Firefox Plugins for Safe and Fast Browsing.

Firefox had lost the race of browsers, but now Firefox is back with new add-ons or what is also called Plugins or extensions. Now, Firefox is looking promising for Fast and safe browsing. Know the best Firefox plugins for safe and fast browsing.

This latest and better version is being called Firefox Quantum. Firefox plugins for safe and fast browsing. Firefox browser extensions or Firefox browser apps in the web store make browsing even better and faster.

Many an entrepreneur is making a letter asking their fans and the general public to switch the Mozilla Firefox Browser. Now, Firefox is faster, safer and overall less complicated to manage.

Best Extensions for Firefox


Firefox plugins for safe and fast browsing.

The first such add-on is Privacy Badger. It blocks ads and other trackers making your browsing faster. It makes browsing more reliable without there being additional ads that make you spend on things you do not want.


Firefox plugins for safe and fast browsing.

Our second add on does pretty much the same thing. Here, blocking ads is not the default setting although preventing viruses and malware here is the default.

The friendly kind of ads is not stuck for instance when you want to see ads from websites from where your friends are shopping. So, Firefox says yes to shopping and no to snooping.

This add on is essential for the excellent browsing experience. It is called uBlock Origin. This particular malware and ad blocking system where frivolous sites get blocked and shopping sites do not get blocked makes for a lot of fun in the new shopping experience. It would become even more important in the times to come


The third add on is your read it later lists. Firefox gives added impetus to your read the next articles. Firefox thinks it is essential that you read your data then, and in an ad-free forum.

This add-on of Mozilla Firefox makes Mozilla better than the Google reader. This makes people believe in Mozilla Firefox again. This is Mozilla’s gift to all those who always used the browser, and who are celebrating the new extensions.

This comes to help for those who are onto a research paper kind of assignment, or for those who like to go to office meetings well prepared.


The next fourth add on is Video Download Helper. You can now watch your favorite videos offline without the need for copying URLs. It is no longer a pain to do simple things like downloading videos.


The fifth and the last add on an extension for your Firefox browser is your HTTPS everywhere. Do not know how many people know this, but your browsing is secure if the first word and URL begins with https:// so Firefox adds this URL beginner everywhere in every site that you use so that you are not venturing into the virus and unsafe zone on the internet. 

I hope these are good enough tips for Mozilla users. Hope you will enjoy a happy browsing experience. Old add-ons have a lot of power, but they are a thing of the past, and Mozilla Firefox has wholly revamped the experience with all the new add-ons and extensions and Plugins.

If you do not like these add-ons, then you are an odd one now because Mozilla is back to give stiff competition to the Chrome and other browsers. 

Please give a review of this article “Firefox plugins for safe and fast browsing”. Use these Firefox extensions and make the browsing even better and faster.

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