Google stadia revealed most awaited games in 2019

Google Stadia games are the vision for the future of gaming. Google has entered the gaming business with this act, and Google launched its games in San Francisco in 2019.

This is not a free game, though, and you will have to make payment through dollars. This is a game available on google only. There is a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding these games. This is an open-world experience, and there would never be heard of threats.

PC Configuration required for Google stadia games.

Google stadia revealed most awaited games in 2019

Windows 7, 8 and 10 system and high RAM needed, also you should have 500 MB space to play this game. The graphics you get are NVIDIA The processor you should have to be able to play this game is Intel 5+ processor. You may learn a new acrobatic skill or a new spell.

Now, you are ready to play the following games from google stadia.

Doom Eternal

Google has launched the first stadia game, and it is a first-person shooter game called Doom eternal. The resolution would be 4k. This 4k resolution is called the 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is the 4k world of Google stadia games.

The game is in HDR color and at 60 frames per second. This game takes us far from console gaming. This game was launched earlier this year. It is a surface level gaming experience, and you can play this game offline, and to unlock more games, you would be able to play all the downloaded games.

There are blood and demons in the game, and it is a gory game, and since it launched, it has won rave reviews.

This game won a lot of appreciation from the audience. This was also the game that the audience waited for. Doom eternal is a licensed game, and it is worth buying. It works on platforms such as Nintendo switch, MS Windows, Xbox, and PS 4.

The doomed campaign takes all of 12 hours approximately. This game is award-winning and is a combination of speed and power among players. The soundtrack that goes with the game is pretty compelling. It is a game full of vengeance against the forces of hell.

You get to experiment with weapons, and you get supernatural powers. This game falls under the genre which is first-person shooter games. This is the Doom eternal, and it talks of some skills that have attacked Earth, and it is Doom slayer who has to stop them. There will always be new weapons in the game. Doom eternal came out in 2019.


This is one of the Google Stadia’s games, which is an adventure game that was launched in 2017. It is a mystery game; use can pause and resume the game, which means that when you pause the game, your friends can restart the game from where it stopped.

This game has art and style. This is the story of the father whose son has died, and it takes 10 hours to complete. This is an adventure puzzle.

This game is full of mysterious puzzles, and you would incur costs. This game talks of a few characters of the game who have got trapped in a book, and they can only escape the book when you solve all the puzzles.

The game has excellent graphics, and the problems are designed well, there can be three different endings of the game, it is, and there would be no charges at all. This game brings in the sense of déjà vu.

There is a small child in the game, and a little fox accompanies him throughout the game, and both have been lost alone from a boat. This game is about emotions and would take you on an emotional roller coaster which we all experience at some point of time in other.

There are a lot of developmental costs.

NKA 2K 19

This is a basketball game. This works with the Google assistant. There are many challenges to the game, and this is available on the cloud gaming platform. There are 23 teams, and this is an exciting basketball game between two groups.

This is the most authentic sports game in the world. This is heights of the original graphics that a good video game should be and the servers shut down in 2018. This game also blurs the line between video games and reality.

This game has both commercial and critical success. This is an excellent sports theme game. Seventeen million people have played this game thus far. This game is a perfect description of basketball class and graphics.

Night Forest

This is a picture in a picture game, and you have to play the game from the perspective of another player, and thus this game could be an exciting play with friends. There are many gangs in this game.

This game is about self-actualization or drive and will and has a lot of violence. It is a fight and hides game. You also get complete player freedom. You should stay in a safe perimeter.

The enemies are all mutants. You can either play alone or maybe eight friends at one time. There is a quality player experience. There is a new PS4 version of this game which has been released. This is not a free game, and it is available for $20.

It is the concept of this game that you are visiting a friend, and you encounter many dangers along the way, and you’ll be so enraged that you would feel like breaking your computer screen. This is a simple yet addictive game, some puzzles are simple, and some would melt your mind.

You will also have to try boss levels. Get compete with friends using social media and receive new rewards, and the stickers are all pretty good. The content rating is more than 3. You will get in-app purchases starting from INR 10 to much more, but all affordable.

Cyberpunk 2077

This is a witch developer game. It is set up in the world of the future. This is a game built on Matrix. This is a role-playing video game. You get to play this game and achieve targets such as strength, constitution, intelligence, reflex, tech, and calm.

The background of this game is that you get a full day-night cycle and dynamic weather.  It is an adaptation of the pen and paper game. It is drugs, violence, and social politics, and this game is very compelling. This is a continuous multiplayer game, and the gamer is bound to have some intelligence, and that is what the game tests.

The animation is excellent. It feels like being in a movie. The back story is pretty good. Each character is well drawn out and has got a great appearance, and it is with tattoos and fabulous hairstyles. The game is science fiction.

It talks about a society that is dominated by computer science. It is mostly technology with aesthetic designs. There is a lot of character customization. This game would give you a vision of the future. Visuals are alike movie blade runner.

This game may go online and may have some online component. You can always pre-order the game on Amazon. You can either play as a male or a female when it comes to gaming.

Dead cells

This is a must-have game. This game has adrenaline pumping. With every death, there is a new path. There are secret rooms, and ever-changing landscapes, there are weapons and spells and much more. Overall, this is unique gameplay.

There will be new roads that lead to newer pastures. There would be a lot of messed up situations that would lead you to your goal. You will have to loot a lot. There will also be a lot of monsters. You will also have to dodge a lot of attacks.

The whole game is dark and twisted. Overall, the gameplay is for 48 minutes. The trailers are all out and coming out in more numbers every day. It is a story of many gangs vying for control over the land. There are a lot of tech upgrades. 

You will need to learn how to handle your weapons. This would give you an edge over the game. This would also give you as a gamer more competitive advantage. There is chaos throughout the game, and it can get very messy.

The game is in French and English. You can steal cells and become more powerful. You always get fresh skins to choose between. The game has a gothic feel. The pixel art of the game is terrific.

You get permanent upgrades, also win a lot of gold in the game and get to teleport. It is punishing and well worth your time. This is why this is called a cathartic action oriented game which would be loved by all.  The players interact nicely in the game and the entertainment value is very high, and you are bound to be enthralled.

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