Paytm Is the Best Online Payment App Ever

Tremendous demand for online payment methods is fulfilled by developers and programmers. Most importantly easy and hassle-free online or offline payment methods are foundation bricks for any business development which indeed leads to the economic growth of that country. Especially for a country like India. Why Paytm is the best online payment app ever?

Overnight decision to demonetize currency note of 500RS and 1000RS, got Indian economy crashed within a few hours. Nevertheless, the cashless transaction with the help of trusted software like PAYTM made the situation stable.

How paytm payment helps online business

Paytm Is the Best Online Payment App Ever

Easy and fast online transaction minimize frustrations while online shopping. Successful E-commerce web sites like amazon, flip kart, Alibaba and many, who has minimum failure rate in online transactions are always the first choice of customers.

Starting a business with paytm is yet another best idea nowadays. PAYTM offers you an account where payment can be collected. The collected amount can be easily transferred in a second to your linked bank account.

Best and hassle-free online payment methods

Paytm Is the Best Online Payment App Ever

Have you ever caught up in a situation where you finally found the product you like the most or you got the best deal today? Now you are about to finish payment by online transaction and hell!!!! The merchandise website went down. Will you ever dare to buy anything from that website again?

Nooooooooooooooooo!!! For any payment app, the hassle-free transaction is the only key to be successful and earn the trust of valuable customers. Yes PAYTM has earned the trust of millions of users in a very short time by serving them day and night.

Benefits of PAYTM use

  • Cashback: Every day PAYTM announces best deal offers and along with that they felicitate customers with jaw-dropping cashback in the wallet. Cashback can be instantly added to your account as soon as you finish the transaction.
  • Best deals: Beast and affordable deal offers are always available on the PAYTM.
  • No charge service but some are exceptions: Except money transfer from PYTM to back account paytm does not charge you for anything.
  • Fast transactions and directly linked with the bank: Paytm account is directly connected to your bank accounts or to your cards (Credit /Debit) from where you can add money in your wallet or you can transfer money to those accounts.

So, let’s start!!!!!!

How to start using PAYTM

PAYTM mobile app is available on the play store for all existing OS. You can easily install the PAYTM app with a simple click on your mobile or tablet. The application file size is so small so it will take hardly a few seconds to get installed on your device.

Make sure your device is compatible and fast enough to run this application. 4G /LTE connection will better help to run this application smoothly. Why paytm is the best online payment app ever?

Why paytm is the best online payment app ever? Book train, bus and flight tickets. Hassle free bill payment. Recharge mobiles.

You can also use their official website as if you are on a laptop or PC. Admittedly PC view will give you more options on the same page than the mobile view.

Front screen of PAYTM

You are NOW successfully installed PAYM application on the device. You will see the following screen view as soon as you open the PAYTM application. Currently, nine main taps are present on paytm apps such as PAY, UPI MONEY TRANSFER, PASSBOOK, PAYTM POSTPAID, KYC, ADD MONEY, ACCEPT PAYMENT, STORES AND LINK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.


To start using paytm we have complete some important steps as given below.

Create an account on PAYTM

At the very beginning, you will see the view of the application like this.


Start with creating a new account, based on your mobile number and email id. Click on “create new count” type your correct mobile number and email id as well as create a password. After click on create an account, now you will receive OTP from paytm for mobile verification please type that same OTP on screen and click verify. It’s done you have created your account.

Login into PAYTM

Further, click on login and provide your registered mobile number and password on the screen. You will receive OTP, now enter that OTP and click login. Every time you try to login to paytm you will receive OTP this nothing but double verification from paytm to secure your account from scam.

Why OTP is important while login in into Paytm.

Almost every banking system has a mandatory procedure to verify OTP direct from customers to secure their accounts from online fraud and hackers. These online monsters can eat your money in seconds and you will never know.

Must do actions: KYC verification and its benefits.

The transaction will not happen until KYC verification is done. KYC is a basic and mandatory process to open or operate any bank account and payment app. Important documents required to complete KYC is as given below

  1. Aadhar card
  2. PAN card

Click on the KYC tab on the paytm app, KYC points will appear. Here you have to select your state and district. Paytm will show authorized KYC centers below then. Paytm account will activate after submitting a true copy of KYC documents. KYC increases your transaction limit by up to 2 lakh. If you are in small business this will definitely benefit you.

Link your bank UPI ID to pay money from PAYTM.

Just like linking bank account with paytm, there is another method to link your bank account through UPI ID. This is nothing but an indirect method to link paytm with the bank. UPI ID basically looks like yourname@bankname or mobilenumber@bankname. The same can be viewed as QR code also.

Add money into your PAYTM account.

To add money in your paytm account you have to click on add money tab on the screen. Next screen will pear here you have to enter an amount to be added in to account now click add money, on the next screen confirm the payment option ad proceed further. After completion of bank verification or card, verification money will be added in to paytm and the same message will appear on the screen.

  • Add money
  • Add amount
  • Confirm bank details
  • success message

PAYTM post-paid.

Now you can pay your bills using the post-paid facility of paytm. Paytm will take care of your bills you pay later to paytm.

Pay using a Mobile number or scanning QR code.

To pay money to anyone you have to click on the pay tab on the screen. Next, you have to enter the merchandiser linked mobile number or scan the QR code of that merchandise. Enter the amount to be paid and click confirm.

Money can be paid through your paytm wallet or through a linked bank account, only if paytm balance is not sufficient.  

Accept payment in form of PAYTM cash.

To accept money from anyone you have to let them know your linked mobile number or QR code.  You can find your QR code in your profile tab.

Passbook: activity tracker.

Passbook details all the transactions that happened through your paytm.

Self Help

Payment settings:-

All the payment related settings can be manipulated under this tab.

Security and settings:-

Password change and app locker facilities are available under this tab. You can set your password s strong as possible to secure your paytm. The finger scanner is the most used security method nowadays because it is very secure and you don’t have to remember any password. Why paytm is the best online payment app ever?

General settings.

General setting tabs include basic parameters like language change, invite people, notification settings and digital locker.

Under this tab, you can overview your own profile including contact details and personal details.

Why paytm is the best online payment app ever? Book train, bus and flight tickets. Hassle free bill payment. Recharge mobiles through paytm.
Why paytm is the best online payment app ever? Book train, bus and flight tickets. Hassle free bill payment. Recharge mobiles through paytm.

24/7 support portal and paytm community.

Best online and telephonic support is the only reason behind PAYTM’s successes. Please give a review of this article “Why Paytm is the best online payment app ever?”

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