5 Best Car Racing Games Of the Year 2019.

Car racing games are in the genes for all of us especially those people who are car crazy. It is a game for car enthusiasts, and even for those who like to imagine car racing. There are the 5 best car racing games of the year 2019. Let’s play new online and offline racing games. Play single-player or multiplayer experience will be amazing.

These games are second to none and utterly addictive. There are sounds and soundtracks of applause, and the better the game, the better the praise, and more music. Anyone could get used to it, and it is for days and times when you want a lot of me-time is when you can play this game.

When your day feels like you have not won anything major over the last few days, you can then play the car racing games, and win the challenges, and who knows one day you will go to the video game playing competition and make yourself proud.

Everyone has a different package of and a bundle of talent, and who knows you were meant to excel at gaming skills. Stunts are a real big part of the game so satiate your desire for tricks at video games.

Best car racing games of the year 2018 2019

Let us look at five most commonly played, and skill car games there are!

Race down for 5 Best Car Racing Games.


One of the very high demanding games out of 5 best car racing games NFS always holds the first position. The need for speed franchise is called Electronic Arts. Many million copies of the game have been sold, and the inspiration comes from the boy toys called Hot Wheels.

The player gets a chance to showcase his gaming talent and can participate in many a video game talent hunt competitions, there are street circuits, and there are regular street races, and drifting and dragging styles are common.

The player with maximum points wins, there are obstacles, and a collision means that the game ends, one has to cross many a checkpoint as well. Exciting multi-generational game.


The USP of this game is that it is a very 90s game which was composed by Barry Leitch. The game is single player, the game is relatively new and open to a newbie. The launch took place in 2015. Best soundtracks you will ever experience.

The car is faster than in all other games, the artificial intelligence used is very 21st century. Game levels are tough, and one cannot unlock a new car very quickly. The game has won the ‘Gold’ award. The game is modern and better. Your adrenaline would be racing. This app is free, and the game has done a world tour, and it is the most fun to play on Play station.

Your car would stop to see the sunset. You are taking a road trip around the world; will see graphic images throughout which look like postcards, the sound effects add to the beauty of the game, imagine your car is controlled by you.

Graphics of the car stopping to look at something marvelously beautiful. The soundtrack is there which would make you spend hours playing the game. Others will wonder what is so exciting about the game and then they will get addicted too.


It is a Game loft game with the best visuals out of all the games we have talked about till now. You see a lot of New York style buildings. Many a car crash because they slid off the bridge, the name of the game is promising in itself.

The game setup is very real life. There is the engine, the transmission, and the performance, the cars attract my attention, and Renault is one brand you get to see in the race. Your name could be in the hall of fame of this game. You could tune the vehicles, and an average number of racers with you are 23.


This is illegal racing, the cop cars are trying to catch you, you can play as a guest, and the main aim is to avert the police. The vehicles are in the street mode, cars embellished with rowdy stickers.

The lanes of a wealthy uptown neighborhood and a storyline that comes with a game, the theme races and theme games are back with Fast & Furious: Legacy.

The game shows the race start from the start line, tremendous and very living characters narrating the story in parts and pieces. You get to know the name of the driver, the time elapsed, and the car turns are fancy. You are also allowed to earn points throughout the game. More challenge more points.

The game has an online Android rating of 4.1. The whole app is free and fast thank heavens you get to save a lot of battery and a lot of the phone space. The movie Fast& Furious and this game complement each other very well. The car models have also come from the cars shown in the film.


Reckless Racing different than Fast & Furious. The difference is that the lanes are dustier, and the set up is not in a chic uptown city of US or UK. The collection of cars in this game is the highest in number out of all the racing games that we have seen up until now.

The skills of drivers are checked heavily with the addition of gymkhana mode, even in other ways there is a lot of skidding and risk. But, when you complete a severe level, you would be heavily given a bonus.

It depends on you whether you want to have a big truck and be a road bully or if you want a small car that is faster than the other car. The game is from Pixel bite studio.

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