Activity Monitoring Gadgets and Applications for Children.

Why we rely on this activity monitoring gadgets and applications to confirm the security of our beloved ones. It may be unfortunate, but one cannot deny that we live in a hostile world where dangers are threats of some kind that always surround us. Our world has a fair share of helpful and reliable people, but there are also those who harbor malicious intentions. Read this full article to know about Activity monitoring gadgets and applications for children.

Then there is the internet and media which has now become a part of our lives, and our source of information, entertainment, and much more. But the same internet can be a source of negativity and possible harm as well.

These are just a few examples that show us how we are always surrounded by situations that require us to be alert and responsible at all times.

Activity monitoring gadgets and applications for children

Adults are mostly able to identify situations that may be harmful, but children are not able to do so. Kids are innocent and get easily influenced or manipulated, which makes them more vulnerable to real-world dangers. So parents need to invest extra time and effort in ensuring their children’s well-being. Of course, it’s obvious that every parent always wants their children to be safe.

But in today’s world, people live such a busy lifestyle that they may be neglecting their children’s safety unknowingly. Children are also actively involved in school and outdoor activities, so being physically present with them at all times is impossible. Thus, monitoring our children has become an important, but often difficult task.

This is where technology comes in, and makes things easier. There are a lot of amazing gadgets and applications that are specially designed with one main purpose – helping parents to keep their children safe.

These apps and devices have varying functions – like tracking a child’s location, keeping infants under video surveillance, or simply restricting access to certain devices. There are quite a lot of such products available in the market, so we’ve made things simple for you. Here are some of the best gadgets and apps for parents to monitor their children’s activities.


Let’s go through some devices that parents can and should use to watch over their children. Read this full article to know about Activity monitoring gadgets and applications for children.

1. Baby monitor system

Activity monitoring gadgets and applications for children

A baby monitor and is an extremely useful device for busy parents who want to be able to look after their children from anywhere. It is mostly used for infants below one or two years old and is basically a surveillance system that parents can use to keep an eye on their babies.

There are many types of baby monitors and they have differences in functionality. Some only transmit sounds, while others provide audio as well as video output.

You can also find wearable baby monitors that measure your baby’s vital signs and motion so that you can be aware of your baby’s overall health.
It is best to get a baby monitor that has both live video and sound transmission, and can be operated easily or can be synced with your smartphone.

Since there are many models commercially available, you can choose what suits you best as per your budget. If you’re a parent of a child below one or two years, you should certainly try to install a baby monitor system.

2. GPS tracking device

  1. A GPS tracker does what its name says – it pinpoints the location of the person holding it and shares it with another party. In simple words, it helps people to track other people. GPS devices designed for children have a simple interface so kids can operate them with ease.
  2. They come in various shapes and models and are usually small and portable so that children can carry them along comfortably. As long as it has a charged battery, it will constantly share the child’s real-time GPS location with the parents, mostly on their smartphones.
  3. Facility to store a few phone numbers, with SIM card support to make calls with the press of a button
  4. It can mark certain areas in the GPS device as risk zones. The device will send a notification to parents whenever their children enter such areas.
  5. Parents can get speed alerts when their children are traveling in a vehicle
  6. Can set scheduled alerts to send a notification to parents when the child reaches a specific location at a specific time, for example, notification when your kid reaches the school at 9 AM.
  7. Some of these devices record and transmit all the sounds surrounding the child, so parents can hear all that is happening around their kids.

Overall, a GPS device is perfect for parents to keep track of their children’s activity throughout the day. As long as your children have this device on them, you’ll be free from needless worry about their well-being.

3. Smartwatch with SIM support

A smartwatch can be found in the market that is made especially for kids. In terms of functionality, they are similar to GPS devices. These watches also have a GPS system and can be synced with smartphones.

Many models have SIM support with options to store a few phone numbers. There are only a few buttons so children won’t get confused while operating it. In fact, making and receiving calls normally require just the click of one button.

They also transmit all the sounds around the child to the parents. Some companies like Doki have even manufactured smartwatches with video calling function called DokiWatch so that parents and kids can interact with each other at any time, any place.

But while most features of smartwatches are similar to GPS devices, the difference is simply that smartwatch is much convenient for children to wear on their wrists. They come in cool designs to appeal to children, so the kids will love wearing them too.

And unlike small GPS devices, there are fewer chances that your child may lose or misplace a watch tied on their wrist. It’s definitely a great gadget for all parents to keep track of their children.

Mobile App

Mobile app developers have also acknowledged that technology can make parenting easier. And so the app store on both Android and iOS devices has a bunch of applications that are focused on helping parents monitor their children’s offline as well as online activities.

Obviously, apps function on phones and tablets, so they are suitable for kids who use their parents’ phones, or teens who have their own devices. We have listed some apps that are worth checking out. Read this full article to know about Activity monitoring gadgets and applications for children.

1. Kids Place

  1. Developed by Kiddoware, this app helps parents to control, allow and restrict specific functions on phones and tablets for children’s use. The app is free to download but has some in-app purchasing options. You can keep using the free version, or upgrade to the premium version for some cost. The free version provides facilities like
  2. A personal launcher to activate the app
  3. Restricting apps and tools that parents don’t want kids to use
  4. Able to block downloads and in-app purchases
  5. Able to block call and SMS features

The premium version offers extra options such as:

  • Setting up a PIN that prevents kids from uninstalling the app
  • Personally customizable options to create separate profiles for each child. Useful if you have two or more children who share the same device like a tablet.
  • It can set timers for the phone or for specific apps, to automatically limit the time your child can spend on the phone.

The premium version is better suited for parents whose kids have their own devices.

2. MMGuardian App

  1. This is not a single APP but works as a set of two apps. One is the MMGuardian Parental Control App. The other is the MMGuardian Parent App that parents must have on their phone, and it works as a controller to manage the application installed on the child’s device. The features that it provides are:
  2. Control and permission over apps
  3. Timer for automatic phone lock to restrict usage time
  4. Call and SMS blocker and tracker
  5. Can track children’s real-time location
  6. Allows control over the internet and web browsing, so parents can block unwanted and insecure websites

Both apps are free to download, but some functions can only be accessed by the parental app if the one on the child’s phone has been upgraded to premium, which has to be paid for.

3. Family Locator

  1. It’s an app that helps family members to share their locations with each other and set customized alerts and notifications. While it isn’t designed especially for kids, it can still be used to track children and adults alike. This app lets you create a list of people with whom you want to share the details of each other’s location. This group of people will be your ‘Circle’ in the app. Users have often appreciated the highly precise location tracking service that this app provides. It also has added features such as:
  2. Location-based alerts to send notifications when Circle members enter specific areas.
  3. 24×7 access to a live representative with the push of a button, called Driver Support. Particularly useful for users who are driving or in traffic.
  4. Quick emergency response in case of accidents, a great feature if your children are in their late teens and drive a vehicle


If parents wish to use this app for child supervision, then it will be suitable for teens and adolescents rather than younger children. So, these are some gadgets and apps that can assist parents in monitoring their children effectively with little effort. But parents should be aware that these are meant to be used more as a protective measure and not as a spying tool.

Using such devices or applications secretly without your child’s knowledge is not recommended, as it may cause children to be suspicious, or even rebellious.

The best course of action is to discuss it with your kids and have them co-operate in using such gadgets and apps. We hope that all this information we have gathered will be beneficial for parents and children alike.

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