7 Best Android Phone Tracking Apps to Find Your Lost Phone.

Losing a smartphone in modern times is not just about monetary loss. It is the most fearsome experience, as today’s phones consist of your personal information, pics, and even financial data. Losing a mobile phone is one thing, but losing data is the troublesome part which most people face. No need to panic. With the latest android tracking apps, you can erase your content remotely along with finding your device. we have studied and brought “7 Best Android Phone Tracking Apps to Find Your Lost Phone” for you.

Furthermore, if you have a habit of misplacing your phone, you are in the right place. In this write-up, I have picked out the best Android phone tracking apps for you. Let’s dive into it.

Best Android Phone Tracking Apps for you

1. Google Find My Device

So far, it is one of the most efficient tracking apps for android devices. With it, you can know your device’s current location or even its last location in case the current location is not available. Navigate to your device by its effective location service. Also, perform necessary actions. 

Seep through it to lock your device, or you can erase your data. On top of that, you safeguard your data with a contact number or custom messages. In case you misplaced your phone at home, it lets you ring your phone even if it’s on silent mode. The best part of this app is that, it is absolutely free.

2. Prey Anti-Theft

This is also a reliable Android phone tracking app. Using this app, you can protect your data if your device goes missing. It also has all the necessary features to find your phone. It can track your phone via GPS, lock your phone, send a security-alert message, and even set off an alarm.

Its GPS coordinates will pin-point your phone’s accurate location. In this way, the person who took your phone will get to know that you are looking for your device. You can see accurately where your device is and has been. Like find my device, this app is also free.

3. Lost Android

Lost Android is another worth mentioning Android phone tracking app. This device will help you get remote control over your lost device. You can control your device by its website or by SMS. By using this device, you can wipe your phone clean, erase your SD card, and lock your phone.

Above all, this app will allow you to read all sent and received messages. The best part is, you will receive an email whenever someone adds a new SIM card to your device. Tracking your phone with ease is also one of the perks of this app. And you can get your hands on your phone status, including IMEI.

4. xfi Locator lite

This app is built specifically for the purpose of finding your lost phone. With its advanced Geo-location feature, you can navigate and find your device using live maps. It also offers multiple map types, including street view.

Moreover, it has green and grey icons showing whether the location is up-to-date or not. That’s not all, this app allows and supports multiple accounts and devices. You can easily find your device using the app or the website of the application.  You can use its alarm feature to find your misplaced device, even if it is on silent mode.

5. Track View

Track view is a great and pretty straight forward Android phone tracking app. This app is compatible with all your devices, even tablets. This amazing surveillance application gives you the freedom to track your lost device by logging in to your account on another phone or computer.

It can efficiently track your device by real-time tracking, and you can keep an eye on your mobile’s surroundings by its outstanding video monitoring feature. It is solely a tracking device, you cannot wipe out your mobile data using it. But Track View allows you to send messages and instant alerts to your lost device.

6. Wheres My Droid

This is an all-in-one app when it comes to Android phone tracking apps. Its diverse set of features makes it standalone from other applications. With the help of this impressive app, you can find your phone in the blink of an eye if it is misplaced. Above all, you can increase the ringer volume to locate your device.

In case you lost your phone, the amazing GPS coordinates feature will ping you about its location on google maps. Besides this, you can secure your data with a phone lock, or you can wipe it. This app will notify you if someone tries to change your phone number. For premium elite features, you have to pay a certain amount.

7. Mobile Security, Antivirus & Cleaner by Lookout

This app by lookout protects all your android device data with extraordinary antivirus features. Other than that, the lookout also tracks your phone and protects your identity by alerting you timely with email notifications accompanied by your device location.

Like all other apps, locking your device, posting a custom message, and wiping your device data, all these features are also available in this app. You can also alert the thief that you are looking for your phone by making an alarm go off. Using this device, tracking your device with Google Maps is also relatively easy.

Wrap Up

Losing the phone is a really stressful experience for everyone. But with these “7 Best Android Phone Tracking Apps to Find Your Lost Phone”, you can readily recover your phone timely with no data loss. All you have to do is create an account on any of these apps to track your phone, even if you just misplaced it at your home or workplace.

One most important thing to remember is, don’t ever go after the thief on your own it may result in you getting hurt, and your phone is not worth your life.

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