PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield – Live To Kill And Survive.

PUBG game is an acronym for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game. The game first came out in 2017, on March 23. The brilliant designer of the game is Brendan Greene, and the composer is Tom Salta. Live to Kill and survive PUBG exhilarating battlefield. The Player unknown battleground is the most played online game is 2019. Players thrilled while playing.

It is a creation of PUBG Corporation which is an undertaking of a South Korean company called the Blue hole. It is Google’s biggest game of the year 2019.

Download and Play PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield

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You can download the game on your Android phones, and shop for goodies of the game which are available time bound. The game operates online and can be played against friends, or people found online. The app is made to fit all your devices.  

As the name suggests, it is a battlefield game, it can be played on the X Box. A total number of people who have downloaded this game until now is 8 million.

The game falls in the category of other favorite games such as the mind-blowing game Fortnite, game Grand Theft Auto V, and Minecraft.

In this article of “Live to kill and survive PUBG exhilarating battlefield, ” we will some important aspects of the game.


In this game, there are 100 characters on the screen, and to win, you have to be the last man standing. The people and the scene is set on a far off island, the parameter of the island is given to be 8km * 8 km.

You need to find your own weapons, and they are not provided to you at the start, a similar search needs to take place for vehicles, and your other supplies.

You cannot cheat here, the developers of PUBG would make sure you are banned for cheating, a similar incident took place where 12 hardcore fans of the game were banished for three years from playing the game, and this news was the front line news in the papers.

Like what happens in gaming, some players got around to creating cheat hacks, but the game developers were ahead here and found the hack that was being called Radar cheat hack.

The developers, in turn, launched a formula called the tool BattlEye which spots cheaters and similar cheating hacks.


Ever since the VIKENDI update arrived, there has been an active flagship ban of 30,000 players. The cheat hack provides the unlimited player power in the game zone making the game lopsided and unreal whereas continually being on the lookout for the enemy is the real essence of the game. You must be wondering what is so strict about the VIKENDI update that seasoned players are resorting to cheating methods.

The update, Vikendi makes it easier for the enemy to know your position, and that makes the game a bit tougher.

Now with Vikendi, the vehicle and footprints of the player would become known, the message to the players by the developers being that one should hide less and combat more.

The ranking method of the game is that it separates beginners from seasoned players and awards ranks accordingly. The ranks are called bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown, ace and conqueror. The game has what is called many game challenges.

The ranks are there in every version of the game, and the new, inexperienced players are given a chance to better the game.

The developers instruct the bots in a way that beginners who have limited vehicles and arms are not killed too quickly, and bots are designed not to kill beginners too fast, so the beginners adapt to the game.


Sometimes, in games, you notice that there is no island, but a snowfield, and smoother controls, so that is the fun of the game in the snow.

The enemy cannot hear the footsteps in the snow, the clothes and weapons are all new.

Women can also enjoy the game because of the changing costumes such as sport’s shoes, shorts, and a tank top. The men costumes are also what 21st-century men wear in day to day life. This would be jeans, coats, jackets, sports shoes, and a headgear.


Snow is not something everyone is used to. Usually, in PUBG you will see greens and forests. Vikendi in that sense changes the background of the game which is no minor feat by the game developers.

When the terrain varies, the players have to derive a new strategy. The strategy makes the players thrilled and opened to new challenges.

It might initially make the best players lose a few games. The developers pay a lot of attention to detail. Vikendi brings new vehicles which can operate on snow, there is slower speed.

Usually, the players go for SUVs, and your knowledge of automobiles is also tested in the game, and that is a new way to show off to your friends.


Next change is also a change of scenery. You have covered forests, wet terrains, snow, and then the game moves to a desert with sand everywhere you look, this is terrain 3 of the game.

As we discussed above, a new territory means new challenges, a new change in music, clothes, weapons, mode and methods to kill the enemy, and new tricks of the game.


The weapons include guns among others. Weapons are mostly a secret.

The sound effects are quite a lot of fun or else the fun goes out of the game. You should wear headphones the whole time to hear the music as well as to come to know what the enemy is doing.

The audio engineers as they are called have done a fabulous job too. The music makes everything eerie when you are killing people.

The game seems more believable because of the excellent music than if there was no music. You can also hear the sound of your automobile, or the enemy arriving.

The game engages everyone; you can play the game on your Smartphone as well as your personal computer. You need 8 GB RAM. This is all about the 2019 sensational PUBG.

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