Hydrogen Power Source Will Only Source In Future.

What Is Hydrogen Energy?

Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier just like electricity. The hydrogen power source will only source in the future. Henry Cavendish first developed hydrogen by subjecting zinc metal to HCL or hydrochloric acid.

It is ironic that within the most drink worthy liquid on the planet, water, lies a fuel. The fuel here is hydrogen. Hydrogen is highly flammable and can be used as a combustion fuel.

It can be put into a fuel cell to produce electricity. This can be a replacement for liquid and fossil fuels.

The govt. is looking into the production of hydrogen, and its storage and how it can be used as a fuel. It can be used in small generators, in motorbikes, and autos and three-wheelers.

The last three-wheeler hydrogen combination is under the study at BHU Varanasi. The question is can hydrogen fuel be used in vehicular transportation?

Hydrogen Power Source is the only Viable Fuel.

Hydrogen power source will only source in future

Hydrogen comes from various domestic products, it is renewable energy and will reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and it would also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases or GHGs.

That will reduce overall pollution. But, there is a need to look at how the workforce would be developed to make hydrogen gas a possible fuel.

When hydrogen is a viable fuel, then that means the only thing hydrogen would generate in its wake is heat and water which means all good things. But, could one associate hydrogen with the hydrogen blast? The answer is in negative.

Hydrogen does not have any smell, and burns with a white flame and does not get detected easily when leaked but blasts are not something which could be thought.

Existence of Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the simplest element in existence. Hydrogen also happens to be the most abundantly found element in the earth’s crust. This is because hydrogen is lighter than air thus goes into the atmosphere.

Hydrogen is the most luminous element, and at standard temperature and pressure, hydrogen is a gas.

How hydrogen cells work is that hydrogen goes towards the positive electrode and oxygen towards the negative electrode. The polymer electrolyte membrane allows only positive ions to pass go through to the negative electrode.

The electrons move through an external circuit to the negative electrode thus creating an electric current. At the positive electrode, the platinum catalyst causes hydrogen to divide into positive hydrogen and negative electrons.

Storage and Supply

There are places where it is tough to use electricity such as sending energy by pipeline. Hydrogen can replace the power in such cases and be stored as a gas and a liquid both, and it can be combined with carbon dioxide to create useful fuels such as methane or ammonia.

Hydrogen can be used to make fertilizers, plastics, and medical drugs. This would be a commercial application. But, the process to extract hydrogen from other elements and converting it to useful energy is time-consuming and tedious plus expensive.

Significant Uses of Hydrogen

The hydrogen power source will serve in the future for mankind.

Diesel engine cleaner

Hydrogen is being seen in it cleaning up diesel engines so that the engines live longer, and then these engines would cause lesser air pollution.

Zero-emissions vehicle

Hydrogen internal combustion engine can be converted into zero-emissions vehicle ZEV by running the engine on pure hydrogen. But, these plans are in the startup stage, and market-level production of the same would take a lot of time. 95% of hydrogen is made by reforming methane.

When methane is exposed to hot steam on high pressure, then hydrogen is produced. This leads to CO 2 waste. Hydrogen is also be made from water by electrolysis. This is called zapping water with electricity and creating a chemical reaction that splits hydrogen and oxygen.

If electrolysis is done by zero-carbon renewable electricity, then the resultant hydrogen is zero-carbon fuel. This is tough because hydrogen and oxygen are firmly bonded. But, overall it makes it less feasible to convert hydrogen from water.

Energy carrier

Hydrogen has always been an energy carrier. Energy carriers are used to move about, store and deliver energy in a form where the power can be easily handled. Another energy carrier is electricity.

The formula for hydrogen fuel would be hydrogen + oxygen = electricity + water vapor.

So, the only thing this hydrogen electricity would leave in its wake is water vapor. That is one thing which makes hydrogen fuel better than coal burning, nuclear fuel and there is no harm in hydrogen fuels.

Future Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen power source will only source in future.

Hydrogen is a high energy carrier because it can store energy in some ways. Hydrogen is also high efficiency and can be used in places where electricity is not suitable.

The government is looking at how to bring about a hydrogen economy. So far, the only hydrogen economy is Iceland. But, Iceland is diverting from its goal and spending the hydrogen plan money on other aspects such as aluminum smelting. 90% of the population of Iceland would although want a hydrogen economy.

The things that a country leads to looking into when deciding into what will be the significant net fuel for the nation are the stages such as, How the fuel is produced,

  • How it would be stored?
  • How will the fuel be transported?
  • What will be its delivery process?
  • How it would find an application?
  • The legal code of conduct about the fuel.
  • Standard practices in the process.
  • Design strategy to make the public aware of the fuel.
  • Taking steps to make sure the fuel is commercially produced and sold in the market.
  • The Capacity of fuel building.

Final Thoughts

The country like India is thinking about making hydrogen a commercially viable option among fuels, and that would become possible with the national hydrogen energy road map NHERM.

The process started in 2006 and India is going to go a long way implementing rules and regulations of making India a nation that uses Hydrogen as a fuel, and India should be taking steps in the direction of Iceland if it wants to become one of the first few nations to adopt hydrogen and cleaner fuel.

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