Complete Cloud Computing Guide For Beginners.

Let’s learn about types of cloud computing with This Complete cloud computing guide for beginners. Cloud computing basics and cloud computing services will be explained in this article. We will see cloud computing terms with simple examples.

In today’s digitally-powered era, we often hear a lot of technical terms thrown around here and there. we’ll be discussing cloud computing, another term that internet users hear many times, this ultimate guide will help the reader to understand what it really means.

So let us dive into this topic, with the objective of gaining an adequate basic understanding of cloud computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Complete cloud computing guide for beginners

The term cloud computing has two words – ‘cloud’ and ‘computing’. The word cloud is actually referring to the internet. So cloud computing refers to Internet-based computing.

But what does ‘computing’ mean? The simple meaning of computing is any task performed or service provided by a computer. In a broad sense, you could consider anything you do use a computer as a computing service. And when certain computing services are delivered through the internet, it is called cloud computing.

To perform more complicated tasks, it needs to have better hardware and software. If we look at large scale tasks like hosting a website for millions of internet users, then one computer will not even be enough.

This means that there is a limit to what a computer or a group of computers can do, and this limit is due to the hardware and software requirements.

Businesses and organizations in the past would face problems because of these limitations of a computer system. For example, to host their services online, they would need to set up servers. The more online traffic they gained, the more servers would need to be acquired which was expensive. Another problem was with database and storage.

As businesses grew, their database would also grow and they would have to get more storage devices to manage their database. The fact that computing services were dependent on hardware and software became a problem for companies.

How Cloud Computing Works?

A complete cloud computing guide for beginners explains the way cloud computing works are that one party (called the cloud provider). They will set up all the hardware required to perform certain large scale complicated computing tasks. They will then let other individuals and organizations connect to their system through the internet and access their computing power.

Thus, by connecting to the cloud provider’s system through the internet, it becomes possible to perform high-level computing services without meeting the hardware or software requirements.

So we can define cloud computing as the sharing of computing services such as servers, storage, database, network and analytics over the internet. We will look at a few computing services the most common ones below.


Complete cloud computing guide for beginners

A server is a computer or system that provides different services and functionalities to other computers and systems. Depending on the functionality they provide, there are different types of servers. Web servers contain websites and other data, and they distribute it to users over the internet.

Storage servers store data and information and make it accessible to any other system connected to them. And there are more such as game servers or application servers. Almost every business nowadays needs servers, and they will need more servers as they grow and tend to more customers.

But companies face some problems when they set up their own servers. If a company’s website gets more visitors than its web servers can handle, then the website will face downtime. However, setting up many servers means that when online traffic is low, most servers will be idle.

The server has to be continuously maintained fluctuating internet traffic accordingly. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process for companies.

With cloud computing, it becomes much easier. Instead of managing their own servers, companies now hire servers from cloud providers. They are then charged for the servers depending upon the usage and it saves both time and money for businesses.

When traffic flow increases, the cloud providers will deploy more servers, and when there is less traffic, they will turn off the idle servers. Instead of each company having its own server room with hundreds of computers and wires, now they all connect to one single server system of the cloud provider.


Complete cloud computing guide for beginners

Cloud computing provides another important service that is accessible. Most of us must already be familiar with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

They provide storage space for users over the internet, and the stored information can be accessed from anywhere using any device as long as there is an internet connection. Cloud storage can provide a large amount of storage space without having to buy any storage device or hardware.


Due to cloud computing, it becomes possible to access much software without having to install them on our computers. For example, we can create a Word document using Google docs without installing Microsoft Office on a computer. Just an internet connection is needed. We can stream media online without having a media player installed on our computer.

The software is actually installed and stored in the system of the cloud provider, and users access it by connecting to their system. It is also applicable for many games, which are played online without having to download or install them.

So cloud computing is a technology that makes it possible to share, deliver and receive these types of computing services through the internet.

Service Models of Cloud Computing

In the Complete cloud computing guide for beginners, we will learn different ways a cloud service distributed to clients, and they are known as cloud computing models. Let’s see two categories of cloud computing models.


Service models are the different types of service that a client can receive from their cloud provider. Here we are going to see three main service models used for cloud computing.


In this model, the cloud provider gives the client access to certain software or application. The client can use the software anytime, from anywhere, using any device as long as there is an internet connection. However, they do not get any control over the software or the infrastructure involved in running the software.

Facebook and YouTube are examples of Software as a Service model. We, the clients, can access these applications from any device with the internet but we can only use these applications and have no other control over it.


Here, the cloud provider provides a platform for its clients to develop and upload their own applications. The tools required to create the application will also be supplied by the cloud provider.

The clients will not have any control over the infrastructure and hardware involved, such as the servers and operating system. This model is most commonly used by individuals and organizations who wish to build their own software or application but lack the necessary hardware for it.


This is a service model where the cloud provider will provide an entire virtual machine to their clients. The clients get control over the infrastructure, meaning they can choose the operating system, servers, etc. as per their requirement.

It is a model that is commonly used by large businesses and organizations, as they can gain access to virtual computing resources without having to buy the required hardware themselves.


There are three types of deployment models.


A private cloud is only accessible to a selected group of clients. These clients can access the cloud from any place at any time, but others are not given permission to connect to the cloud. Private clouds are mostly used by organizations.


As the name suggests, a public cloud offers its services to the general public and is usually free of charge. Cloud storage services and email services are some examples of the use of the public cloud.


The hybrid cloud is a type of model that functions both as a public and private cloud. Most organizations have certain information that they wish to share with the public and other data that is circulated only within the organization. Such organizations mostly deploy a hybrid cloud model.

The Importance of Cloud Computing

In a Complete cloud computing guide for beginners, we will see how almost every large scale service on the internet is through cloud computing these days. Social media sites, Google, businesses, and institutions are all using cloud computing technology in one way or the other.

It is evident from this that cloud computing has become an integral part of the internet. There are some great advantages of cloud computing that has made it so popular and widely used in the digital world.


First, it removes the dependency on hardware and software. Instead of buying a hundred computers, one can use cloud services to access the computing power of a hundred computers. Similarly, rather than installing software, it can be accessed online. This is the main benefit of cloud computing.


Payment is based on usage for services. Also, there is no need to bear the cost of maintaining the hardware and infrastructure.

It also helps the business to save time, space and effort. There is no need to make space for the hardware, neither the need to spend time and resources on maintaining the servers and system.


And lastly, cloud computing provides flexibility and scalability to businesses. When there is a demand for more advanced services or more hardware, the cloud provider will increase the supply as per the demand.

The services are deployed as per the requirement, it can be increased and decreased as much as the client wants.

It is also an incredibly flexible service, as it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with a basic device that supports internet connection.


The applications of cloud computing are more prominent in the business world as compared to general consumers. One can only use social media sites, certain online software, applications, gaming, and storage.

On the other hand, for companies and businesses, it has become more of a necessity. Larger organizations that have many branches in various locations even maintain their own cloud servers instead of accessing it from another cloud provider.

All in all, cloud computing is one of the most useful and important technologies in the modern world. And with continuous technological advancements, the cloud services are also improving with time.

One thing is for certain, that this wonderful technology has definitely made it much cheaper and efficient to share data, information, computing services and resources over the internet.

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