7 Best Android Emulator for 512 MB RAM PC.

Recently, 90% of things done using a computer system can be done on android phones. Such things include; graphics designing, animation, and so many others. Applications that couldn’t be used on android phones are now used, such as; MS word, excel, PowerPoint, blender, and so on. All these are now used on android phones. Here are 7 Best Android Emulator for 512 MB RAM PC.

As computer manipulative features are also found on android, so are android features accessible on computers.

Many people of about 65%  wish to manipulate android features on their pc, but the ignorance of acknowledging its possibility has withheld its manifestation. Nevertheless, this article will be of the greatest help.

The desire for this manipulation birthed the concept of android emulator.

What is an android emulator?

This feigns android devices on computers so as to enable the end-users to test their application on a diversity of devices and Android API levels with no need to have each physical device. The emulator makes available almost all the aptitudes of a real android device.

Android emulator is also a computer software application that permits mobiles to imitate android os features into pc. It does not only allow end-users to install android applications on their computers or laptops but also use them natively, mainly for debugging purposes.

Is its safety assured?

Android emulator is very safe to download and run on pc. However, one needs to be careful about the download source (where to download) because the source of the emulator decides its safety.

Therefore, if you download the android emulator from google or other trusted sources such as; bluestacks or nox, you are 100% safe!

Top android emulators.

  • Game loop.
  • Bluestacks
  • Memu
  • Ko player
  • Geny motion
  • Nox, player
  • Android studio
  • Remix os
  • Archon
  • Bliss os
  • Mumu app player
  • Ld player. Etc.

We have tested the following 7 Best Android Emulator for 512 MB RAM PC and listed them out according to the expert’s advice.

1. Gameloop.

Tencent gaming buddy now known as a game loop made it recently to the best android emulator for pc. Gaming loop lacks the support of other android apps because it’s fully dedicated to android gaming. Nevertheless, the gaming loop is one of the best android emulators for android gaming.

Why use gaming loop?

  • The mouse and keyboard integration is excellent.
  • Its performances are great!
  • It’s an official partner to call of duty and pubg.

Download here☝️

2. Remix os

this puissant emulator is so unique in its functions that’s why it needs to be installed on a separate partition. Unlike other emulators, it can easily be on pc or windows.

It is a jude technology product , this company was formed by former google employees.  With remixthroughh a usb, you can boot any components the planet. This emulator does not support heavy games.

Why use remix os?

  • With it, you get an android os experience.
  • It has good for productivity apps.
  • Provides new file manager etc.

Download here☝️

3. Memu

memu was actually launched in 2015 and as such, it’s relatively a new app player compared to others.

With respect to speed, it gives concordant results as NOX and bluestacks. Its support for both Nvidia and AMD chips is one of the most important features it possesses.

Though it advocates for high gaming performance, the menu is relatively poor in its graphics performance. When once you are looking forward to playing games like; ingress or pokémon go, the menu is the best recommendation!

Why use memu ?

  • Because of its key mapping ability.
  • You can set your virtual location on google map
  • It supports both Nvidia and the menu.

Download here☝️

4. koplayer

Unlike other android emulators for pc, the ko player delivers a lag-free gaming experience with very comprehensive software.

Ko player also supports key mapping and gamepad emulation, it very easy to install as well as to use. Though free, the ko player still possesses few ads. The downside of this emulator is that it can stand competition though good as an android emulator for pc, it’s not only difficult to uninstall but freezes out of blue.

Why use ko player?

  • It has a simple UI
  • It with, you can set up any android device.
  • It’s simple to set up.

Download here☝️

5. Genymotion

This is not a casual emulator, it is mostly targeted at developers. It allows the test of app variety with different virtual device versions. It works on macOS and Linux, not only that, it is compatible with android studio and SDK.

Genymotion is confined to lots of developer-friendly tools, that’s why it’s inclined towards developers.

Why use genymotion?

  • It supports android studio
  • It runs versions from android 4.1 to 8.0
  • Runs on macOS and Linux

Download here☝️

6. Nox player

this player targets gamers. It is perfect for enjoying the android experience when using android apps. It is best for playing massive games like justice league or pubg . To get the best gaming result, you can through the settings specify the ram and CPU usage.

It only takes nox, player a minute to root virtual device. The only problem is that, it puts a lot of  loads on the system.

Why use noxplayer ?

  • It has multiple windows on a single device
  • It’s easy to root.
  • It has a stunning UI.
  • It performs the action of mapping shortcuts on controllers.

Download here☝️

Which among these is most recommendable for 512 MB RAM for PC?

7. Bluestacks

Talking about emulators for android, bluestacks is the most popular among them. It is very easy to set up and recommended for gaming and a preferential way. Its optimized apps are found on the app store.

Bluestacks though do not go perfectly well  with gestures, supports in a very special way keyboard mapping. Getting sluggish in productivity app is the major throwback of bluestacks emulator.

Also, its sponsored ads propel its loss behind other free android emulators. Notwithstanding, it does perform best in terms of gaming more than other emulators and this ranks it to be the best and recommended to newbies in emulation. On the same note, it’s best for a 512 MB RAM PC.

Why use bluestacks?

  • It supports multiple accounts.
  • It’s very easy to set up.
  • It’s an all-rounder emulator.
  • It has both free and premium versions.

Download here☝️

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