5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping.

Camping in a trailer or an RV is quite a popular recreational activity. Even the people who have never traveled in an RV are familiar with it, as it is often shown in movies and media. The reason that people love to camp in RV (Recreational vehicle) is that it provides a mixture of the comfort of our home and the adventure of camping. But while heading out on a trip in an RV is easy, maintaining the vehicle requires a lot of work. 5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping will make your trip great with hot and delicious meal anywhere on the trip.

One of the most important aspects of owning an RV is to furnish it with the right appliances. And that mostly depends on two things – your budget and the size of the vehicle. So you’ll have to plan what furniture and appliances you want in your RV accordingly. Now there are many devices and accessories that you can set up in your RV.

But one of the must-have appliances is a cooking system. Be it a burner, camp-stove or induction cooker, you just can’t do without some sort of cooking appliance for your RV. After all, good food is one of the best parts of a camping experience.

With so many models and manufacturers in the market, it gets confusing to pick a suitable cooking appliance. To make your search easier, we have done the boring work for you. After going through many cooking options for an RV, we have listed out some of the best products. Here are our top picks for 5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping.

Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping in Gas Stoves/Burners Category.

If you want a cooking system in your RV, then you can choose from two options – gas stoves or electric cookers. The difference between the two is evident from the names itself. If you prefer getting a gas burner or stove for your RV, then here are the best options.

1. Coleman 2 Burners Gas Stove

5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping.


For many people who love camping, Coleman is a familiar name. It is quite a popular manufacturer of camp stoves, burners, and grills. This specific model is a portable stove with 2 burners, each having a cooking power of 10000 BTUs. Both burners have their own separate adjustable knob, so you can control the flame on both sides individually. It runs on propane gas, and there is a holder at the side for the propane gas bottle.

This cooker is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as it has windshields on all sides except the front. So that makes it a fantastic RV and camping accessory.

Price: $43.88


Why and when to buy:

If you often go camping with groups of four or more, then you will need to cook more food and in larger portions. So in such cases, a single burner or induction is not going to be enough for you. The Coleman 2 burner stove will be the best choice for such situations.

Even when camping with just 2 or 3 people, this stove is a better option than single burner ones as you can cook more than one dish simultaneously. So if you want to one single stove that can cook fast, work perfectly even in outdoor conditions, and handle more than one item, then this product has all your needs covered.

2. Cuisinart CGG-180T Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping.


The next product on the list is a portable camp grill. It is a table-top model which means that you’ll have to place it on an elevated surface. The most striking feature is a small size and lightweight body that makes it effortless to carry it around.

This grill also runs on propane gas and has a cooking power of 5500 BTUs. Despite its small dimensions, it offers a solid grill surface area of 145 square inches, which can fit in up to 8 burgers or steaks at a time.

Since it is smaller than a regular grill, so it heats up much faster, saving both time and fuel. Both the lid and the legs are foldable so it looks like a small briefcase when packed. There is a removable tray at the bottom that collects the grease and it can be cleaned easily. It has a knob at the front to adjust the heat.

Price: $115.99


Why and when to buy:

Due to its compact size and portability, this product is highly recommended for those who have the budget. If you are one of those space-conscious RV owners or have a small vehicle, then this grill will be perfect for your needs.

And as we already mentioned, it heats up quite fast so you can grill your favorite foods in less time. The pricing may be a downside for some, but if it’s not putting a dent in your pocket, then you should go for it by all means.

Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping in Electric Cookers Category.

Stepping away from gas stoves and grills, we have also picked some amazing electric cooking appliances for your RV. Some people worry about safety issues regarding gas burners. Also, for using gas burners indoors, you will need to keep the windows in your vehicle open to maintain proper airflow and ventilation.

All those issues can be avoided by opting for an electric appliance, which offers more convenience compared to gas stoves. So here are the best portable electric cookers for your RV.

1. RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping.


Our first pick in the electric range is the RoadPro 12 V portable stove. This product runs on 12 V DC instead of the 110/120 V AC that most appliances run on.

So if you get this for your RV, you will need to connect it to the lighter-type socket in your vehicle instead of connecting it to the RV’s AC ports. This cooker is primarily designed for reheating cooked foods. But it heats up to a temperature of 300 degrees so you definitely cook food in it.

This portable stove has a box-like shape which makes it easy to store and carry around. It can conveniently cook soup, stews, veggies, rice, and other common foods. It is a multi-purpose device that you can use to cook, reheat as well as store food. It also has a low power consumption of 144 Watts.

Price: $31.21


Why and when to buy:

The most compelling feature for buying this portable stove is its multi-functionality. With one device, you can cook as well as reheat your food, or simply store cooked foods so that they stay warm. And thanks to its 12 V configuration, you can use this stove not just in your RV but also on other cars and vehicles.

Also, you don’t need to connect it to your RV’s inverter which as an added advantage. This stove is most suitable for small RVs that have less space. But due to its usefulness and reasonable price, it can be a handy appliance for all RV owners.

2. iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop


Induction cooktops are a popular accessory and they come in different models. So we have picked one of the best models going by the price and ratings. This induction cooker has nine power increment levels, starting from 100 W all the way up to 1800 W. There are also 8 level settings to control the temperature from 140°F/60°C to 460°F/238°C.

The base of the cooker has a control panel with high sensitivity touch buttons. It also has a child lock function and a timer setting. There is a heating protection mechanism so it shuts down when overheats.

It has a compact and lightweight body which makes it convenient for an RV. The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty on this product. The induction cooker also has a second variation with a rotating knob at the front instead of buttons to increase or decrease the power/temperature.

Price: $69.95 ($74.95 for the rotary knob variant)


Why and when to buy:

An induction cooktop is a must-have appliance for any RV. So all RV owners who are looking for an electric cooker should consider getting this product. Its price is quite reasonable as compared to most induction cooktops, and it is easy to operate.

And of course, it’s very portable, as you only need to connect it to an electric socket. Also, this induction cooker is a good investment as you can use it at your home as well.

3. Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner


The final product on the list is for those who are not satisfied with a single utensil induction cooker. So if you want an electric cooker that can cook two dishes at a time, then we have you covered. The best feature of this portable cooker is its ease of use.

Both the burner plates have separate rotating knobs to control the heat individually. Each burner has a maximum power consumption of 900 W, so the induction cooker consumes 1800 W when both sides are being used at full power.

It has a stainless steel body that is durable, smooth and easy to clean. It supports all types of cookware and pans, so you don’t have to buy induction-safe utensils separately. It is a safe device with overheating protection. The manufacturer also provides 18 month’s warranty on this product.

Price: $79.99 (Also has a single burner model at $44.98)


Why and when to buy:

Most induction cooktops are designed for single utensils. But for longer trips, bigger groups or for fast cooking, it’s better to have a double burner induction. And that’s when this product serves its purpose. With two burners that have a maximum power of 900 W, you can cook foods quite fast with this induction. It is also well-priced for a double burner cooker.


These are the best options for RV cooking appliances that we have chosen. We have included products with a variety of functionality and configurations to appeal to the needs of all RV owners and avid campers. If you’re still unable to make up your mind as to what cooker is best for you, here’s a brief guide to help you out.

The first thing is to decide whether you want a gas burner or an electric cooker.

Go for a gas burner if:

You plan to cook more fried and grilled foods during your camping trip.

You want a device that cooks both indoors and outdoors.

Go for an electric cooker if:

You worry about the safety measures and ventilation requirements for a gas cooker.

You want a convenient cooking appliance that you can just plugin and power up.

With this list of products and a brief guide to help you choose one, we hope that this post will help you satisfactorily end your search for a portable RV cooking appliance. We hope these 5 Portable Cooking Appliances for RV and Camping will make your journey enjoyable.

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