5 Best Weather Prediction Websites

The top 10 best weather prediction software and websites you need to know

I hope you found weather prediction software useful and informative so, let’s move towards websites.


If you were to look at weather websites instead of weather apps, the first website that comes to my mind is the website, windy.com. From the capital of the country to the temperature of the capital of the neighboring state, you would see the temperature of the places at any given time.

You also get average wind speed, the model of the weather forecast is called, the European center for the medium-range weather forecast or ECMWF. This model of weather forecasts is a clear emerging winner among all other weather models.

Every proper update comes after 12 hours every day. It gives you predicted weather for airports; the weather app has webcams with which it notifies perfect weather.

You would get to know when there would be lightening, when there would be risky wind gusts, depth of snow, when there would be dew or if the altitude has freezing chances, the difference between clouds medium clouds, and high clouds, water waves and more. This happens to be the best and first weather website on the list. 


The second weather website on the list is Ventusky.com. This gives the following information –

  • 1. Perceived temperature
  • 2. Precipitation
  • 3. Clouds
  • 4.Wind Speed
  • 5. Snow cover
  • 6. Freezing levels
  • 7. Waves
  • 8. Air pressure
  • 9. Thunderstorms
  • 10.The temperature at a given time

The website is based upon a regional EU model called ICON. This website is also available in the app mode. You can download the same on your phone or your tablet. Cities, towns and villages are all covered. The website app is rated 4.7 on 5.

If you are going for a holiday then you would get to know the snow depth if you are going for a hill station, if you were to talk about a capital city,  you would get to see the air pressure, visibility, clouds maybe 90% and cloud base which means what the height of the clouds which usually is something around 3500 ft is.

The website would also show you weather predictions for the next 24 hours. You would even get to see the movement of the sun and the moon.


The third weather website is bom.gov.au, which stands for the Bureau of meteorology and which is the website for prediction of weather in the Australian community.

You get forecasts, warnings of extreme weather, if there would be a flood, forecast for marine and high seas, photos of satellites, climate maps, and radar images.

This is an old website that has been in existence since 1908. You could download the related app on Google Play and the app store. Five thousand people work towards the site at one time.

Overall, the website has been ranked out of the top 1000 globally. Forty-seven million total visits take place in 6 months on average which is a good symbol.

The numbers are adequately explained in words, and you would be told if there would be a possible shower if it would be sunny with min, max, and current temperature, how much it has rained and whether it is 0mm since the morning and other such parameters.


The fourth weather website is the national weather service. In this article ” The top 10 best weather prediction software and websites you need to know” we feel it very important service to know weather situations.

This website would give you warnings by state, if there would be excess rains, if a river might get flooded, if there may be a thunderstorm, if there would be UV alerts such as when there is very high UV in the weather, if there is a chance of a Tsunami, if there could be a draught, and this website is famous for all these notifications so that you could be safe.

All this besides, weather predictions for day to day basis, and all-weather parameters.


The fifth weather website is weather underground or wunderground.com. This would give you the weather for most remote locations on the map of the country, and that is what makes this website able and competitive.

This website would also give you all data such as wind, humidity, dew, UV index, visibility, and air pressure. It would tell you if the weather is on the side of partly cloudy, or bright and at what time.

You could explore the climate of the past or future as the website says. This is the last and final websites on the list of best five sites that help you know the weather better.

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