5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Your Browser.

Google Chrome is a pretty reliable browser because it is safe, it does not crash, and it is fast. But, with Google Chrome web store everyone has features that will make the Chrome browser even better. We have covered the top 5 best google chrome extensions.

Using best google chrome extensions can increase your browsing speed as well as give you safe browsing experience.

Plugins are like apps. You can install many an extension to make sure that the browser gives you multiple times of functionality.

The technique to add an extension to your browser could not have been more straightforward. Just Google search the extension name, and find it on Google Chrome; the option to add the extension would show up.

The button is ‘ Add to Chrome.’ When you click this button then within 30 seconds, the expansion would load, and be added to the right-hand side corner on the browser next to the star shape bookmark button.

All extensions would be demonstrated in the same right corner next to the bookmark button. The approach to look at all of the extensions that you are using together on your browser is to go to the extreme right recess to the three vertical spots or dots, and choosing plugins from the ‘more tools’ option.

Best Chrome Extensions



The first chrome Plugin extension which makes Chrome even safer is the Last Pass. Now, you do not need to find a secure password like ‘ 35%^&30’ each time, and you can have just one master password for all websites and Google chrome would save your password in an encrypted vault, and Google would auto-fill all your forms.



The second extension is Google Earth. If you are the kind who has always wanted to know how Earth looks from the galaxy then the expansion Google Earth will give you a new satellite image every day. You can use these images as your wallpaper.


The next Google Chrome Plugin is Lazarus which is for form recovery. It has happened to everyone that they fill in the form with a cover letter and a resume with sample articles, and suddenly the internet connectivity is lost, or some error has cropped on the website, and your whole hard work of filling the form is lost within seconds.

Now you no longer have to fill the entire way again and again, but download this Chrome Plugin. The data would soon no longer be saved on the server, but your machine, so no more knocking yourself out about it. Easier to fill forms online now.


This is the next chrome extension. Dictionary enables you to know the translations of one phrase into the English language or your language of choice. Grammarly can also be an added extension. These help those who are in the writing field.


The last extension on the list is Google search by image. Right-click on the image, and you will find the option to Google the image data. Here, you can see all the data related to a particular image or model. It makes you earn a lot of knowledge.

All these features together make your onscreen experience worth it. Please give a review of this article “The top 5 best google chrome extensions”.

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