Download and Watch YouTube Videos Offline.

Can YouTube videos be watched offline? The answer is yes; you can download and watch youtube videos offline with YouTube premium subscription plans.

When you have spotty internet connectivity and need a medium of entertainment because you are in a metro train with nothing much to do, then comes the time to wonder if YouTube could be downloaded and watched offline.


This feature of YouTube offline download came about in 2014The option is available to Apple and Android users. To download the same videos offline, you could use mobile data or Wi-Fi. The feature supports ads, so when you wish to download a particular video.

You should sit through the advertisement before it, and then get to the video. Once you download the video offline, you could view it for the next 48 hours. There are two options: the free version to see videos offline, and the paid version.

Once you press the download button, the video would start to download, once done, a pop-up message that the video is ready for viewing would open.

Then after a few seconds, you’d see if you want to start the free trial period to download YouTube videos. The video downloads are free for one month, and later it costs $130.


youtube subscibe

You would also see family members as an option. YouTube says it is a valid family subscription if there are not more than five members in the family and who all live at the same address.

All accounts would continue to be personal in terms of library, subscriptions, and recommendations. In the family, the payment is up to $190 per month after one month of trial.

There is also a music premium where you can listen to music without any interruptions no matter if you have any internet or not. It does not matter if you are using YouTube on TV, or mobile or computer, YouTube offline works always.

The other feature is that your YouTube offline also works in the background if you are doing some other important work on the phone, the YouTube offline works even when your screen is locked.

Do remember that videos won’t show up on the gallery; videos would show up only in the YouTube app in the library. Let us look at two more software to download YouTube music offline.


Let us look at the two most used software to download YouTube music offline. You can store videos in the memory card or pen drive and play whenever you want.


This tool is the best tool for downloading and watching videos offline. It saves the video directly to the hard drive. This is a one of a kind tool, you need to be browsing videos, and suddenly if the downloader sees something where it can help.

The video which can be available to download will illuminate and get highlighted, seek your permission and download the video you are browsing, and which you may want to download.

The other things that this video downloader does are that it changes the video and audio formats into a file type that is suitable for both audio-video, and it also accumulates audio and video files together to make that one file to view later.


The second software for YouTube download is called Tube Mate. Tube Mate is an app but looks like a browser, you can browse files using this app, go to the page of the video you need, you’ll see a colored button on the top, mostly this button is green, click, and your download would start.

If you wish for a particular quality in your video such as you need it to be HD or 720 pixels then do select the type, but you need to know that extremely high-quality videos work only on new systems or excellent systems, now again, you do not need a different app to play the file, this app plays the music video itself.

 It is a very flexible app. It allows you to allocate speed to the download; you can assign a high speed to your download which would mean minor speed is going to other laptop functions that you are using on your laptop.

You can put many downloads together if your internet speed allows that. It is overall an excellent downloader for YouTube videos that you wish to view offline.


Now, you can enjoy your downloaded video on the phone when you are offline.  It is not necessary that you download videos from Wi-Fi; you can also download it from the data cellular pack. But, there are a few caveats which are that when you are offline, you cannot comment on or like the video, you can only do that when you are online.

You also cannot move data saved on the SD card to data in the phone. You should first make an SD card your default position to save a video, then start the download. Ending on a good note, it is also simple to load the whole playlist, and you can do that not only one by one but in one go. Please share and review this article”Download and watch youtube videos offline”.

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