Strong Reasons to Keep Your Children Away From Smartphones.

With the advent of smartphones, adults, as well as children have become dependent on them, alike. While adults can be able to separate the chaff from the grain and have a legit understanding of what is fake and what is real. children do not enjoy such capacity by the dent of their innocence. Strong reasons to keep your children away from smartphones.

As a result, they become very susceptible to phone addiction, cybercrimes, and induce several negative impacts on their psychology which are hard to get rid of.

Psychological Impacts on Children Due To Over-Exposure to Smartphones.

In article Strong reasons to keep your children away from smartphones, we will see what effects those small minds. This disorder affects the mental health and cognitive abilities of the child including learning, writing, memory, and problem-solving.

If this problem is increased then this may produce the state of dementia or delirium. Some researchers had shown that there may present any underlying brain pathology which affects the brain functions. The DMS-5 has defined this cognitive disorder in 6 key domains-

  • Executive function
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Perceptual-motor function
  • Language
  • Complex attention
  • Social cognition

Learning Disabilities

It is a neurological based problem in which the patient is having the problem in learning the basic things like reading, writing and solving mathematical problems. The patients also have problems in higher-level skills like organization, time planning, abstract reasoning,

long and short term memory and attention. For the people, they should not get confused with that learning disabilities with learning problems as learning problems are a result of the visual, hearing, or motor handicaps; due to emotional disturbance, due to bad environmental culture, etc.

Reading Disorder

Reading disorder is characterized by an impaired ability to recognize words, slow and inaccurate reading, and poor comprehension. There are several labels have been used to describe reading disabilities including dyslexia, reading backward, learning disability, Alexia and developmental word blindness.

Many workers attribute the reading disorder to subtle visual or verbal (auditory) deficits. There is more evidence for the effect of verbal deficits than visual deficits; thus reading disorder is considered to be a part of an oral language disorder.

Reading requires a brain that is mature enough and sufficiently intact to integrate information arriving through various processing systems and to relegate disturbing stimuli to the background. Reading disorder may be one manifestation of developmental delay or maturation lag.

Poor Communication Skills

Children must develop their public speaking skills to instill confidence and dispel haphazardness of their thought process. Communication skills are honed by realistic interactions and not over virtual space as provided by today’s technology.

When children spend a lot of time on their phones or laptops, they become comfortable with this platform of communication and struggle when asked to talk in real life. If such children are made to participate in impromptu public speaking, they fail miserably and cannot structure their thoughts in such situations.

Children who rely head over heels on smartphones are unable to recollect what they have learned; face the loss of confidence; suffer from loss of words suddenly. and do not know how to carry a good body language.

Addiction to Smartphones

The ability to balance different activities is not developed until the later stages of puberty in children. When children spend too much time on their smartphones, they may lag in their studies as well as non-academic activities. Such children who take to excessive usage of smartphones become addicted to it and face difficulties in quitting this habit.

As the popular adage goes- You form habits today; habits will form you tomorrow. So, children who use their smartphones day in day out, will become dependent on it and suffer a lack of concentration in their studies.

Such children who sit idly with their phones are unable to do the jugglery act when they have too many things on their plate. They often come across coordination issues and fail to manage different things at one time.

 Children who become obsessed with the use of smartphones may even have depression, eating disorders, and perennial tantrums if they are made to part ways with the phone. Thus, it becomes imperative for parents to keep their children away from smartphones from the very beginning and inculcate habits in them that underscore the importance of reading and studying offline.

Social Awkwardness

Children who are heading towards the 7-12 years’ stage much suffer from the negative effects of exposure to social media. Too much exposure to social media is bound to affect their thought process leading to the impaired social quotient.

They would follow suit the social media trend prevailing at that point in time without being able to sieve the relevant or useful information and would fail to judge the consequences of the act.

Besides a maimed thinking ability, children exposed to much of the social media platform may find it difficult to express themselves or communicate with others face to face.

As children are comfortable talking over messages or texts on the messaging app, they find it hard to converse or act in real-life situations. For such children, comingling with members of the opposite sex may become an uphill task.

Self-Esteem Issues and Vulnerability to Cyber Crimes

Since young children do not have the experience as well as the ability to judge the consequences of situations and differentiate between what is right and what is not. A number of social media sites show them crude, naked, horrific stories and news that may leave an indelible mark on the child’s mind.

Imagery has a powerful influence on a child’s psychology and social media is rife with disturbing images, pictorials, and videos. This can destroy the peace of mind of the child and hamper a normalized development.

Children will start believing in the stereotypes related to appearance, body type, skin color, etc. and grapple with issues of physical features. As a result, they will withdraw from society from the fear of becoming the laughing stock.

Apart from living under the fear of being ridiculed, children are the most vulnerable section of the population to cybercrimes. They are gullible and can be easily coaxed to into a criminal act or become a victim of cyber offenses.

Also, children are not aware of the technicalities related to the phone or social media sites and may invite unwanted harm because of the lack of knowledge about using the devices.

Recommendations to Make a Beneficial Use of Smartphones

In this article “Strong reasons to keep your children away from smartphones” we saw many bad psychological effects on children.

  1. Parents should put an embargo on the use of phones in toto for children under two. Keep them away from the harmful rays of the screens of the electronic devices.
  2. Don’t keep the smartphones in your bedroom and shun them totally before bedtime.
  3. Make sure you spend quality time with your children and play with them and thus dispense with the need for playing on the smartphones.
  4. For children above 10, make sure you allow them limited time for playing on smartphones, TV, computers, and encourage them to indulge in outdoor games and activities even more.
  5. You may give the children your smartphone as an occasional treat and thus reduce their reliance on such devices.
  6. Make sure you don’t snap the channels of communicating with your child. Talk to them over meals, after they come from school, and discuss with them those issues which are likely to leave a positive impact.
  7. Motivate them to use learning apps for understanding vocabulary, mathematical, literacy, and science concepts.

Final Thoughts

At this juncture, it is the need of the hour to make your children abstain from excessive use of smartphones. Make sure that you make other channels of studying and learning available so that children become inclined towards using the physical space rather than the virtual space.

Children cannot be left to bear the brunt of getting unsolicited exposure out of something which is a technology’s creation and on which they have no control.

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