Mark Zuckerberg Answered Facebook Data Leak Scandal.

Mark Zuckerberg answered facebook data leak scandal is that in the future people would communicate in a private encrypted manner of ephemeral messages, so he sees a privacy-focused future of social networking including that of Whatsapp, messenger, Instagram.

Over the last decade, Facebook and Instagram have worked hard to enable virtual conversations with family, friends, colleagues, and groups.

Some countries might ban Facebook if it gets encrypted and Mark Zuckerberg does not mind that. Asked about if he thinks such a model would be successful, he says yes that the private model would be even more successful than the open platform. This private model works on all the internet.

Mark Zuckerberg Answered Facebook Privacy Scandal – Donald Trump and Cambridge Analytica to Blame.

However, the Facebook giant Zuckerberg had to answer all these questions because Facebook has been mired in privacy scandals for the last two years because of privacy-related issues.

There has been a most significant ever data breach through Facebook, and an example is Cambridge Analytics. On the one hand, Facebook is stating things about protecting people’s private information and it is pivotal to them, and on the other hand, Facebook has to dismiss people responsible for the privacy scandal.

All the dismissed men are from Cambridge Analytica.

This Cambridge Analytica team is the data analytics firm that works with Donald Trump. But, that does not mean it can misuse and falsely access data belonging to 50 million people.

Zuckerberg Changes the Service Rules But Only To an Extent.

Mark zuckerberg answered facebook data leak scandal

That is a significant breach on the part of the US Company. They have violated their terms of service. Zuckerberg says it is not the fault of Facebook. But, Facebook has changed those service rules to make sure such a thing does not happen again. Now, third parties cannot collect this private information and at least not to the same extent.

There was a second issue. Cambridge Company assumed that since one person gave his consent towards accessing the information of his friends, and Mark too gave his permission, in that particular case, so the company was justified in collecting the data in millions of other cases also, but in all other cases, it was illegal to obtain the information.

This act of Cambridge is unlawful because, in all the other billion cases, the Cambridge Company had no consent from individuals or permission of Zuckerberg. Thus, all the other cases were against the rules of service. Cambridge Company is using that one example where they had Zuckerberg’s permission as a loophole.

To solve this dilemma of whether Trump was right or wrong, Mark Zuckerberg and his team edited the terms of service and allowed no collection of information with or without the consent. But, what is lost is lost.

These are things such as the location of the user, interests of the user, the photos, status updates, and check-ins all in the hands of Cambridge Company which means a substantial loss, especially locations, are liable to be misused by data stealers.

Many people said that all happened as per Zuckerberg’s plan, but many differ and say that the information should not have been shared by Cambridge Analytica as that was outside the terms of service of Facebook. Facebook clearly states that such private information cannot go to any network, data broker, or monetization or ad service.

Mark Zuckerberg Votes For A Private Model To Stop Data Leak Scandal.

Mark says that the tides and signs of the same private model are already visible since people are leaning towards private messaging and ephemeral stories. Internet and social networking websites are leaning towards small groups.

It is not like social networking would stop or lose its place, but a more straightforward platform that first focuses on private time and privacy would become more critical. The latter has more scope because of it harder to commit cybercrimes on a privacy induced network.

Thus, Facebook and other social media platforms would have to revise their model in a big way. Facebook can afford to change its business model because its original model has earned Facebook a lot of money.

Facebook’s money comes from advertising. All users see ads on Facebook. These ads are personalized to suit the needs of the user, and many users click on these ads to buy products. Thus advertisers who learn about private information get this information from none other than Facebook itself. So, the advertisers pay Facebook.

The man behind the Data Theft, Kogan Is a Facebook App Developer.

The main person behind the data theft, Kogan said he did not break into any data safety rules, he did not misuse technology, and he did not use a flawed software to gain this information, that is acceptable said Mark Zuckerberg, but the information was still misused.

Kogan refused to believe that there was any breach, and he openly talked about data theft and even dared to defend himself at the same time saying that misuse might have occurred. People came out in Zuckerberg’s defense and said that he has now removed the entire APIs to make it impossible to see the data of a friend from a particular user’s data.

This act by Zuckerberg has again been a controversial move, but it was outstanding from privacy angle and reduced the chances of abuse which has happened in the above case.

Earlier, there were APIs which could be used to seek information about a friend of a contact according to terms of service called platform documentation, privacy settings, and the screen used to login to apps.

Now, the same is not allowed, so Mark Zuckerberg has successfully solved the problem. The fiasco brought to light the fact that Facebook trusts its developers too much and developers use the Facebook software.

Zuckerberg Compares Facebook With Apple, Android, Twitter, LinkedIn, And Google.

Overall, the Zuckerberg defense also is that Facebook alone does not share private information of its users; there are other apps which do the same. These are Apple software and Android software.

This software can also access the contact list of the user without his or her consent. Not just that, if Facebook’s login page comes into question so should the login page format of the apps such as Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

Facebook does not just stop with its explanation here. Facebook goes ahead to say that everything happened with the consent of the said user. There was no leak of passwords, no hacking of a device and sensitive pieces of information also came into public with the permission of the users who are at the center of controversy.

Facebook also talks about Kogan who Facebook says is a big personality. What Kogan did was he waited for people to download the Facebook app which he made, then the app was used by people for a personality prediction through the app, and then later the app asked these people to send him the personal information.

Kogan’s plan succeeded, and around 3 lakh people downloaded the app. Now, since these common people loved the psychology app, they thought it was no harm giving private information to a Facebook developer and gave Kogan a lot of private information.

As a developer, Kogan asked for information from the contacts in a legal way, but he should not have distributed the data to a third party. Thus, he did an action that went against the platform policy. Consequently, Zuckerberg suspended the developer, but Kogan turned out to be an outlaw who would not erase all the information he had leaked.


The lesson that Mark Zuckerberg should learn is that through these developers make new apps which are suitable for a two-minute fun session, these apps have been flooding the Facebook and not for the better but, the worse.

The pages have started to take more time to load, and as if apps were not enough, there came about advertisements, and groups made by celebs and now Facebook is chaos, and not just by allowing information to apps, but also in general.

Facebook which was always unsafe has reached an alarming unsafe level. If this were to continue Facebook would lose its name and its fame and just like Orkut and Tumblr, this Facebook app would also die down.

There is no shortage of new apps for people to use, and Instagram and Pinterest are two examples of social networking, and LinkedIn is also rising a lot as a professional network for jobs. Not to forget, Whatsapp, the safest social networking which is becoming very popular as a family app. All families exchange audio and video calls, messages and emoticons on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp messages are an end to end encrypted which means that only the sender of the message and the recipient would get to see the message and not even Whatsapp itself.  This type of social networking is the kind of social networking that people are looking forward to.

It is this level of safety, security and privacy people are expecting. In this light, Facebook’s statement that social media platforms have to be a bit social and that platform policies have been reviewed only to an extent has come as a shock.

Not only to a certain extent, should the app be entirely safe. Mark Zuckerberg has guessed it right that too much faith in developers made him pay for this scandal.

People who know Zuckerberg and Zuckerberg’s fans are confident that he will come up with a permanent solution and that too very soon. Facebook fans do not wish to see the social media die down, and they hope for a problem free Facebook emerge on the top one more time.

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