Premium Watch to Match Style Quotient.

Watches were invented to keep track of time. And since their invention till today, they have changed radically in terms of style, purpose, and functionality. The first thing to do is to keep a mental note that in this article when we say ‘watch’ we are solely referring to a ‘wristwatch’ unless stated otherwise. Different types of Premium watch to match a man’s style quotient. Looking for Stylist timepiece watches, here are some you may like.

Till the 20th century, wristwatches were mainly worn by women as carrying a pocket watch was the trend among men. Some of you might find this surprising, as nowadays, watches can be considered as an important or even essential part of men’s accessories.

With time, watches became an important item for men and women alike, not just to know the time but also to add extra style to one’s appearance.

We Love Watches – Why?


It’s a fact that when it’s come to fashion accessories, women seem to enjoy more options than men. They can choose from bracelets, lockets, earrings, watches, rings, headbands, and more.

Men may not have as many choices for style and fashion, but we do love the few options we have. And among all fashion accessories, watches are definitely appreciated by men.

Why do men need to wear watches? Silly question, but let’s answer it anyway. A watch tells time, and looks really cool – that’s a simple answer, but not very convincing. So we’ll give you a more detail reasoning to show how and why watches are still such a useful accessory in men’s fashion.

Nothing Can Replace Watch

First, watches are very convenient to wear and to use. You just leave it on your wrist and that’s it. I’ve heard people argue that smartphones tell time as well so watches aren’t really needed.

If you think that way too, you’ll change your mind when you’re on a crowded bus and can’t reach your pocket to pull out your phone and check the time. Or when your phone runs out of battery and you don’t have a watch.

Watches are still extremely useful and reliable in telling time. And they have a much longer battery life than the average cell phones which need daily charging.

Second, they portray a man’s style and personality to some extent. The reason behind this is simple. Every man has his own style, and watches are designed keeping this in mind.

So it’s obvious that a man will often choose a watch that suits his style or persona, like businessmen wearing glamorous luxury watches, or young adults usually choosing simple, light and cool watches. Hence, your watch gives an impression to others about your style and personality.

We give you here 5 premium styles of men’s watch to give you a better idea of which type would suit you best.

1. Dress Watch

Classic St. Mawes by Daniel Wellington

Classic St. Mawes by Daniel Wellington

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The one word that best describes a dress watch is simplicity. A dress watch is meant to be simple and classy without any extravagant features. It’s best suited for formal occasions and looks great with outfits like a suit or tuxedo. Such a watch is not meant to be flashy, but its simplicity is what makes it stand out.

They aren’t very big in size and rarely have any other functions than telling time. However, some dress watches also keep track of the date along with time. Even though they are made for formal attires and occasions, they can also go well with business casuals.

Suitable for:

  • – Businessmen, and professionals who wear formal clothes most of the time.
  • – People who prefer simple features in a watch

With a simple design and elegant look, this watch perfectly demonstrates the primary qualities of a dress watch. It has a round dial, leather band, and is priced at Rs.14,299. We consider this premium watch to match a man’s style quotient.

2. Dive Watch

Premium Watch to Match Style Quotient. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

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As the name suggests, this is a type of watch that’s designed mainly for divers and people who spent a considerable amount of time underwater. So it’s obvious that its main purpose is to be water-proof and pressure resistant.

They are usually made of titanium or stainless steel casing and the same goes for the straps, though some models also use silicone or rubber for the straps. They normally have a stylish look which makes them perfect for everyday use as well.

You can be versatile with such watches when wearing casual attire, but they are not designed to complement formal attires like a suit.

Suitable for:

  • – Divers, surfers, swimmers and other people who are required to spend time underwater regularly
  • – People who want waterproof watches
  • – Youngsters as well as adults who want a sporty look
  • – Athletes and sportsmen

This stylish model is completely powered by light and resists water up to 660 feet. It has a stainless-steel casing with Japanese-quartz movement and the dial is covered with a mineral crystal. Its price is Rs.20,338.

3. Field Watch

Premium Watch to Match Style Quotient. Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 

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These are watches made to withstand the harsh conditions of warfare. So the main feature of field watches is that they have a rugged look and tough mechanism.

They have a stainless steel or titanium casing and allow wearers to read the time even in dark conditions. Leather or canvas is used to make these watches. Their rugged look makes them suitable for both casual and formal looks.

Suitable for:

  • – People in the military
  • – People with a heavy body frame
  • – Suits adults better than youngsters
  • – People who work in harsh environments

A great example of the features of a field watch, this model from Timex has a brass casing with a genuine leather band and mineral crystal to cover the dial. It is very tough and can resist water up to 330 feet. The design is perfect for casual as well as formal style. It will cost you Rs. 5512.

4. Aviator Watch.

Emporio Armani Aviator Analog Black Dial Men's Watch

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In the article “Different types of premium watches – to match a man’s style quotient” the next design for watches was inspired by the fashion trends of pilots. Aviator watches, much like a field watch, are made to be tough and readable under low lighting.

Many models even have a small chronograph that could be used to determine the time in any time zone around the world. As far as their looks are concerned, they look sleek and classy and can be paired with any type of outfit accordingly.

Suitable for:

  • – Pilots and other professionals in the aviation industry
  • – People who like to make a fashion statement, or people whose profession requires them to maintain a style statement
  • – Better suited for adults rather than youngsters

Sleek and stylish, this amazing piece has a full stainless steel body, including the casing, bezel, and strap. It can resist water up to 165 feet. The design and look of this watch sure to attract some attention to the wearer. It costs Rs.19,596.

5. Racing Watch

Premium Watch to Match Style Quotient. Tissot T-race Men’s Watch

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That is why race watches normally have a tachymeter that can measure distance and speed and a chronographic stopwatch.

They normally have a fancy and bold look. Different designs are available and are not limited to any particular look. However, their flashy look may make them unsuitable for those who prefer a simple getup.

Suitable for:

  • – Race-car drivers, enthusiasts and other people in the racing industry.
  • – People who like fancy and extravagant apparel.
  • – Sportsperson
  • – Youngster and students will also love race watches for its cool appearance
  • – People with a flamboyant personality will love race watches
  • – Those who would need the extra functionality of speed and distance measurement in their watches.

The flashy outlook of a racing watch is evident in this model, which has a vibrant black and yellow design. As expected, it comes with a tachymeter, chronograph, and has a stainless steel casing with a silicon strap band. It costs Rs.18,999.

So these are the 5 different styles of premium watches, each explained with an example. Knowing about these will make it easier for you to understand what type of watch will suit you best. As I had said at the beginning of this post, your watch is not just an accessory but it reflects your style and personality. And with all the information we shared with you, I hope it helps you in choosing the perfect watch to add to your collection.

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