Mobile Tracker Apps To Track Devices Anonymously.

The market has many mobile tracking apps. You can keep tabs on what your kid is doing or your husband on their phone. The idea is that the person who is being tracked does not know that you are following him or her. This is spying in simple terms. 5 Mobile tracker apps to track devices anonymously.

  • MSPY

This app performs well and is user-friendly, you do not need to learn how to use this app, and everything on the app is pretty self-explanatory. The result is happy spying. The app is easy to download. The information of the tracked phone goes into the control panel of the spy app.

This app is compatible not only with android phones but also with iPhone and iPods. You can also spy on a Blackberry phone and a Windows mobile plus a Symbian phone.

If the app does not work or shows some problems, then you can contact the customer care of the app. You would not believe it, but this app gives you money back guarantee as well. So, if the app does not work, you can apply to get your money back.

Let us look at some spy apps.


Mobile tracker apps to track devices anonymously

The first such app is Flexi Spy. Flexi spy mobile tracker apps to track devices anonymously. It is easy to download and install on the phone. It can be done within seconds. The things you can intercept are- Contacts, WhatsApp messages, SMS, Emails, live calls.

You can also listen to the surroundings of the phone you are hacking, take pictures from the second phone, you can record all calls incoming and outgoing on the intercepted phone.

This information would be sent to the user and can be viewed through a phone. You can also consider getting all the passwords of the targeted phone, and indirectly you get to see everything on the phone of the targeted user.

You also get to look at the GPS location of the target user, and you always know where the user is. The customer support allows you to have a live chat with any number of questions, there is a forum for question and answers as well for you to know how the spy app works. It is a paid app.


MSpy is the second app on my list. It works on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows. Unlike, Flexi Spy, this app does not have GPS tracking, and you cannot know the location of the phone which you are tracking.

You cannot record the calls of the targeted user which means it is lesser fun, but you can get to know who is being called by the target and who the tracked user is calling, you also get to read the “SMS’ of the tracked person, and you get access to the Blackberry messages, WhatsApp messages, and Facebook.

The app is also linked to Skype, We-chat, yahoo messenger and you get to check up on all professional and personal messages on the target person’s phone.

The most fun part would be reading Snapchat, KIK and Tinder messages of the target so that you know the target’s love life. You also get to control the apps of the user, and you get full remote control of the user’s phone.


The third app is the spy bubble app. It is affordable which costs very little as compared to other spy apps. You get to pay a fee for three months which is affordable.

The app promises that you do not have to get detected at all. If you fear that the boy you are stalking finds about this spy app, then you can get into trouble, that is why this fact that you would go undetected makes a lot of sense.

The devices that this app works on are Symbian phones, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. If you do not know how this app works then you get a step by step guide into the app’s functionality. If you still face problems with regards to working of the app, then you have access to 24*7 customer care.

On the whole, if you do not like the app or you think that the money spent is not worth it, then you can ask for a full refund.


This is the fourth app on my list. This is most fun because, with this app, you can track your employee. You can get kicks out of knowing what the employee thinks of you or how he thinks his work is.

With spy era phone tracker, you know what the troublesome employee is thinking and where he is wasting his time while staying on his work station.

You get to see when a particular employee is shift companies so that you can fire and hire employees accordingly, and you can choose to promote a specific employee or hand over the pink slip to any employee. It would also be awesome knowing about when there is a romantic couple being formed in office.


The fifth and last app used to spy on people’s phones is called Mobistealth. This app can hack phones and computers both. You have to pay monthly, you get to see the browser history of the hacked account.

You get to look at all images on the phone of your kid, you get to track the location of where you kid goes when you are out for work, you get to see which apps have been downloaded by your kid and if that app could be dangerous like the Blue whale game.

This app is getting a lot of welcome input from the users, and no negative reviews.

Now, you must be thinking about how this app and other apps mentioned above work. The answer is simple. If you wish to hack an account, you need to pay and install the spy app on the target phone, the app becomes hidden as soon as downloaded, and then you need the iTunes credentials when you want to hack the iPhone and iPad. That is a new technology for you at your fingertips.

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