Social Media Influencer Helps Brand Marketing.

What Does Social Media Influencer mean?

Social media influencer helps brand marketing and audience engagement. He or she is any person who has established his or her credibility online in a given industry and can affect the purchases of the brand or business it associates with because he or she is authentic in dealings and because that person has access to a broad audience. Let’s see how Social Media Influencers changed brand marketing and raised audience engagement.

Why Use Social Media Influencers in Brand Marketing?

Since social media influencing reaches friends and known people through LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, therefore, it is reliable and credible as marketing.

The best part about social media marketing through social media influencing is that the social media influencing is not pushy which a pitfall of traditional marketing is. This social media influencing is always done aesthetically.

Social Media Influencer Helps Brand Marketing.

Social media influencing means you can target a niche and usually, this is the expertise of the social media influencer, so the slot is adequately covered by the person concerned who is the influencer and thus the niche is adequately covered with no loose ends.

More and more women are becoming influencers. A story that comes to mind is a lawyer turned painter cum blogger who became a social media influencer for Nike.

Because she is a style blogger alongside being a fitness guru who watches what she eats, who knows the who’s who of the political world and who spreads the message of the not for profit for women and children.

She has been awarded for her work and is making waves for her looks, her paintings, her legal career, her causes and her being an athlete. You got to have it in you if you were to become a social media influencer.

If the brands were to see that spark in you then you would be contacted on your own and it is becoming straightforward for merit to get noticed even if the meritorious person was just sitting at home pounding words on their computer.

How to Become Social Media Influencer?

How to be a social media influencer is simple. You need to find your niche or area of interest. Then you will slowly build your personal brand image and create a singular presence and it would be better if you are known as a brand on all social media.

Then start publishing your content, mingle with your audience, and finally network as much as you can to get the greatest number of people as followers on your social media.

More the people who know your brand, the more they talk about your brand to other people and more the fact that you have arrived as a social media influencer.

Impact of Social Media Influencers on Business Growth.

Social Media Influencer Helps Brand Marketing.

Social media influencing is like recommendations of family and friends which stands as a valid source of information before the company website, what the editorial says and what the consumer reviews say. It gives the company the much-needed visibility.

It creates brand awareness; there is the RISE philosophy behind business growth as far as social media influencing is concerned. RISE means results, integrity, strategy, and engagement.

Social media influencers must work with calculating the results that you are expecting, how many new clients the company has got, how to track results, clear communication is needed between the brand and the social media influencer.

The social media influencer might post one picture of your brand on Instagram whereas the brand might need them to post more photos, so the line of communication should be clear, and both the parties need to communicate for results to be achieved effectively.

Integrity means that when the social media influencer says that he or she has used the brand products, then they should do that for real, and not make fake claims.

This is the integrity aspect. When it comes to why should the brand trust the influencer then the influencer would be asked about how he or she developed the fan base and how they are getting followers?

The third is a strategy. If it is a high-quality brand in question, then it means the influencer’s image should go with the brand. If an influencer is promoting two brands, then are they in tandem.

Engagement is the last leg of the advertising and for that one needs to see if the type of following and the platform is ideal for a brand and a specific influencer to work together.

Social media influencer helps brand marketing. The audience does follow personality, do optimize your business with this ultimate Social Media tool.

The Top Ten Social Media Influencers Of 2019 


He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter. He works with not for profit organizations and with governments.  His content is just right and leaning towards education.


She is an Indian social influencer. She works towards makeup, and beauty products and has partnered with Nykaa to bring about beauty to the limelight. Her humor is what keeps her going.


She is also into education. You can follow her for upcoming trends. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


She is an Instagram social media influencer and the author of a book. Her niche is mainly traveling.


He is linked with Shopify. He is also associated with the brand because of his writing skills.


He is known for his love for bikes. His coverage of rallies and his passion speak for itself.


She is on LinkedIn and Twitter. She is where you would go if you needed to make your content become better in quality. When you look at her, it is needless to say; she is beautiful.


She is an athlete. Her work includes her partnership with Adidas. Her causes are women and children.


He has an award-winning blog. He is famous for ‘SHOUT ME LOUD’ He has an inspirational story going behind his blog.


She has a food blog, and she tries humor to keep her blog alive.

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