Bluetooth Headphones for Music Lovers in the Year 2019.

When music lovers like you are looking at Bluetooth headphones, you should check for how good is the Bluetooth connection. You should also take a look at the other parameters such as if it has a mic.  The headphone should be compatible with all your devices; it should make noise cancellation, the ergonomically designed ones are better.

As a music lover, you should be able to think of Bluetooth headphones as something you can take to travel. Bear in mind if you can share the music with your friends and do what is called splitting so that you can make music. You should check how long the battery lasts, and if it is value for money.


Bluetooth headphones for music lovers in the year 2019
Auxiliary cable shown in this image can be detachable to use these headphones in wireless mode.

One audiophile should always go for a noise-canceling headphone with a mic where you cancel out the outside noise, and peacefully listen to your music, and even when you want to doze off with the music on.

This is the best headphone when you are looking for a headphone with an excellent, stunning bass response which means how the headphones react to the low-frequency sounds.

This kind of headphone is Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless headphone. You do not need to charge the headphone for up to 20 hours. The headphone would connect to any device which has Bluetooth such as the TV, the X Box, and the iPod. Your headphone is also compatible with tablets, audio players, and you’re mobile.

You get great high fidelity sounding audio, and this headset is the latest technology in headphones. These are also the best headphones for running and the gym while also being the best wireless headphones for travel.

These are the expensive and value for money for the year 2019. These headphones give good bass and audio for mixing and mastering.  Therefore, these are the best headphones to use when you are in a studio practicing your music.

The design is jazzy, there are many big file features, the sound quality is excellent, and it is value for money.

The product is Alexa built-in, and you can ask this Google app to play and toggle music for you. In this article “BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES FOR MUSIC LOVERS IN THE YEAR 2019” we will review some of the best headphones in the market.


These IZ top headphones and microphone combinations are also from the premium class just like the Bose quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones; the design is mainstream and edgy. It is made up of leather, aluminum, and steel.

Unlike the Bose comfort headphones which stay charged for 30 hours, the battery life for Bang & Olufsen is 19 hours. These IZ headphones are the same size in dimensions as other Sony and Bose headphones, but IZ is lighter.

Music was supposed to be heard the way it sounds with Bang & Olufsen Beoplay. The mic is meant to answer phone calls when you are traveling, and these speakers are great for hands-free calling when you are in a car.

It is a time tested the device, when you are working out, choose a sound profile that goes with the workout. Not just music, but you can also use these to listen to podcasts.



Many an article has been written about how Sony is better than Bose and how Sony was the revolution which brought about wireless music listening with headphones that go over the ears, and especially if these headphones also have a mic for phone calls.

This headphone set has been popular for more than a decade and still makes its presence felt in the headphone market. Now, it cancels noise better than it used to 3 years back.

It comes with an on and off noise cancellation button, so when you want to know what is going on in the background as you listen to music, you can switch the noise cancellation off, and when you want to ascend into music, and want no outside noise, you can press on the noise cancellation.

It is value for money as a product even at close to 350 dollars because this product is competing with Bose headphones.

Music lovers all love bass especially in a certain genre of music, so this better bass quality makes for a better bit rate musical experience.



Marshall’s rating is 4. The company started in 1960. The company has been into the musical domain for 50 years and used to earlier make guitars and guitar parts.

The quality of the headphones is excellent, it is genuine leather, audiophiles would love this product, these can fold and are easy to carry with you on travel, and would not pull you down at all when you take them with you on the trip because these are not bulky.

The sound quality is also a very high rating. These are the competitive headphone category, and close to 80 dollars. You can charge them, and it will stay charged for 30 hours just like Bose.

It has many a system for changing tracks, and for volume, With a socket, you can share the music with others. This is called the headphone splitter, and you can share the music with up to 5 friends with this technology. This works well when you are trying to make music with your friends.



The headphone battery lasts 8 hours on one charge of 10 minutes and has a design for sports and the gym.

The silicone is meant to fit in a way that it does not fall out of place for hours. The most enduring headphones that you would find in the list are Jaybird. The whole motto of this company is ‘ Power Your Passion’.

It has four versions of headphones in a different price range which are Jaybird Run for 180 dollars, Tarah Pro for 160 dollars, X4 for 130 dollars, and Tarah for 100 dollars.

It is sweatproof and waterproof, the design is made to fit in such a way that you do not need to adjust the headphone time and again and it is made for relaxed situations.

The sound quality is precious, and it is priced at a hefty price, but less than the headphones from other expert companies which do not have headphones at less than 250 dollars, It comes in two colors which are storm metallic glacier and black metallic finish,


It comes with a lifetime warranty.  It can make you take calls

You are definitely an audiophile when you own one of these expensive 250 dollars something audio headphones.

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