Ludo King APK Download for Android

Are you looking out for some apps that can help you to play games on the phone all around the time with your friends? The Ludo king game app can assist you in so many ways. Ludo king APK download for android. Ludo king game is the game for enjoyment and time pass. People love to play Ludo King games online or on their phones.

You can play online with your friends, and it looks like Ludo in real-time. You can also play against the computer which is the most chosen option in this game. Plus, you can play with friends found in the chat rooms of the game.

There are a lot of such apps, but this is different because it has been made by an expert at making applications, and their company is known as GTX. GTX is Gamotornix. The gaming giant GTX is ruling the roost with this game, and are being called the winners of making game applications

The game is simple to play, and you get a dice that you roll, and when the dice says six then your coin opens, and you and your opponent start moving, and all the rest is also like real Ludo.

You will find this app an ideal cure for boredom.

What Features Make Ludo King Game Amazing?

Ludo king


The game would show you great graphics, and when it is Christmas time you see the characters wearing Santa caps, there are lovely graphics to discover at each step. Everything is pretty 3D out here. Once you minimize the game, it would start from the same position where you left. With this game, you would revisit your childhood.


You can spend time playing this game with friends. The first kind of friends who can play with are your Facebook friends, and also you can make virtual friends online while playing international games and you can start playing against these people who are also Ludo fans. There is a fun element to this. For instance, you can buy buddies or friends for as little as Rs. Fifty for five buddies and so on so forth.

If you feel unsafe communicating with online friends and strangers, then you have a ‘ Block the person’ option. This game reminds me of Poker where people were playing with just about everyone from chat room people to own friends situated far away, this game always worked, and now in 2019, Ludo King is going to be that game.


The application does not need a lot of battery applications such that the battery does not drain out very quickly. But, sorry to say, you should keep your battery charged to full to enjoy the game thoroughly.


English is the official language of the game, and the Indonesian language has also been added to make sure users everywhere are satisfied.


Just like all the great games on the internet, there is also an offline playing option where you play against the computer. This game is an excellent innovation in the world of technology.

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