Best Educational Robots For Kids in 2021

Educational Robots or Robotics (RE) is a comprehensive term that refers to a collection of activities, classroom curriculum, physical stands, educational resources, and philosophy related educational settings. As, well as, several schools use the robot as a teacher. (Tselegkaridis, 2021). This article is going to present the best educational robots for kids in 2021.

Similarly, RE is a learning medium that is attended by people who are motivated by the design and construction of their creations. (Tselegkaridis, 2021) So, the purpose of educational robotics is to harness the student’s desire to interact with a robot to favor cognitive processes.

This article is going to present the “Best Educational Robots For Kids in 2021”, here are details of those:

Fisher-Price Mouvi the Interactive Robot

The first robot toy we selected is the Fisher-Price Mouvi interactive learning robot. Which is aimed at children aged 3 and over.

In fact, it includes no less than 6 games in 3 learning and movement modes. Three buttons placed on the robot‘s stomach symbolize the game modes: games on the alphabet, on shapes, and games and learning.

It thus improves the ability to think, gross motor skills, but also language acquisition. Therefore, this interactive robot will amuse the little ones while being a perfect educational tool thanks to preschool learning.

It has great fun Alpha actions for children 3-6 years old, so they can learn and practice the alphabet.

Likewise, It also offers to play with “Think and Move” shapes using simple instructions to follow: the child answers simple questions asked by the robot while moving. (Haddad et al., 2021)

Motorized educational and connected robot

The educational and connected robot UBTECH explorer contains seven (7) servomotors and is composed of 372 parts.

It can build up to 5 shapes of programmable robots and animals such as the penguin, the T-Rex, or the parrot.

It is supplied with a control box, a battery, and a charger to be connected to the mains.

This game is both educational and fun. It is aimed at children over 8 years old and allows them to develop a sense of logic. (Haddad et al., 2021)

Robot Cosmo by Anki: for over 8 years

The Cosmo robot toy from Anki is aimed at over 8 years old. Even adults can have fun and learn programming and coding with this toy, which will become a real playmate.

It comes with 3 interactive Power Cubes and a charger. This robot is endowed with amazing artificial intelligence.

Which allows him to express himself perfectly and to change his expressions according to his emotions.

Accordingly, from curiosity to joy to a sulky expression, he can easily change his mood. In addition, he knows how to recognize the user and call him by his first name: it suffices to interact with him for his personality to evolve. (Haddad et al., 2021)

Boxer Robot

The Boxer interactive robot is a real concentrate of technology, which will give children a good, fun time. It moves with four wheels following the user’s hand gestures using sensors and reacts to touch.

Thus, it can also be remote controlled and perform many movements such as pitching up on its rear or front wheels.

It works by scanning game cards just like 10 cards are supplied with the toy: football, bowling, DJ, slingshot, etc. To unlock more games, just install the free Boxer application.

It recharges via a USB port. Other peripherals included remote control, a USB cable, and an interactive ball. (Lombello, 2021)

BeeBot robot

BeeBot robot has been designed to introduce children to programming from kindergarten to elementary school.

This robot is a new educational tool for school teachers. It helps school teachers to teach children the logic of coding in a fun way. Using the buttons on the back of the robot, the child accompanied by the teacher will be able to formulate and order information.

This educational robot is a multipurpose robot. It is best to grouping objects, learning numbers, the alphabet, and then reading. (Lombello, 2021)

Ozobot Bit Single White Robot

The Ozobot Robot is one of the smallest programmable robots in the world while being very powerful, Intelligent, he uses optical programming.

He reads the colors which are codes for him and translates them into action (turning, slowing down, going straight ahead).

Ozobot is easy to use, all you need is paper and colored markers or a tablet.

Ozobot is an educational tool for teaching children from primary to middle school classes to programming in a fun way. (Amo et al., 2021)

Thymio II Wireless Robot

It is an educational robot that introduces children in cycles 2 and 3 (CP to CM2 and 6) to programming.

The “Thymio II” is pre-programmed for six behaviors. For example, friendly behavior, so the robot follows the hand or an object, exploratory behavior as avoids obstacles.

It is also programmable thanks to Saeb with 3 types of programming, visual and textual: the VPL, the Blackly, and the Studio.

Equipped with multiple sensors such as infrared, proximity, temperature, microphone, accelerometer with 3 axis, line tracking ground sensor in order to execute the programs established by the children. (Lopez, 2021)


EZ-Robot is a humanoid educational robot, suitable for all school levels from elementary to university.

Both fun and educational, the robot has 16 motorized joints to walk, dance, and do whatever you teach it! Equipped with a camera on the head.

This robot offers visual recognition to track color, movement. (Amo et al., 2021)

MBot robot

The MBot is a buildable educational robot. Students can learn electronics, robotics, and programming in cycles 3 and 4 like from elementary to college.

The programming language used is MBLOCK inspired by Scratch 2.0. It can detect obstacles, follow a line, emit sounds and light signals, receive commands from a remote control, communicate by an infrared channel with another robot. Learning is fun here. (Lombello, 2021)

Photon educational robot EDU

The Photon EDU robot is the world’s first interactive learning robot that develops together with the child. Photon is very accessible and therefore suitable for all ages from 5 to 99 years. (Amo et al., 2021)

Additionally, get to know photon; an interactive educational robot for school and at home that gives children access to the world of new technologies.

Photon is the first robot that accompanies children in their development, it stimulates creativity, improves logical thinking, and teaches children the basics of programming. (Amo et al., 2021)

Final Words

So, in conclusion, robotic technology is getting better and better and it is replacing the human presence, especially for the field of education and learning process of children, these robots are very handy.

Likewise, life is so much fast, parents are unable to provide learning opportunities to their kids, thus why, these “Best Educational Robots For Kids in 2021 are becoming their teacher, their learning opportunities as well as the best source of helping in the education field. (Yamashita, 2020)

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