Power Processors from AMD, Intel, and NVidia.

power up your pc with new processors from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. The world’s leading PC processors manufacturers launched this new product for you. The world is astounded when it thinks PC processors that are developing more.

2018 and 2019 have been years for AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA where there has been the launch of major product lines, and the companies have ruled the roost in their market spheres, AMD made the best processors in the market called Ryzen, there is power in this machine component, and there is efficiency.

The price to performance ratio is high in these machines, there is better power management, and better speed of performance. This means merely AMD is launching high-end desktop and PCs, and it is expected to be out by August 13, 2019.

It will cost anything between 650 dollars to 1800 dollars, which is also being launched is Ryzen Threadripper’s second generation. This was announced back in 2018, September.

Now, second-generation chips are here to stay in the market. 4.2 GHz speed which is good for gaming is also being introduced and which is upper by a considerable margin. The material would still be silicon, but much better performance.

The graphics master AMD has been playing an underdog, but it sells twice the number of processors than Intel does. Before we move on, we would like to state the full form of the acronym of the company name AMD. It is Advanced Micro Devices. It is in direct competition with Intel PC Processors. NIVIDA Corps is also AMD’s competitor.



This picture sharing can be done with the help of NVIDIA user to the user interface, or what is called the phenomenal NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics card.

NVIDIA is famous for its gaming chips. 2019 is expected to see graphics cards which are next-gen, new technology processors, and gaming laptops, NVIDIA allows you to use new beta features.

Beta features allow engineers to better the technical improvements in an environment where a large number of users can test, and give their feedback.

Then there is the graphics card. With this new age graphics card, you can take and share videos, live streams, and screenshots. NVIDIA releases games and also does bug fixing, and takes measures to make sure that the whole gaming experience is better.

You can update every driver with the help of a single click. Your game can be live broadcast to Facebook streaming, and you can be ready to observe NVIDIA high lights automatically.

NVIDIA is outstanding par excellence. With what is called Ansel, you can take fantastic gaming photos. You can choose between 360-degree images, and these photos are professional-grade, you can get a lot of appreciation when you post these to the Google photos. It is a revolution in the gaming world; you can make the already awesome pictures even better by using post-click filters.

Gamers online are a big fan of this mind-blowing imagery, it is just a game capture tool, but the photo quality and sharing feature have the gamer community going bonkers.

It is a fun thing to note that NVIDIA let the audiences decide the name for its chip, and viewers called it GeForce. They ran a contest called ‘name that chip,’ and the name which was finally chosen was GeForce.



INTEL is launching 8th generation Coffee Lake processors, the name is fancy, and it caters to rich people just like the title does. It came out in 2018 towards the end, the prices start at 180 dollars, and goes up to 500 dollars.

Coffee lake processors is an octa-core processor; Intel is then launching the 10 Core CPU. There has been many CPU launched in the last year and before that over the years. If we were to talk about competition between Intel and AMD, then it is the first time that INTEL is winning the CPU war against AMD.

Power up your pc with new processors from AMD, Intel, and NVidia. The world’s leading PC processors manufacturers launched this new product for you.

This ten core processor makes for a great virtual reality experience. INTEL has also finally launched the best in the market gaming processor. All of Intel’s 9th gen processors were meant for gaming, and i9 is called the best in the market gaming processor. It is being modeled and named Intel Core i9-9900 K.

INTEL has also launched what is being called Sunny Cove which is coming out in 2019. It has the following measures such as better bandwidth; it is smaller in size, INTEL is now focusing on AI and 5G. These are laptops with a better battery, and these laptops are sleeker. These INTEL ones are more responsive gadgets.

Then is Cascade Lakes named scalable processors? This processor has a high performance. The INTEL Company talks to its clients and makes arrangements such that clients can use scalable processors in a way that the processor can handle the company’s artificial intelligence.


These 3D ones are thin, and the third 3D fin rises vertically from the silicon substance. Therefore, transistors can now be packed tightly together. This makes the transistors more functional, and less costly. This is a revolution in itself. These transistors save power also.

This gives balanced sound, impressive bass, and gorgeous build capability, and the cons or the negatives are that these transistors have limited surround sound capacity, and they are difficult to tinker with once they have been established, thus if a device were to falter or become out of tune post establishment then the plot would be complicated to be meddled with, and made to look good again, and would be difficult to be made good as new at a later stage.


AMD has launched the latest brand new AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz Eight-Core Processor, this is the most advanced processor from the AMD family.

There is more on Zen 1 which is again a micro-architecture from AMD. This technology was first used with Ryzen about which we have talked about before. The Zen-based CPUs are called Summit Ridge.

These have been in the market since 2017. These work on lower energy and give better working power with the same amount of less energy technology.

Microarchitecture means this technology can execute more instructions in the same cycle. Each core runs two threads. In a multi-core system or a multiprocessor system, multiple threads can execute in parallel, with every processor, or core thus performing a separate thread simultaneously. A thread of execution means the smallest sequence of program execution.

This technology is how your operating system works and functions at the end of the day. Overall, the definition of an operating system is that it is low-level software that supports the essential functions of a computer, such as allowing tasks and controlling peripherals.

The software routine that deals with each device are the driver and OS needs each driver or software routine for each peripheral to be attached to the computer.

Best Manufactures In the World

AMD, NVIDIA, AND INTEL are into chip wars, making one after another technology that is world-changing. This means more security in mobiles, phones, computers, and desktops.

Video gaming would also change drastically. Gaming would become mainstream. The most data-packed high-resolution tech sheet is here in the market in 2019, and then more are lined up for 2020.

AMD is doing great Ryzen work; Intel is still obsessing over PC chips. Now Intel chips are 14 nanometers to 10 nanometers. The smaller size means less power needed, and better performance.

Last, of all, NVIDIA is also doing a lot in the video game market. You might want to know that AMD chief is Lisa Su, NVIDIA chief is Jensen Huang, and Intel Chief is Robert H Swan.

These names ring a lot of technology bells in 2019. These three companies are more or less in the same domain which is a computer, phone, and gaming technologies, and always making one another shift gears and adjust their philosophies, and mandates. Especially, AMD and Intel work closely in the same market of processors, and NVIDIA is more about video gaming.

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