How to Earn Money Online Through Digital Marketing.

Day jobs are passé. Trust it when it is said. There are many jobs on the internet, and it is not as if someone has opened a Pandora box. These jobs are real and reliable. We will learn new ways to “How to earn money online through digital marketing”

There is no side effect of being a digital marketer; you get to enjoy many a perk such as very little work and very much money, the comfort of working from home on your laptop, no nosy boss and flexible working hours. Just because something is good does not mean it cannot be trusted.

Day jobs are also stagnant now because travel for work is being looked down upon as a very past tense thing. There are traffic jams in cities which last hours and the government is thinking of making work from home a feasible option very soon, and soon there may be a government decision coming out in favor of the work-life balance of the most talented workforce there is.

Let’s earn money online through digital marketing: All possible ways.


How to earn money online through digital marketing

The first job that you can do as a digital marketer is that of a Freelance Blogger. There is money in it, you can write and then work with a publishing house, and one day you will write a book.

Publishing houses would first hire you as a writer, and then help you write and publish a book. It has never been simpler. 

Articles sell for a lot. If you want real money on a monthly basis, write about your passions or general SEO friendly topics, and your every word would sell on a word-by-word basis. If you have bigger dreams of being a book editor or publishing a book, then there are many online buyers for that as well.

Just try, and you will know, it is a gold mine that you are sitting on. These job sites are everywhere, and the few of them that can be mentioned here are,, and

Airtasker is a trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.

One more important resource i would like to mention here is a From simple to complicated tasks, Airtasker can help you complete your home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design or even build a website.

Social Media Influencer

How to earn money online through digital marketing

You can also earn as a digital marketer by being a social media influencer. Let me tell you how that works. You are on social media, and following some brand accounts, some brand likes your blog and wishes to work with you.

They will first ask you to buy a one-time product from them, after that they will place an ad of their company on your page, and for every person who reaches their website after looking at your blog would make them pay you per person purchase basis.

Mobile app developer

How to earn money online through digital marketing

This is the most lucrative career of today’s age. There are so many software developers who have made game apps and launched their app in the market both legally and illegally and made lakh of rupees in just a matter of a few months.

Talent is talent whether talent is out or talent is sitting at home. Languages like C++, and Java, and you come up with an app, and you could be a millionaire overnight. Even if your app would go off the market at some point in time, if people like it, and use it, then you are an overnight success. It is a sign of genius to be able to be self-employed this way.

Graphics Designing

Graphic design is another avenue. So many people came up with their plans when the country wanted to change the design of its currency. When the Indian money wanted a map, there were people who came up with their designs and followed the rules, and it is not as simple as it sounds.

After a lot of efforts finally, one model was selected after a shortlist of many brilliant designs made, that is what is raw talent, and talent of this sort does not like working with or under a boss, maybe the talent does like working in a team, but this is one example of so much talent.

Talent deserves money and usually ends up rich. Graphic design is thus another method to earn money doing digital marketing, and making the architecture of houses, or designing cars, or designing machines.

YouTube Content Creator

There are so many videos online, and people are hoping not just that their talent is seen, their looks, their kid’s ability, or their pretty house, but they are also hoping to earn money through these YouTube videos. Now, people are being paid to make video content that sells. One example which is quotable is that students who almost cleared the IAS exams are now making YouTube videos for how to achieve success in the IAS exam review.

Their insight is valuable, the time and effort that they put in for the study are paying off for them. They can teach present aspirants the things that they consider essential from reviews, so they are making YouTube videos and training this year’s aspirants, and the coaching classes are paying them, and IAS coaching classes have absorbed this kind of talent

Having a niche website

This is the last brilliant idea for today. For instance, your expertise is biographies of famous celebs for which there would always be demand, so you make a website, and people start coming to your site in large numbers, then come ads, and you start making the ad maker to sell his goods or services to the people who are your blog audience then there is money in it for everyone. It is a real-life story, and even if the audience traffic falls and rises, you are still earning more than the time when you were in your job.


This digital moolah has been there since 2013. That is when leading newspapers first wrote an article on it, and today is 2019, and the world has further moved towards a digital life.

So, bye-bye old job, and hello digital marketing as a marketer in the digital domain.

It is not acceptable that someone works 10 hours, and spends 4 hours on the road thus spending 14 hours on the job. If a person sleeps 8 hours ideally, then he or she gets 2 hours left of the day. That has stopped making sense to many people. Therefore, a reasonable population is shifting towards digital marketing.

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