Slim Design Mobiles are Making Mobile Insurers Rich.


Do you love to have the best and expensive mobile inside your pocket?. But you know the design of this Slim mobile is making mobile insurer rich. Slim mobiles design is making mobile insurer rich due to our overprotective behavior toward our devices.

Slim design, eye-catching colors and the glossy look is all we see when we decide to buy a new mobile. Mobile is not a necessity but a mark of status now. But what about safety?

Do I really need to buy insurance for my mobile? This is the most asked quotation on Quora

Insurance providers cover the safety of my mobile (*conditions apply), which mobile manufactures kept to the stake, to obtain Slim design. Our fear of our expensive mobile forcing us to buy mobile insurance.

Mobile manufactures trying to fit maximum capacity RAM, high performing processors, strong batteries inside a tiny little device and they succeeded in that. But the movement I touched that Slim and beautiful looking phone I started worrying about its safety. 

My nightmare came into reality when I dropped my new mobile phone from 4 feet height and touch screen got broken. I ran into the mobile showroom to claim my insurance policy. I couldn’t stop crying when the seller told me that my insurance does not cover screen damage and I have to pay a heavy amount to replace a broken screen.

let’s find the reason behind such a situation.

How Slim Design Mobiles can Damage Or Lose?

Slim Design Mobiles are Making Mobile Insurers Rich.

– The most common reason that we are able to see is harmed thanks to dropping a mobile from a height. You don’t need to drop it from so much height, but less than 3-4 feet is enough to damage your expensive mobile.

Common situations like:-

a. You kick your own mobile while you are in deep sleep.

b. you try to stop alarm clock and accidentally drop it on the floor.

c. your kid throws it out of the window.

d. You sit on the couch, you realize that some cracking sound came, that is when your mobile is broken.

The next most common reason is surely a nightmare, yes it is that you drop your mobile in the water. This liquid damage is definitely your fault. Making 100% waterproof mobile is nearly impossible, but still, manufacturers try to maintain IP standards which ensures the safety of your mobile.

-The worst situation is like you forget your mobile somewhere and you can’t find it. Supermarket or mall, playground, garden and place like this are perfect to forget mobile because you are not paying attention to it.

-Now it’s time for a thief, who wants to steal your mobile in exchange for his liquor. As a suspect, we all realize that once mobile got stolen it’s never going to come back. We left no option but to fill police report, sit back and wait for cops to catch that thief.

Why Slim Design Mobiles are Easy To Break?

Slim Design Mobiles are Making Mobile Insurers Rich

Low build quality

Most mobile manufacturers use fiber, plastic and metal material to make their mobile phones. The use of the material decided according to the quality products they want to build.

Low-cost budget mobiles are made of plastic. The build quality can be felt when you touch that mobile. Those mobiles are so delicate and can be damaged in a single fall on the floor. On plastic material, scratches can be easily seen.

Fibre material, on the other hand, is considered strong than plastic material. This fiber made mobiles can withstand many falls. 

Some manufacturers trying to make metal body mobiles, but customers don’t like heavy Wight mobiles. We all prefer fiber or plastic body mobiles and cause it to break easily. 

Poor touch screen glass-

Touch screen glass from TFT to gorilla tried to protect mobile screens in the best possible ways, but maintaining safety and display quality together is a tough job.

Not added Extra protection

Not adding extra protection such as screen guard, and mobile cover can cause easy damage to your mobile. Screen guard and mobile cover act like the first-line defense to your mobile.

But the bad thing is “your mobile look ugly when you use to cover”.

Do We Really Need Insurance Policy?

Do We Really Need Insurance Policy

Understand and Manage Risk

Nothing can be predictable, rain and bad situations can only be tackled with precaution. Buying mobile insurance by paying a high amount is the same as that. But my question is, is it really worth to pay a bulk amount for insurance.

Carrying Slim, and delicate mobile itself a risk, then how can we expect rough and tough performance from that mobile. Insurance cannot save your mobile from getting damaged.

No insurance is willing to pay you back for your mistake. It’s not easy to get money out of their pockets.

Have you ever read “Term and Condition” completely for that insurance, never right, then here you are busted. Most of the insurance policies have hidden conditions. 

When Does Insurance Policy Compensate?

Buying a new mobile is not possible for everyone. Insurance companies will repay you against your claim, but only if you convince them. To convince the insurance provider is very hard, no situation will fulfill their “Term and condition” 100%.

Horrifying thing is that you might have agreed to some terms and conditions while signing a contract which is totally against your situations.

The Insurance company can and will suspend your policy without prior notice. They can disagree to pay back for your loss at any time.

Just Dream Hassle-Free Claim

Getting claim cleared without any hassle is a dream. This will never happen, no insurance company will pay for your loss without asking a ton of irritating questions.

Our demand to have beautiful slim design mobile phones have made mobile manufactures to think in the design perspective. Mobile makers do not care about safety at all.

Gorilla glass, IP standards, and waterproof technology are so much expensive. Low or medium budget mobiles do not have these facilities. Mobile manufacturers already moved their production plants to India and China to reduce production costs.

What Insurance Does Not Cover?


Insurance policy clearly states that any damage due to customer mishandling or negligence will not be covered under the claim. In some cases, the customer has to pay more to avail of this claim. 

A mobile user always has to take care of their devices to prevent damage, because the insurance company may not pay against loss due to negligence.

Thief’s intentions-

If a thief steals your mobile and damages it intentionally, then that will not be cover under claim. We can’t prove the bad intention of someone else neither cops can prove that.

Delay in the filing FIR-

The insurance provider has fix buffer time to file FIR against stolen mobile that can be from few hours to few days. An insurer will not take responsibility for the late FIR. An insurer can reject a claim for a delay in a police complaint.

It is better to register a complaint as soon as possible before the time limit ends. This also depends upon how fast police officers respond. 

Liquid damage-

any electronics device hardly survives if it’s fall into the water. You barely have a few seconds to take it out from the water and switch it off. Some expensive mobiles have a waterproof coating on its printed circuit boards, which can resist water for some instances. 

Major Problems in Slim Design Mobiles.

Non-Removable Batteries

-Do you remember the time when you could easily replace the mobile battery? That was so easy right, but that you can’t do with your slim design mobile. Batteries in Slim mobiles are non-removable.

– Mobile batteries ideally have less life, around 2-3 years. Once the mobile battery is dead your mobile is dead too.

-This is not the case with mobile-only, laptops, gadgets, digital watches and many more devices with in-build non-removable batteries.

Non-removable batteries were introduced in the market to:

  • To reduce device weight.
  • Increase the portability of the device.
  • To merge more important functions like HD cameras, fingerprint scanner, etc. 

But all this is useless if that mobile can’t protect itself from damage.


Multi-layer PCB, Surface Mount Electronic Device (SMD) and in-built high capacity battery make mobile lightweight. Compact components and slim battery allow more accessories to get integrated inside the mobile.

Power required to drive these components causes heat generation in mobile. The heating problem seems very common in mobile and tablet devices.

High Repair Cost

-Repair cost or maintenance costs will always be high for such a slim design mobile.

-Mobile designs are highly optimized. All internal parts are so tiny and untouchable for non-repairing professionals. To repair such delicate devices special training is required.

-Specially trained people charge high for repairing also required spare parts adds more cost in repairing.

-High precision tools also required for such a repairing process. Special tools and high Expertise Are Very Much Costly.

Final Thoughts

The mobile phone was invented to establish long-distance communication. Buying a mobile phone was a mark of status. Time being mobile phone manufactures integrated more and more advanced functions in the mobile.

Additional features come with safety and security issues. To keep mobile safe we have started using back covers, back covers manufacture earning billions by selling these. These industries are like parasites that grow by selling additional accessories for mobile devices.

They come up with more interesting ideas to increase their product sell like colorful covers, customizable design, hardcovers, tire covers, silicon covers and many more.

Like back cover, the next thing we definitely add on our device is screen guard. Some mobile manufacturers provide additional screen guards when you buy mobile even though they claim that there mobile has a gorilla glass install.

Waterproof pouches are also available in the market at a very cheap price, they can be a lifesaver during the rainy season.

With this, we can conclude that insurance policy is not the only way to protect mobile phones. Adding additional protection can do that job too. We can prevent damage with simple accessories but, the bad intention of the thief cannot be control. Be alert and keep your mobile safe.

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