Home and Office Automation For Comfort and Best Working Environment.

What Is Home and Office Automation?

Home and office automation are modern technology; it simplifies work around home and office. You get a remote control for your home facilities such as drawing the curtains, opening your door and answering your phone.

Your life becomes easy and comfortable, and you get a smart home and a bright smart office. The ideology of home and office automation speaks more than better control over your home. You must give commands, but you cannot automate everything.

Most modern technology at your door at a very affordable price.

Less consumption of energy, you save energy and save money

High end security for you and for your loved ones

Earlier generations would think of it as some science fiction movie, and ultimate luxury but now automated homes and offices are very much possible and economically feasible.
The pubs, restaurants, hotels and commercial places need automated devices the most.

The pubs, restaurants, hotels and commercial places need automated devices the most. Automation does ambiance designing. This includes audio video, projectors, screens, acoustic of the place and recliners.

You could get all this done at your place and make your home a luxurious picnic for family and friends. Now people and inhabitants of a house can focus on themselves more and lesser on homes technologically. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Importance of Home and Office Automation.

home and office automation

Some purchase home and office automation to get peace of mind and comfort. When you wish to help people walk through hallways, then the lights have sensors which can enable that light as you walk.

When someone comes knocking at your door, your camera will click a picture of the person at the door, and you can see for yourself who is there at attendance. This is called a video door phone.

Smart locks unlock lights when the door opens, and you could do similar things with your home and office automation.

With home and office automation, you always know when something is going on inside your house. Plus, home and office automation take away minor irritants such as if you want to be double sure if you locked your channel gate.

Your home and office could also have secure Wi-Fi. There are few kinds of home automation, The needs for the same are how much you save, how safe your life and that of your loved ones is, how comfortable your life is, and how much you have control over the life of loved ones and your own life.

Who Needs A Home and Office Automation The Most?

According to the research, offices or commercial chambers need automation the most. Even all employees expect that their workplace is a smart place.

The employees do not need to submit slips manually, and that work is automated, you also need to share the file securely in offices, and that makes the process more visible in case of data, and thus you do not even step on compliance policies.

With office automation, you will never lose a file again; you will have library snapshots and histories. You also get facility management, and when an employee leaves then, you may want to revoke their access seamlessly, and that is what this office automation does.

You need office automation even when a business client comes visiting, and he would soon get access with the smartphone control system.

Some people believe that home and office automation is for the ones with disposable income, and that is far from the truth. People of all age groups can participate in running the household more smoothly. This makes for future homes.

Now, the apartments are custom made; now your home runs as a cohesive unit and which suit the household needs. These needs are custom built.

Now, the requirement is the same for one size, Color, and shape. Some gadgets might stand out from their surroundings and some blend in. These home systems make lives more comfortably.

Components of Automation.

The home automation comes up to a smart device, a hub, and a connected application. This is called domotics is the Latin meaning. You could also technologically connect pet feeders.  Switch on a lamp at your whim with remote control, these also make for a great gift such as a housewarming gift.

This is another component that forms a part of the home automation.

Smoke Alarm

home and office automation

You would need another gadget called the smoke alarm, you need to connect your Wi-Fi to it, and you will get a message on your phone, and the device can switch off the smoke.

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Smart Vacuum Cleaner

home and office automation

Next is a smart vacuum cleaner. It cleans your house if you are away. It also works on commands of smartphones and voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

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home and office automation

Then there is the home monitoring system called Notion. Now, you can monitor the house from anywhere. This is a gold mine for someone who travels a lot, and it could be abroad or India, but you can follow your whole house with this home automation component.

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Heating Control

The favorite home automation product that makes a home a happy home is heating control, and no fuss hot water 24*7.

Overall, the above gadget what it does is it avoids wastage of power, and you can control the devices from a long distance.

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Amazon Key

home and office automation

Finally, a home automation device that everyone should have is Amazon Key. This helps house maids enter your house when you are away, and clean up the house. This way, you can also give the key to the gardener who can water the plants.

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Office Automation Can Be Studied As Under –

Office automation is the use of IT to support the knowledge and to store consciousness as data instead of physical files. It increases office productivity. Plus, the same facilities that one uses at homes such as ventilation and air conditioning also play a role in the office.

In the early 2000s, there used to be timestamps and manual filling of time sheets, and now there is biometrics. There is nirvana, and now office automation is a different game altogether.

It is not just that you have dumped a lot of paper and you have gone paperless.

There has to be less manual labor, less possibility of human error, the processing time becomes lesser, you can foresee problems and solve them, you use data to solve problems, and you look beyond the emails that people are sending you.

Automation in the office means the software does not run your company, and what it does is only better the existing software.

Self-Watering Planter

Now your office can be mobile, and so are your office tools, one aesthetic automation device that you could use is the self-watering planter. It is suitable for busy offices,

Then there is the door bot. You could get a Wi-Fi doorbell with a night vision to allow visitors to come and visit you at any time.


Twine is the next office automation device. This ensures that small problems get addressed before they become big problems. These could be things such as leaks, floods, and open doors.


Then there is the thermostat. It learns the temperatures you like, and you want them. Also, there is the connect with the help of which you can blast music from your phone, and separate cubicles from your office. Hue lighting means lights that change color and mood and color and brightness.

There is a solar-powered rainbow maker. It only makes people happy.

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Posture Monitor

Then there is the posture monitor. This small device vibrates in your pocket whenever you start slouching in the chair, and that would be a great help when you do not wish to get a case of a bad backache.

This device would also count the number of steps you have taken in the day and the total distance that you have covered.

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A Mini USB Hub

A mini USB hub is suitable for the office and especially for those employees who do not like the mess of cable on the office table.

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Home and Office Automation Providers in India.

Avery Dennison is the company that makes a lot of offices and home automation stuff. Cello writing instruments private limited also makes these instruments, they sell technology with raw material,

Hewlett Packard India Sales is another such company.

Kangaroo Industries Limited furnishes the requisite international quality.

Kokuyo Ltd does automation too. This company has seen unprecedented growth and is a leading name in the making of home and office automation.

Methodex Systems Limited makes stuff for physical security, material which is resistant to fire, office furniture is also made by them, and they also make electronic security products.


The use of automation is continually evolving and improving. Adaption is getting better day by day. Soon, India would be one of the most developed nations. The main idea behind this is to raise the standard of living

By 2022, the homes and offices are automated. It shifts the paradigm of India from being developing to a developed nation. You can solve home problems with the home and office automation.

This brings us to the point that we look back at how office and home integration began. This started in the 1990s.

Thus, India is getting smarter and smarter. Now, 60% of homes are smart homes in India. Now, home automation is having a laptop and a computer. Home automation is a resource; It is a new growing field in science.

It has all software, hardware, and accessories. You get modern technology. When you get AV control, you get to switch music and movies to the rooms; options are limitless.

Then comes to climate control. With this, you save energy and save money. This too can be done right from your phone. Access control comes from home and office automation as well. You can open doors with just a Pin code or a facial recognition feature.

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