5 Trending Sports Games From Xbox One.

Why not think of the challenges that the X Box sports games present. The jaw-dropping graphics, the enchanting visuals, the need for strategy, the competition, and the highs and lows. Stay tuned for more on hottest trends and the new in the world of X Box gaming. In this article we will cover “5 best trending sports games from Xbox will make 90%, of pc gamer switch to Xbox One”.

Hot Trending Games from Xbox One.


It is the basketball game which generations would pass to each other. It has a predecessor which means the old version has been improved upon. The solo set and the multiplayer game both are excellent.

The gameplay is almost the same as NBA playgrounds which is a perfect thing because the NBA playgrounds are a unique experience. In each season, there are 14 season games; then there is the best of 3 for the top 8 teams, each game lasts for 3 minutes, you can play the season in around a couple of hours. The game is very stylish.


This game is American football. The idea of this game comes from the national football league. This game offers stylish gameplay. The overall gameplay stands for how tough the game is and how difficult is the game from one level to the next. There have been three modes.

The arcade difficulty level, the simulation model, and the competitive mode. The arcade game version is dull; then the next version tried to make the game a look like the real football game and the last of all, the competitive mode which is very tough.


Big bash boom is a mediocre game based upon real-life cricket, the animation with the bobble-headed players, and Ashes cricket style gaming make the game one of the top five games to play on X Box. This game is 20-20 cricket and not 50 overs or test matches.

The whole idea is to make the game super-fast, different bowling styles have been retained, and you would not get time to get bored as the game makes sure something keeps happening all the time.


This game takes forward the e-sports gaming world because it is so good. The action is real. Even Forbes has rated the game one of the best. You will get to see heated rivalries, the career mode is the most played so you too could start with that mode, the best fights are celebrated, then there are beginner and advanced mode, use your tips and tricks to master the game, the graphics are superb and you would feel really fighting experience, manage your stamina, your positions and do not panic, just fight back.


This is the final game out of all five e-sports games. There are 39 iconic cars to choose from, antique cars to modern cars, and everything in between, there are different kinds of surfaces, from muddy to dusty in different countries, to icy lanes in Monte Carlo, you get to experience all. 

The driving is high intensity, bumper to bumper, neck to neck racing. That is not all; you get to experience upgrades; repairs of cars and the experience is very real. You should have your strategy; the game is high tech. 

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