Best Educational Robot Toys for Kids in 2020.

There’s a huge variety of kids Educational Robot Toys in 2020 to buy online. That means you might find it challenging to find one that your kid will love. So, if you’re having a difficult time looking for a good robot for your kid, this article will help ease the process. 

Below, we have listed for you the top 10 best Educational Robot Toys for kids. From this list, you can comfortably choose one that will make your kid happy the most. 

Best Educational Robot Toys for Kids in 2020.

1. R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid 

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid is one of the best Educational Robot Toys, particularly for Star Wars fanatics. Your kid will surely love this robot as it comes with an incorporated speaker as well as LEDs, making it look stylish and fun. 

Your kid can download the Sphero Edu application and utilize character-specific commands in programming this robot to perform various STEM activities. 

Automatic movement including from bipod, tripod and wadding makes this robot amazing. At the same time, the animations in the application show of its personality. 

Additionally, your kid can watch the Star Wars videos together with this small droid and see it react. Seamless function control helps this robot to play on any surface.

Your kid will have great fun and enjoy excellent educational skills as he learns how to program it.  We have some more interesting educational robot toys on our list let’s see further.

Key Features

● It Comes with smartphone connectivity

● It is Both intelligent and educational.

● Very suitable for children aged eight years and above.

● Batteries Require.

● Voice and gesture control not available.

● Brilliant movement on any surface

2. WeDraw Educational Robots 

Next in our list of Educational Robot Toys for Kids in 2020. We have WeDraw Robot. WeDraw Robot will help to keep your kid engaged while you’re doing other tasks and teach them preparing for school. It’s an advanced Educational Robot Toy that lets kids develop their art abilities.

At the same time, your kid can learn how to draw. The robot comes with drawing cards that teach your kid how to draw a picture stepwise. It’s able to simplify an image and makes it easy for the kid to copy while he learns quickly. 

This robot also features math cards, which will teach your kid necessary numbers, including subtraction and addition. The English cards will also teach and enhances the writing skills and pronunciation of English words and letters.

You’ll really love this robot because it’s easy to use, fun and very educational. It makes subjects like Math, Art, and English very easy and engaging for your kids. This Educational Robot Toy can help your kids to prepare for school. 

Key Features

● Smartphone connectivity not enabled

● Very fun and educational

● Learn Math, Art, and English

● Batteries Require.

● It’s not intelligent.

● Suitable for kids aged one year and above

● No voice and gesture control

3. IHBUDS Toy Robot

The IHBUDS toy robot is an intelligent and fun robot that can move forward and backwards, clockwise and anti-clockwise and speak recorded messages. Additionally, it can teach your kid useful technology skills.

It’s one of the best robots for kids as it’s utterly user-friendly. For example, with a comfortable touch at its top will trigger particular actions. Your kid can also control this robot using voice commands as well as handclaps.

If your kid is aged three years or above, he will find this robot very useful. Your kid will be able to pre-program music tracks and have the robot sing or dance to them.

This robot features an attachable tray that delivers drinks, snacks as well as other items. What’s more, your kid will be happy to learn valuable savings skills thanks to the inbuilt coin bank.

The robot has slop on its head where he can deposit and save coins and later withdraw them from the latched drawer. Lastly, the robot is durable and beautifully made with many useful features.  

Key Features

● Batteries Require.

● No smartphone connectivity

● Not intelligent but it’s educational

● Comes with voice and gesture control

● Inbuilt coin bank

● can deliver snacks and drinks 

4. Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo can be an excellent robot for your kid. It’s equipped with both fun and educational features. Your kid can challenge this robot to games or utilize the Explorer Mode in seeing things from their perspective.

Additionally, if your kid is just beginning to interact with robots, the Cozmo will suit them. That’s because this robot features a very friendly user interfacing that

even helps to teach coding. What’s more, this robot comes with some charming personality. The robot can express several emotions. It can also recognize you. Your kid will be happy with this robot, as it can even remember his name. 

Anki Cozmo is most kids’ best friend. It can challenge your kid to games such as Keep away, Quick Tap, or Memory Match. It’s developed to help your kid’s skills grow. Additionally, Cozmo features a Code Lab. That helps kids come up with complex projects.

They can learn to create Cozmo sing or sneeze. This robot will help your kid to learn coding with three game levels. 

Key Features

● Supports smartphone connectivity

● Intelligent features.

● Educational – useful for teaching coding

● Suitable for kids aged eight and above

● Batteries Require. 

● can express more than 100 emotions

5. Sikaye RC Robot 

Sikaye RC Robot is another robot for kids that you’ll not resist. It’s an amazing toy that will offer a lot of fun and interaction with your kids. This educational robot toy robot is seriously energetic, funny, and is going to keep your kid engaged for hours. It can sing, interact, and slide, walk, and dance thanks

to the gesture sensing control feature. Additionally, this robot can do up to fifty actions. All you’ll need to do is program it to repeat various movements. 

What’s more, the robot is useful for teaching your kids fundamental astronomy facts. It comes with 28 easy words to make sure it’s not only fun but also very educational. Sikaye RC Robot features four types of robot languages and a selection of songs. It’s effortless to charge.

Your kid will use it right from the box, and its battery can last up to 90 minutes. 

Key Features

● Smartphone connectivity enabled

● Educational and intelligent

● Suitable for kids aged six and above

● Long-lasting battery

● Best for teaching children basic astronomy

● Batteries Require.

6. Miposaur Robot Toy 

Miposaur Robot Toy comes with a unique double wheel balancing as well as a hand gesture sensor. It’s an amazing and smart Educational Robot Toy that leans together with your kid enabling a progressive play.

The robot reacts to hand swipes and includes three different moods, that it, curious, excited, and annoyed. It’s a favorite robot toy for many since it features a real personality. Additionally, it demonstrates different reactions to commands, which, of course, depend on which mood. 

What’s more, this robot has a Beacon Sense integrated trackball, which used tracking and following around. This trackball can make the robot play or take it for a walk if your kid wants to. All you’ll need to do is to download the free application. 

And one more thing, you will find this robot very funny. It can dance to different songs in the music library and keep the kid very engaged. 

Key Features

● Features smartphone connectivity

● Intelligent but not educational

● Good for kids of 8 years of age and above

● Batteries Require.

● Available – Voice and gesture control

● Features a trackball

● comes in three different moods  

7. Chippies Robot Toy Dog from WowWee 

Chipper, the Robot Dog, is a great robot that your kid will thank you for it. This robot will be your kid’s best friend. It is always ready to play and will make your kid laugh. 

The robot comes with different reactions to your kid petting its head, including barks, sneeze, and even kisses. Additionally, your kid can use the matching remote control to make the robot toy dance, chase its tail, sing, or roll. 

And the best part is that the robot can help in guarding your kid’s room against any intruder with its sensors.

What’s more, this robot comes with bright LEDs, hind legs, and an inbuilt speaker. It’s a great robot toy with more energy than your kid. 

You’ll like the fact that is can move easily on any surface and that it’s found in different colors for you to choose from.  

Key Features

● No smartphone connectivity

● Batteries Require.

● Features voice and gesture control

● Suitable for children aged four years and above

● Intelligent but not educational

● Available in three different colors

● Different reactions

8. Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot 

Last but not least, Educational Insight Design & Drill Robot is another fantastic robot for kids. This robot teaches kids fine skills, which can help them at school. At the same time, the robot helps to keep kids engaged and having fun. 

Your kid can snap the robot’s arms together and practice drilling multicolour bolts with the screwdriver included in the package. 

Additionally, this robot comes with swivelling head, upper body, and arms making it both interactive and fun. On top of that, it has 15 multicolour bolds as well as decorative stickers. 

It’s a great robot that will teach your kid a variety of skills, such as construction, fine motor, and creativity. And the best part, the robot suits both girls and boys. You can find it either in pink or green and matching cute stickers.  

Key Features

● Educational robot – teaching excellent motor skills

● Voice and gesture control feature

● Smartphone connectivity enabled

● Suitable for kids aged three and above

● Available in pink and green colors

9. Botley the Coding Robot

Botley, the Coding Robot, is another wonderful Educational Robot Toy for kids. It’s a pretty, educational, and very playful. 

This robot will teach your kid some necessary STEM skills. Playing with this robot is very engaging and fun. It can show your kid coding with screen-free play, which will assist in developing the kid’s critical thinking as well as problem-solving. 

The top-rated robot is fitted with a selection of coding games that help in developing the creativity and technical skills of your kid. All the kid will require having us a remote programmer to transmit the commands and send it rolling. It has a smart logic allowing it to detect objects close to it and avoid them.

Additionally, it includes removable robot arms, six double-sided tiles, 40 coding cards, smarter guide, and 27 obstacle building units. It’s a great toy that any kid will love! 

Key Features

● No smartphone connectivity

● Intelligent and educational

● Suitable for kids aged five years and above

● No voice and gesture control

● Batteries Require.

● Screen-free play

● Able to detect objects

● Features a remote programmer 

10. Wonder Workshop Dash 

The Wonder Workshop Dash is also a nice robot that your kid will be happy to own. Your kid will be able to give voice commands to this robot, explore events, loops, sequences, and conditions with the five free applications.

This robot provides an excellent platform for your kid to learn to code. This is the one of the best educational robot toys in our list.

Moreover, the Educational Robot Toy features Wonder League, which is a supportive community to allow kids to interact and share ideas. Also, there’s a wide range of competitions, Building block connectors, and Sketch Kit to assist in developing the skills of your kid. 

Fun and education, this robot will guarantee you both. It’s being utilized in classrooms in many parts of the world. However, it can also be a great source of fun for your kid at home. Unlike most other robots, the Dash comes with a durable and long-lasting battery. It can play up to five hours, and when it’s on the standby mode, the battery can last up to 30 days. 

Key Features

● Five-hour playtime

● Wonder League Community

● comes with five free applications

● Batteries Require.

● Features voice and gesture control

● Intelligent and educational

● Smartphone connectivity enabled

● Ideal for kids with eight years of age and above


These are the best Educational Robot Toys for kids in 2020. We have tried to provide you with some of the valuable information you need to buy the best robot for your kid. Some of the above robots are both fun and educational.

They will keep you kids engaged and, at the same time, teach them some good stuff like coding. So, now that you have gone through the article, it’s easier to find the best one for your kid. 

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