5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping.

Camping is one of the most fun and enjoyable activities but not without one of these 5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping. It allows us to escape from our hectic lives, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. The purpose of camping is to feel the experience of living out in the wild. But we can’t deny that we have become highly dependent on technology.

So it’s just not possible for us to go camping without any gadgets. And that’s not a bad thing either! In fact, it’s even better when you combine the convenience of technology with the natural experience of camping.

That is why most people love to head out on camping trips in an RV. An RV also called a recreational vehicle, is something most of us are familiar with. It’s a large-sized motor vehicle that has a home-like interior.

RVs are like mini-homes, as they have a bedroom, kitchen, toilet, and many everyday accessories. Just imagine going on a road trip in a vehicle that is as comfortable as your own home. Isn’t it exciting to travel in a vehicle that is basically a ‘moving-house’?

That is precisely the reason why many people love to camp in an RV. Now an RV can be equipped with many gadgets and devices. You can load it with a Fridge, TV, oven, coffee maker, and any other device you can think of.

But once you have fully equipped your RV, you will be faced with one problem – Power. The more electric appliances you plan to use in your vehicle, the more power you will need. That is why one of the must-have equipment in an RV is an inverter.

Inverters for RV – Why are they important?

AS we already mentioned above, all the devices in your RV are useless if you don’t have sufficient power to run them. Of course, your RV will have its own battery that generates electricity. But the battery produces DC voltage while most of our appliances require AC voltage to operate. And that’s why inverters are essential for RVs.

They take input from a DC source and convert it to give an AC output. So you can easily power up all devices in the RV from its battery using an inverter. Now with all the different brands and models of inverters available in the market, it becomes confusing to decide which one to buy.

And inverters often have a lot of technical specifications too so some of the terms can be difficult for many people to understand. To make things easy for you, we will list out 5 amazing portable inverters to power up your RV appliances. Each product will have different specs and capacities. But worry not, as we will also explain why and when you should buy them.

Pick Best Portable Inverter for Your RV and Camping.

Before we get started with the list, we will classify the inverters according to their power capacity. You will have to choose the right power capacity depending on the number of appliances you have. 5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping list gives you wast idea about that. In general, a 3000 Watt inverter is quite ideal for most RVs. But since it’s better to be aware of all options, so we have listed different inverters from 2000 to 8000 Watt.

Aside from the power output, another important thing to keep in mind is the surge power. A surge power in an inverter is the maximum amount of power usage that it can withstand for a few seconds. So if you overload an inverter, its surge power capacity will still keep it running for a few seconds to let you plug out a few devices.

With all those things in mind, let’s move forward and check out these portable inverters that will bring life to your RV.

Ampeak 2000Watt Power Inverter

5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping.


This inverter has a power rating of 2000 W and surges power of 4000 w. So it is suitable for smaller RVs with few appliances. It can easily charge your phone or laptop, and you can use other appliances like a coffee maker or an oven individually.

Other features:

It has an as in-built fuse for safety measures, along with an automatic shutdown system and an alarm. These features provide protection to the inverter as well as the user. There are two cooling fans inside to prevent overheating and a digital display at the front provides an easy interface.

Price: $139.99


Why and When to buy:

One of 5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping. This inverter is best suited for people who have smaller RVs with fewer types of equipment. It is also a pocket-friendly option as it’s cheaper than other inverters with higher power ratings. So if your RV has only some basic appliances and you don’t want to spend extra bucks on a bigger inverter, then this product will be perfect for you.

AIMS Power PWRI300012120S Pure Sine Inverter3000Watt

5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping.


With a power rating of 3000 W and a surge power of 6000 W, this inverter is capable of handling many appliances at the same time. It can conveniently provide power to the basic equipment like an oven, fridge, and television.

Other Features:

This inverter has dual cooling fans to prevent excess temperature. But if the inverter still gets overheated, it will shut down by itself. It also has an alarm that alerts the user in case of excess or low voltage. This device is portable as it is lightweight and compact.

It also has a warranty of 2 years in case of any faulty mechanism. Other basic features are different LED indicators and a USB port. An added feature is that you’ll also get an optional remote switch to turn the inverter on and off.

Price: $459


Why and When to buy:

Since it has a power rating of 3000 W, so most RV owners can confidently go for this product. AIMS is a well-known manufacturer so the product is definitely reliable. Of course, some RVs might have many appliances with high power ratings that will need an even powerful inverter.

The best way to ensure that this inverter is suitable for you is to make a list of all the appliances in your vehicle along with their power ratings. If the power ratings of at least four or five appliances add up to 3000 W or less, then this inverter will be more than enough for your needs.

GoWISE Power PS1004 Pure Sine Wave Inverter3000Watt

5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping.


The GoWise PS1004 inverter is another model with a 3000 W power, and surge power of 6000 W. So just like the product above, it is also sufficient to handle the appliances in most RVs.

Other Features:

Like most inverters, this one comes with an in-built fuse and cooling fans to monitor the device temperature. It has an automated security system that protects it from overload and high temperatures.

It also has a voltage alarm and fail-safe mechanism in case there is fluctuation in the voltage. An added advantage of buying this inverter is that it also includes starter cables, ring terminals, and a remote power switch.

Price: $329.99


Why and When to buy:

First, check the power ratings of all your appliances as we mentioned in the case of the product above. If you find a 3000 W inverter to be sufficient for your needs, then this inverter will fulfill your needs in all aspects. The only difference between this inverter and the one shown above is the price.

The AIMS inverter shown above is a renowned manufacturer but has a higher price and better efficiency. This GoWise inverter is available at a lower price, but the incentive is that it comes with additional accessories like cables and terminals.

If you don’t mind spending some extra bucks on a well-known and reliable brand, then you should go for the AIMS inverter. However, if you want to save your budget and go for a lesser-known product, then the GoWise inverter is a suitable choice.

Giandel 5000Watt Heavy Duty Power Inverter


This inverter is a heavy-duty unit that provides 5000 W power, with an even impressive surge power of 10000 W. So you can even use this inverter for ovens and induction cookers that have high power consumption. This high power inverter is better suited for bigger RVs that run a number of appliances at the same time.

Other Features:

The Giandel inverter also comes with a remote power switch and connector cables. It has all necessary protective features like inbuilt fuse and safety systems against overheat, high and low voltages and cooling fans. It has 4 AC outlets and a USB port and an auto-restart system. The manufacturer provides 18 month’s warranty on the product.

Price: $429.99


Why and When to buy:

Like we already stated, an average RV can do well with a 3000 W inverter. But if you have more than 3 or 4 products that add up to power consumption of more than 3000 W, then this is the best choice for you. The budget is quite reasonable for a heavy-duty inverter like this one. All in all, the Giandel inverter will make your RV as convenient as your home.

Wagan Proline 8000 Watt Inverter


If you are among those power-hungry RV enthusiasts who are still not satisfied with a 5000 W inverter, then we have you covered as well. This inverter provides a massive power output of 8000 W and surges power of 16000 W, which can turn your RV into a luxury apartment.

Other Features:

A striking feature of this product is that it is smaller and lighter compared to most inverters of this range. out of 5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping it is easier to fix your RV as it uses Surface Mount Technology (SMT). It has a cooling fan at the bottom and comes with a remote power switch. All other basic safety features as mentioned in the products above are also present in this inverter.

Price: $865.90


Why and When to buy:

As we stated before, if you want or have a luxurious RV with many high power-consuming appliances, then the Proline inverter will be a great option. If you have a large-sized RV and camping with a group of people, and you don’t want to worry about excess power consumption, then this inverter will be perfect for you.


So we have handpicked these 5 Best Portable Power Inverters for RV and Camping. Covering products from low to high power ranges. Whatever your need is, you will surely find a product from above that suits your requirements. The technical details have been explained in simple terms, so even the simpleminded and inexperienced RV owners can follow through the product descriptions.

Here is a short summary to sum up everything that we have covered so far.

  • First, make a list of all devices that you are using in your RV along with their power consumption.
  • If you have a smaller RV with few appliances and you are running short on budget, then the 2000 W inverter will be ideal for you.
  • For an average RV that uses most of the basic appliances and essential devices, a 3000 W inverter is sufficient.
  • For bigger RVs that have many devices and a few high power appliances, you might want to choose a 5000 W or 8000 W inverter depending on your needs and budget.

We hope that this post will help you not just to choose a suitable inverter for your RV, but also help you understand more about the function of inverters and know which configuration works best for your vehicle.

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