Personal Life and Discoveries of Legend Stephen Hawking.

Personal life and discoveries of legend Stephen hawking.

He was born in Oxford in the year 1942. He studied the laws which govern the universe, studies that space and time would begin with Big Bang and end in black holes.


Black holes are bodies that have so much gravity that not even light can escape from them. When the black holes have used up all energy at its core, then the black hole dies away and becomes 0 volume and infinite density.

Zero volume means the state of the universe at the beginning of time so to speak Stephen Hawking said that the beginning of the world and the end of the world would look the same.

There would be a gravitational singularity, and this state would also be reached at the time of the end of the world, and when space and time cease to exist.

Hawking says that the beginning of the universe was also a singularity. Hawking says that black hole is a limitation aka event horizon, it pulls lights in and this light cannot escape.

Now, research has taken place more on these subjects, and it is being estimated that black hole cores may not be infinitely dense. This means black holes could have volume and that is because of some activity going on near the horizon.

It is Hawking radiation which also has been given credit to Hawking for. It is electromagnetic radiation which theoretically means electromagnetic waves that should be emitted by a black hole.

Therefore, black holes are not black and slightly shine with temperature because of capturing particle matter due to events going on near the horizons, he said that when a black hole was mountain-sized, it would start giving off X rays and Gamma rays.

The energy created would be so much that electricity would be provided to the whole world and forever.


Personal life and discoveries of legend stephen hawking

Stephen William Hawking married Jane Wilde and who thoroughly supported him during his disease called A.L.S. But, later the couple separated peacefully, and to fight his illness, Hawking started to make books with the help of Equalizer technology.

He thought of the brain as a machine or a computer that would stop working after his death, and he did not believe in God. Stephen Hawking was an atheist. 

He discovered that time did not exist before Big Bang and that is why the Big Bang has so much credibility. Therefore, it is easy to say that the beginning of the universe has no meaning because there was no instrument to measure time before Big bang.

It is for the same reason that there cannot be assigned a chronological line of events in the universe.

It was said that because of his disease, Hawking would die in his early 30s, but he did not and died only as late as 2018. This means he lived a whole lot of 76 years. The world’s most famous scientist thus passed away after living the full tenure of his lifetime.

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