Best Safety Apps for Women.

Even though we have conquered most advanced technological achievements, we became the most intelligent species in the galaxy but must admit that we are failed to secure our mother, sister, and daughters. This 10 app may help them to fight against those bad situations to come out safe and secure. With these safety apps, women can feel safe.

Safety Apps for women.

  • B-SAFE
  • SOS
  • SMART24X7

Women’s are the beautiful creation of God. We cannot explain women in one word. Since the ancient time women’s played role in every activity, whether it is of love, caring, sacrifice or it’s a war. They played well. Now in the 21st century also women’s has played their role very well.

But their safety is always at risk since the time they are born, not in the present time but since the ancient time. They have to face a lot of violence, harassment, and underestimation, which has created a bad environment for them in which they did not feel safe.

Women Safety Is Our Responsibility.

With these safety apps women can feel safe

Today our country is well developed and is a democratic country where every person has the right to make decisions. But when it comes to women, most of the people still become orthodox. This happens because of the safety issue of women. With these safety apps, women can feel safe.

Now crime has reached this level where the women don’t feel safe to come out of their house, which results as restrictions against their dreams.

If women still dare to fulfill their dreams, their confidence level is so much down which creates a kind fear in the back of their mind of being harassed, kidnapped, raped and many more.

In metro cities, the crime level has reached a maximum where women remain out for a long time either for work or outing with their friends, a kind of fear remains in their mind due to which they don’t even trust a genuine person who is there for her help.

Most of the women travel late at night, for which they have to remain alert and safe. Today the government has also taken many steps for their safety.  One of the steps for their safety is safety apps for their smartphones. Today every woman carry mobiles with them, so for their safety, they should have at least one of the safety app installed.

Here is the list of some safety apps for women:-


My Safetipin is a personal safety app. This app will help you make a safer decision, which is based on the safer score of a location. For working on this app, the app should run in the background, it will check the location which you have entered that whether it is safe or unsafe for you.

If you entered the location as unsafe then you will get an alert to choose the person in your contacts to track your location. It also works as a family locator. This app after download will need permission to on your GPS location, as it works on GPS.

From this app, you can choose another safest alternate route one by one so that you can reach your destination safely.

This app even calculates the safest score based on nine parameters of the place especially at night to know whether that public place is safe or not for you. These parameters are:-

  • Lightening
  • Visibility, whether other people can see you or not
  • Diversity, the presence of other women’s and children around you
  • How much crowded that place is
  • Public transport near to you
  • Walk path is proper for you or not
  • Security, the presence of security place or police station nearby area
  • The openness of that area
  • How much safe you can feel in that area


In today’s generation due to an increase in crime, people are continuously worried about our daughters and children when they are out of their house.

It always comes in mind whether they are in a safe zone or not if they are in any trouble how you can reach to them.

This app will solve your problem. By downloading this app you can easily check the exact location your daughter or child. This app requires the GPS to remain on in your mobile as this app has a GPS tracking device.

If someone has clicked on the button “Are you in trouble?”, then the messages will go on the registered mobile number which you have entered with your current location.


This app is considered as the best app. It is fastest and very easy to operate and let your closed one know whether you are safe or unsafe. Once it is downloaded it will send an update about your current location and other detail to the contact you have saved.

To operate this app, you just have to tap a button and this app will send an e-mail to pre-configured e-mail ID(s) with your location and a link on a Google map.

Along with this, the app also captures your two current photos, one from front camera and other from the back camera of your mobile with a video or audio clip and upload it in their server, then this link will be sent to the pre-configured e-mail ID(s).

Along with this, the app also captures your two current photos, one from front camera and other from the back camera of your mobile with a video or audio clip and upload it in their server, then this link will be sent to the preconfigured e-mail ID(s).

One more feature is present in this app which differentiates it from other is that- there is a presence of three colored buttons in this app with different configuration based on the seriousness of the situation, green for update your status with closed ones, orange for sending message stay cautions and red for danger.


This app has a feature of a voice alarm activation, live streaming and automatically audio and video recording. The unique feature of this app is that you don’t need to press any button in an open app.

It works on your voice; you can activate SOS button of this app by your voice, no matter whether you’re mobile is placed in your handbag, pocket or purse. This app will send an audio alarm to your family and friends with your current location.

With the feature of live streaming, they can even see the life what is happening there; this audio and video will be recorded and sent to you and your guardian immediately. If anyone destroys your mobile, don’t worry as the data will remain to save.

One more feature is present in the app is Follow Me, in which you can ask you’re your friend to follow you and help you to reach home via the mobile map.


The unique feature of this app is that you don’t need to touch the screen of your mobile to open this app. This app gets started by holding the volume button present on the side of your mobile in an emergency situation and this app will do its work on its own. The feature of this app is:-

  • It will collect the information of the person in distress and will send messages and e-mail to the three numbers which you have chosen while registering in the app.
  • If the message did not receive than this app will automatically call the primary number.
  • This process will be repeated every five minutes until you did not stop it manually.

This app will collect all the information like your current location, photos taken from both primary and secondary cameras and a voice record of about 15 seconds and send it to your family and friends in case of an emergency.


This app provides safety to not only women’s but also to the senior citizens. This app can be used by people who are stuck in any kind of emergency.  This SOS App also provides emergency response in case of a medical emergency with a network of about more than hundred of ambulances, trained rescue squad, and On-ground personnel.

To activate this app you have to tap on the SOS button on this app, which will then activate the emergency response team to help you in their best way. In this app, there are two SOS emergency response buttons.

  • SOS safety button. By taping on this button, an alert message will be sent to your friends, family, even to the government agencies with live location and trained squads and personnel that you are unsafe.
  • Watch Over Me button. By taping on this button, if you are in an unsafe situation the emergency team will keep their eye on you by tracking you till you reach your destination safely.


Through this app, you can send text messages, pictures with a live location, audio and video in an emergency situation just by shaking your phone or by pressing the power button of your mobile four times.

This app works even when your mobile phone screen is locked, when there is no internet facility, no registration is required and no root is required. For working on this app you have to set your primary emergency contact by pressing + red sign in the app.

You can choose any option either call or text while in an emergency situation. In this app, you can send a text to multiple contacts, but the call will be done only on primary contact which you can select.

You can use this app in any emergency situations like robbery, natural calamity, accident, harassment, terrorist attacks, airplane mishap, domestic violence, natural disasters, etc.

The sensitivity of this app is very high and is in reverse order in number. It means when it is shaken in less number like five, the sensitivity is very high means it is an emergency and shaken in more number the sensitivity decreases accordingly. 


This app can be used for personal and business alerts in case of an emergency. For using this app, you have to keep on your GPS location, For using this app in the emergency situation you has to press the PANIC button on the app. Key features for this app are:-

  • If in case there is no internet connectivity to send your location through GRPS than this app will automatically send texts message to the contact you want.
  • This app can be used in emergency situations like fire, hospitals, or to call in the nearest police station.
  • You can even do a fake call when you are in any difficult situation.
  • This app also has a feature of voice recording, photography of an emergency situation and sends it to the nearest police station for help.
  • Through this app, you can get 24×7 emergency help.
  • Chatting option is also present.
  • You can also track the ambulance, fire and police van in case of an emergency.


This app comes with the features of WRU, Geo-Fence, Locked Screen info, etc. to increase the best possible way for your safety. This app sends a single action alert maximum time to your family in case of an emergency. The features of this app are:-

  • The active alert generation which can be used with an open app or with power button when the mobile screen is locked.
  • WRU will check and send your location.
  • Geo-Fence will generate a single location and automatically generate an alert.
  • A locked screen will display contact numbers.
  • ProActive alert
  • Guardian management to send text, e-mail, and updated location.
  • Audio, video capturing.
  • Reverse pin facility to send an emergency text to your guardian if forced to enter pin numbers.


This app can be used in two situations which are- life-threatening emergencies or some personal emergency situations.

During an emergency you have to press the distress button and send SOS calls to the persons on which you can trust, they receive it as alarm accompanied with a siren.

When they open the alarm you will be notified. This alarm contains all the regarding details during an emergency with your location.

There are also other apps which helps you in case of an emergency. You can use those apps which you can operate it easily without much interruption. The most important thing among all is this is only safety.

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