Disruptive Technology for Business – What is Disruptive Technology and Its Benefits in Business Growth?

Disruptive technology for business growth turns an expensive product into a cheap one. This makes the product into a mainstream product. Disruptive technology takes away the cost and expense out of the equation and makes things cheaper. Let’s see How disruptive technology in business can help in business growth.

The theory came into existence and was termed as such by the man called Clay Christensen. This disruptive technology has been in use since 2016. This is the power of innovation.

The theory of disruption has been in existence since 2006, but the practical aspect came into use only in 2016. This is innovation-driven growth. This is a powerful way of thinking.

This idea is undoubtedly rock bottom, which comes into prices, and the method of disruptive technology is in existence known since a long decade ago.

Impact of Disruptive Technology on Business

Disruptive Technology for Business

This is undoubtedly a revolutionary idea. We talked about the Airbnb facility, and that has been a brilliant idea. Then this became a serious competitor for other brick and mortar hotels. This takes away the dangers of digitization.

This can be used in healthcare and pharmacy. An example of others would be a 5D printer. This makes for a 5D design space. This is majorly true for apparel as an instance. Drones are also the new technology that has taken shape in today’s time.

This is the scenario for when we talk about education. This leads us to automated machines that can take the danger out of human life.

The technology is changing. What this means as an example is that the technology is programmable and nonprogrammable robots.

Growth of Disruptive Technology in Business

Disruptive Technology for Business

This works well with, and there are a few more popular ones. This leads to a new market. This makes the product market agile, and it leads to a lot of growth.

This leads to more significant markets. This technology is a result of all leapfrogging market. This is because one is pushing boundaries, and this is because of adaptive planning. It is like breaking the rules and making new markets.

One needs to be open-minded. You should always know that with this technology, the gut feeling is right. This is intelligent automation, and there should be more of the use of artificial intelligence. This new technology is called Industry 4.0.

The market would keep growing. The market would grow until 2021. This leads to hybrid models, and there is a lot of potential in this technology.

How Has Your Life Been Influenced By the Disruptive Technologies?

Technological advancements in human life

With this technology, this market would be raised by robots mainly. If you were to think of a head transplant, even that would be cheaper. One can now donate organs that are vital to the body and which can mean a lot of benefit to everyone.

Even spinal cords are available for replacement. If you need sunscreen pills, then that too can be bought. The best part of this is the fact that even an illness like cancer can be beaten down.

The technology that markets use is Skype translator, and one can now chat in many languages at once. If one has heard of floating farms, then that too is made possible with the help of this technology.

This farm produces fish and food. This technology has been used even by the UN. This leads to a new market, and there is the value of that in the market.

This is not a low-end market, and all that results in are called the high-end market. It is not just a buzzword, and you will find a plethora of options.

This is a great marketing effort. This brings into action the whole new products and markets. Everything becomes better and cheaper. Everything becomes more affordable.

The whole thing is 22 times better. This works better for most of the consumers and not only expensive things are better is the theorem. It makes the person better and more curious.

Disruptive Technologies Business Models – Best Examples

Disruptive Technology for Business

1. Freelancing

This means that workers would be freelancers, and everyone would prefer to work from home.

This technology means there would be lesser labor costs, and the productivity would be improved, and the customers would all be better satisfied.

2. Freemium Business Model

Freemium technology model. This is a frequent business model. The consumers need to review a product, and they get the product. This way, you get a strong customer base.

One example would be LinkedIn. The next model is the subscription model, which means that you subscribe and get a paid membership of content such as Netflix.

Amazon is another example, and one should know that Amazon is the wealthiest company in the world, and hence, this model always works.

3. Free Offerings

Free offerings are the last business model, and this works in a way that you can call it the Google model. It gives you information about customers and makes you in the best league of sellers and vendors. The fourth model is a shared economy. This is such as car sharing.

4. Premium Model

User experience is the last, and that means brands such as Apple use this model. The best quality of this model is that users get an excellent experience, and you can easily exchange products with the help of this model and the brand charges premium products.

5. Pyramid model

You would have heard about the Pyramid model and which implies products with high margins in product prices. If you are an entrepreneur, then you should know that you need to create your ecosystem and the lock-in process is every businessman’s dream. You should always be aware of your ecosystem.

6. Demand Business Model

Finally, there is the on-demand business model. This is what Uber does. Innovations should be transparent, and you should know what works better than the rest.

This does not affect society but also the economy. This reaches citizens, and this leads to technological upgradations, and the work gets done faster, and this is how technologies such as blockchain and cloud computing work. This also decides which products enter the market.

The whole thing about the power sector seems to enchant people in business, and the revolution started with the coal revolution. This brings into light renewable resources.

The second phase of disruption is all technological innovations, decentralization of forces, digitalization, which leads to upgradations of all businesses, and the evolution of power market design.

Beyond the continuing lowering of renewable prices lies a tenet of disruptive technology.

Disruptive Technology and Its Benefits in Business Growth.

These include advances in saving battery, the oncoming of electric vehicles, new modes of power generation, and distribution.

Small scale technologies are also helpful, and it also leads to job creation, including livelihoods for low-income individuals.

At the present moment, women face significant gaps in access to technologies. For women to take advantage of disruptive technologies, a substantial digital divide occurs.

This helps one manage costs. This is high risk and high uncertainty. This business is always all or nothing, and even that has become a thing of the past.

The technology is moving at a breakneck pace. The skills are more advanced than ever. This technology is here to stay for better or for worse. Indeed, 37% of the people do not believe that disruption would hamper them at all.

1. Cost-Cutting

This is called cost-cutting and reducing, which goes into the working of the system. Soon enough, the robot sensors would be everywhere. This comes true in the form of robotics.

Two companies that come to mind, in this case, are Air BNB and this is the new form of collaborative commerce.

Airbnb means sharing rooms and similar are carpools, which means you can trust on companies like Uber. Now, there are even online cab accounts. This is called electronic Uber accounts.

All the significant innovations in the market have been disruptive. If we were to see this example in a government, then you can say how the monarchy comes disrupted by democracy.

2. Quotable Example to Provide Best Service

A quotable example would be that you can use augmented technology to make sure that car doors and seats become magical technology.

Another in vogue thing is a cryptocurrency. This is true in the case of banking and crowdfunding. But, this technology is not foolproof and may become a victim of its success.

It has its shortcomings. Similar is Netflix; this starts a whole culture. One person can buy a Netflix account and share it with four people, and that saves a lot of costs.

You should first make sure that you know the limits of your business model, and you should know about the financial evolution of how a disruptive technology which works in a calculated way

You do not need to do anything except embrace disruptive technology, and it is more than an innovation.

How business leaders see it is crucial, and that it considers. The best policy to go is to wait and watch. This idea means letting one remain flexible in times of distress. This aspect remains the truth in the case when, in today’s time, the brands need to shout louder.

Some of the most famous brands which are disruptive brands are – Tesla and a brand called Smarter.

This thing makes sure that the marketplace is continually evolving which thing in turns makes sure that new products and new technologies keep coming into the market.

This idea even makes things such as robots affordable and worth trying. These robots work in a way that human intelligence becomes indistinguishable from artificial intelligence.

3. Wikipedia – Ultimate Example of Disruptive Technology

Wikipedia – Ultimate example

You can also count Wikipedia as an example. One always wonders how is it possible that so many writers are there in the world that they can put together a complete internet encyclopedia for the internet.

This concept reflects and only affects the small group of people, though. This theorem, therefore, does not warrant enough attention.

This logic means that you get awareness, humility, and action, which are the cornerstones for a good business.

Do not think incremental when it comes to businesses, and one should be able to think big. It does not matter which business you are in, but you would need a focus on artificial intelligence.

This pathway would also showcase the best part of the system, which is a change from 4G to 5G.

Now, even a street truck can line up outside your home and start selling food which would mean that even this hotel is comparing itself to the car and that helps giving services to the poor and needy. This means a good change, but this is a slow change.

This theory means simplicity and accessibility. There is no status quo on the same. This is because the goods cannot be under-produced, and these are mass-produced.

This works exceptionally well with automobiles. This theory is basically to be called the replacement of horses, and the theorem applies completely.

4. Experimenting with Technology

Nothing is duplicated, and customers would always favor such markets. There is still room for experiments. You should know your industry for that, and the makers understand customer needs, and this is in sync with Google Trends.

One should be able to do what comes expected and also what is unexpected. One should always try and be relevant, and that is what every market force is and claims to be. It still works when one is humorous, and the markets are booming because of the fact.

Disruption leads to buzz, and that is why the people are all thinking about how to become a disruptor.

5. Sustainable cars

This leads us to the belief that what are the disruptive techniques. The best part of this is the fact that how to make cars fun? Now, you get more sustainable vehicles.

If you were to look at the motivation to exercise, then you can take the man out of less athletic people. To get into the disruptive market, one needs to make sure that they have done their research. This makes one get into the researcher’s shoes.

6. Ethics

You need to be transparent and good with your customers. You should have unique values and maintain a strict ethical code. The dominant platform would be mobile, and you should also realize that content is a currency.

This leads to user-generated content. Now we have narrowed down the point to the fact that disruptive technology means that better technology replaces old and existing technology.

7. Dissolving Business Rivalry

If you are wondering what happens to the small and short brick and mortar stores, then that is known as ending the rivals in the market and making good of the leftover technological advancements. This technology is the bedrock of success. This is the future of technologies.

That is the exciting thing about technologies and that they affect all aspects of society. This leads to product development; the way it happens is market development. The topics that are related are AI, conversational user interface, digital marketing, and IoT.

8. Help to Grow Low-end Markets

Disruptive businesses mean that those are the businesses that cater to the low-end market and the markets that have usually get ignored. Some people say that Uber is not disruptive, and Netflix is.

Netflix is an excellent example of disruptive markets, and digital photography has also been a disruptive technology in recent times, for instance, budding photographers.

Disruptive Technology for Business – This is the Technology of Tomorrow.

Disruptive Technology for Business - This is the Technology of Tomorrow.

That is why and how all industries can change their structure. You should be able to think over the market share of your company, the company’s growth strategy, and build relevant skills within your business.

You should be able to find new leaders for the company and extend your network and the way your company works. A great leader is the beacon of your company; it is an immersive experience for every company and its leaders.

This is called sustainable technology. This is called privacy-friendly data, and this protects your security, the best-known facet of this technology is a shared economy.

This leads to dynamic and dispersed markets. This works perfectly fine as long as you scale the market with many apps and services. There are three benchmarks to what a successful business is –

The first one is that when a buyer gets a good job done, then that gives him or her inner confidence.

This experience puts one on a pedestal, and the whole deal should be a relaxed affair, and the business grows in a way that complacency is gotten and that the company should be all that great.


This technology spurs growth. Thus the incumbents win all battles, and all parties share equal profits. There is this technology for the last two decades, and there has been old and new market disruptions.

You must wait for growth, and there is also high profitability. One must fight against nonconsummation. There has always been new growth. One must keep track of margins and profit. This is the whole business mapping process and how this leads to the betterment of society.    

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