Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid – Gym Tips For Beginners

Most of us go to the gym for a workout so as to get a proper shape of the body. But if are going gym continuously without skipping any day and still you are not getting the result of it. Then it means you are doing mistakes while doing the workout. There are many Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid. to get desired results.

Many of the trainers in the gym will guide you about how to use the machine and what should be your diet for the whole day. This can be possible if the trainer in the gym has proper knowledge of it.

Otherwise, most of the trainers will never tell you what to do so that you can get proper shape and what you should avoid while doing the gym.

Here are a few mistakes that are mostly done while doing gym. If these mistakes are continued, it will injure you.

Here Are Some Workout Injuries and Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid

Knee pain

Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid - Gym Tips For Beginners

If you are facing pain or any discomfort around your knee cap than it can be a sign of patellofemoral syndrome or runner’s knee.

In this condition whenever you move your knee in a normal range of motion, your patella bone also moves which produces a sound like cracking or crunching which you can also able to hear.

Muscle imbalance can aggravate this condition, even doing vigorous exercise or repetition of exercise or lifting up of heavyweight or running or climbing hills produces severe damage to the knee joint.


Avoid the stress on the patellar bone by keep focusing on the exercise which will help to make stronger the hip joint and quadriceps. Avoid running and jumping as till produces more strain on the patellar bone. While lifting any weight keep the knee in the proper alignment so as to prevent the extension of the knee joint.

Wrist strain

Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid - Gym Tips For Beginners

The injury to the wrist joint occurs due to working out with too many pushups, or doing too many barbells curl with straight hands. This produces strain on the wrist joint and surrounding muscles which results in restricted movements of the wrist joint.


Try to pull smaller lifts among the greater ones as this will reduces the strain on the wrist joint and helps in strengthening the muscles of the wrist. Go with wrist rotation and kettlebell swings and clean as it helps in wrist rotation and extension.

Shin splints

Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid - Gym Tips For Beginners

If you feel pain in the inner edge of your shin bone which is also called tibia bone than it can be the sign of medial tibial stress syndrome which is also known as shin splints.

It occurs due to overstressed on the muscles in the front of the leg which is mostly due to running and jumping in excess. If you ignored the pain and keep on doing the workout than the condition can become worse.


For preventing this condition it is advised to wear proper shoes which are comfortable and which can help to increase the frequency and intensity of your running and jumping. Do warm-up before going to any hard session of your workout as it will improve the blood supply to the muscles of the leg for the hard work out.

Shoulder joint injury

The shoulder joint injury is also called as rotator cuff injury. Rotator muscles are those muscles (a group of four muscles) that help to stabilize and support the shoulder joint during the movement.

This injury occurs due to overstraining or excess movement of the shoulder joint takes place. With the increasing age, the condition can go to the degenerative stage.


For preventing try to maintain the posture which does not give too much strain the shoulder joint. Avoid repetition of the exercise which includes the repetitive movement of head and shoulder.

Don’t lift too heavyweight as it gives pressure on the shoulder joint. Select those exercise which is light weighted and less pressure on the rotator cuff muscles for the work.


If you are having low back pain that means you are giving more strain on your back especially on the muscles which surround the spine. You may feel like a twinge and pulling sensation on your back. This indicates a bad sign as it can be due to nerve compression or disc herniation.

Lifting too heavyweight with improper posture or doing squat improper is one of the biggest causes of having the low backache. Even twisting and side rotation may produce low backache.


Firstly correct your posture while doing any exercise so that it should not produce any strain on the spine and muscles around the spine. If you are lifting any weight make sure you are increasing the weight gradually. For getting the proper knowledge about the posture of any exercise, don’t hesitate to ask your gym trainer.

Ankle sprain

Gym Mistakes You Must Avoid - Gym Tips For Beginners

Ankle sprain also becomes a common injury happened during a workout, especially during running. This occurs due to twisting of ankle joint when the foot turns inwards which brings a tear in the ligaments of the ankle. This even can occur while running on a treadmill as it produces strain on the foot while running on the plain floor.


To prevent getting a sprain, do exercise of ankle flexibility and for the strengthening of the muscle’s lower leg and foot. If you are running on a treadmill then don’t regularly run on it, get on and off of the belt in between.

Through this article, you will able to know what you should avoid if you are doing gym and all the workout injuries with their prevention and treatment and lastly about the diet that what you should eat while doing gym.

Gym Mistakes You Can Avoid With These Simple Tips.

Learn Proper Use of the Machine

For getting in the shape, you are going to the gym and making your best effort at the gym by doing reps and sets in order to build your muscles so as you get in proper shape. But while doing the exercise you should know that whether the exercise you do is correct or not with the help of a machine. If you are doing wrong it will produce side effects on your body so make it sure that you are doing that exercise properly.

For a person in the gym, doing exercise with the dumbbells, barbells and doing lifts is good and if the machine is added to the workout it will give a new shape to the exercise.

So ask your gym trainer how to use the machine, get full knowledge, read instructions regarding the use, see the demo of the machine and also see the other people in the gym how to use that machine.

After getting the whole knowledge of it, use the machine. But before using the machine adjusts the dimension of the machine according to t your comfort zone.

Follow Strict Diet and Control Eating Habits

For that person who is going to the gym for weight loss, their diet chart is different from that person who is going to the gym for a building body or getting mass on their body.

So it is advised for the people who are going to the gym that eating a large meal should be done a few hours ago before going to the gym for a workout.

That meal should contain protein and plenty of carbohydrates. As carbohydrate provides energy to the body to perform the activities. For eating it should be at the right time and with proper proportion.

So avoid these foods and drinks if you are going to the gym:-

  • Flaxseeds
  • Protein bar sold in markets
  • Fast foods
  • Dairy products
  • Sugar
  • Spicy foods
  • Green bananas
  • Drinks include- Energy drinks, soda drink, isotonic drinks, and orange juice

Avoid repetition of the same exercise

You must get bored when you get the same meal daily. Same as with your body. Your body even gets bored when you do the same exercise daily and daily. Our body reminds every exercise we do.

So while starting with any exercise our body, our body understands what to do next. But it should be noted that doing any exercise again and again on repetition produces certain damages in the body that a person is still unaware of.

The next repetitions of any exercise make it very easier for the body to get used to it. And so it becomes no more challenging for the body to deal with it and your body will use less energy for it.

So it is advisable that mixes up your exercise told by your trainer so that you keep building the muscles and gets stronger.

If Repetition Is Required Then You Should Know How Much

If you want to get in the right shape you should know the right number of reps and sets. For example, if you want to be getting in shape and your aim is to lift five to ten times then you should not go with more than fifteen or twenty.

If you can’t lift more than six reps than it can be said that you are trying to lift more weight, and if you are doing reps more than ten times than it can be said that you are lifting less weight.

So it all depends upon what lift you actually doing that time. So it is an advice mix up your reps and sets during your gym time so as you will able to know how many repetitions can be done.

Don’t take long resting phase between exercise

It is quite important to take a rest in between your workout so as you can give rest to your body before starting with the next exercise. But make it sure that this resting phase should not be too long. Taking too much long rest produces harm to your body.

Taking too long break actually decreases your heart rate which in turn stops or decreases the refueling of your muscles in the body.

So take rest for at least one to two minutes in between your every set and this will helps to burn your calories and will make your body muscles stronger.

Your speed of workout (exercise)

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the gym to boost up your speed. So don’t go with the high speed of doing any exercise in the starting. It will take time to adjust your body for speeding up of the movements during the workout.

Here is some advice is given by the trainer to speed up with your workout:-

  • Firstly start with the wall drives
  • Next start performing heavy sled drags at least ten to fifteen yards
  • Develop isometric and eccentric hamstring muscle exercise for the strength
  • Use the machines in which your arm swings increases
  • Improves longer stride length to improve and make a powerful hip extension.

This will be told by your trainer in the beginning. This will also burn your calories and once you speed up with the workout you will then burn more calories and will build stronger muscles.

Proper Way to Hold the Treadmill

For the beginners, there may be a problem to know how to hold the treadmill while you want to run on it. Some people hold the treadmill from the side while few people hold it in front of the machine. This is not the correct position, as this can hurt you while running on the treadmill.

So it is the duties of a trainer to make it very clear how to use a treadmill while running. As during running you should not hold the machine, feel like you are running the street while running on a treadmill.

Get Adequate Nutritional Value

For those who are going to the gym, they should eat the food two hours before going to the gym. For building up the body they require quality carbohydrates, lean protein with healthy fat and a lot of fluid.

Carbohydrates include bread, rice, fruits, cereals, pasta, and vegetables for energy. Protein is required for building up muscles and tissues. Fat is required to protect the inner organs from getting injured.

The fluid is to replace the lost fluid as sweat occurs during a workout. It’s a good decision if you adopt to go to the gym so as remain healthy and in perfect shape. Today as the daily schedule has become so hectic that it becomes quite not possible for a working person to give time for them.

Final Words

While going to the gym it is important to spend quality time by doing a workout which is beneficial to the health rather than going to the gym and spending a lot of time without getting anything.

Ask your gym trainer if you think you are doing the wrong exercise. They will tell you and will the demo of how to use the machines and how to perform another workout which will be good and helpful to you.

Regular going to the gym will definitely help you to achieve the goal you want.

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