17 Best Plugins to Optimize WordPress Website.

You wish to make a WordPress website, and you want to know all about it and how long it will take. It takes only one hour. 17 best plugins to optimize the WordPress website. This will help you to set up your amazing website. Every blogger or niche website holder must have these WordPress plugins.

Crucial Steps for Making a WordPress Website.

Search Exciting Domain Name

17 best plugins to optimize wordpress website.

Importance of domain: – Domain name is your website’s identity. You must choose the name for your website which you like the most, but remember the following points while selecting the domain name.

1.    The domain name must be as short as possible. Because a longer domain name is hard to remember.

2.    The domain name must indicate your core niche through the domain name. Make it as close as possible to your niche. Visitor remembers a website which includes there core business keyword in the domain name.

Like if I need car rental services in my city, I will simply type “car services’ keyword in the search engine, and there is a 99% chance that the search engine will show up those websites on the first page which include “car rental” in their domain name.

3.    If you are building a website to show your hobby or interest then make sure that the domain name clearly indicates that.

4.    Many people designs website which shows their personal profile. Like artists, bloggers, social media influencers and many more. Those people select their own name as a domain name.  

Here are some websites which can help you choose your domain name.





Buy Hosting from Best Hosting Providers.

17 best plugins to optimize wordpress website.

Web world recommends hosting provider for your websites. Web hosting makes sure you not only do web hosting but also allows you to hire technicians and people who will ensure that the site is up and running 24*7

Hosting is the backbone of your website, every single aspect of hosting provider effects on your website’s performance. Slow hosting will kill your website on the web search. In 2019 competition is growing like a virus, only the fastest will survive.

Search for best-hosting providers online, take help from YouTube reviews.

Hosting providers generally have three plans Single domain, multi-domain, and business plan. A single domain plan can be suitable for personal profile websites. Multi-domain can be helpful for bloggers who own more than one niche. The business plan is very costly and only big businesses can afford it.

No one uses the business plan because it is not value for money. Now, you have to choose how long you want to commit for and people always choose one month, also do not subscribe for any unnecessary additional information. Now your hosting and domain name is done, and now you come to WordPress.

Stay away from cheap plans

Cheap plans come with cheap and unreliable services. You cannot trust these services. They usually don’t perform as per requirements, many times their servers are down and helplines are hopeless.

Avoid free hosting

Free hosting is like building a home on someone else’s land. The landowner can kick you out any time whenever they want. No matter how much hard work you have done or how much money you have spent to build that website, if that hosting is not yours then that website is not yours.

Choose your hosting wisely and buy the best plan suitable for your needs. After buying a hosting plan make necessary changes in your domain DNS settings like changing server details. If you have bought the domain name and hosting from the same provider then this will not require.

Perform Complete C Panel Setup

17 best plugins to optimize wordpress website.

The next thing you have to do as soon as your hosting gets activated is installing a suitable web design platform for your website. There are many options out of which you can choose from, but I personally recommend WordPress.

Choose the website where you want to install WordPress. This is any website that has one of your many domain names. This will be your primary website with your primary domain name.

WordPress is the fastest and simplest platform to build any website. They provide amazing free services in the form of plugins, themes, and technical support.

Make sure you have installed only the Updated WordPress version.

Setup your PHP version as the latest as possible from the “Change PHP version” section of the cpanel.

For small businesses or bloggers if you have other websites, then you can add them into the same hosting service in the add subdomain” section of c panel.

Perform Complete WordPress dashboard settings

17 best plugins to optimize wordpress website.

I especially recommend only two settings which are very important for any website,

Reading setting – You must not check “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” option because it will make you disappear from search engines.

Permalink Settings – Select the post name option and set it to https://www.yourwebsitename.com/sample-post/.

Install important plugins

17 best plugins to optimize wordpress website.

Here we come to a very important stage where we can control the performance and optimization of our website. Every plugin given in this article is specifically designed for a unique purpose. There are plenty of them in the WordPress library but we have decided to recommend only bellow plugins due to their optimal performance on the web.

17 Best Plugins for Your Website

Yoast SEO


-If you want to improve your web content, then there is a Plugin called Yoast SEO. SEO is becoming the next-gen thing, and this Plug-in gives you SEO friendly content which can improve your sales.

-SEO means search engine optimization, to appear in the first place and to maintain that place on search engine content must fulfill every condition suggested by this plugin.  

WPS Hide Login


-We must protect our website from highly potential hackers. Hackers try to login into our wp-login.php page and wp-admin directory of the website and shut it down. We can prevent this by changing the default login page URL to page new URL. 

Limit Login Attempts

-This plugin helps to limit the number of login attempts. Hackers try to guess our login credentials and login to the WordPress account. We can prevent this by limiting login attempts using this plugin. 

WPForms Lite

-Contact us form, subscription form and comment form are most used forms on any website. This simple form plugin can create all this form on click of the button. Drag & Drop function from this plugin gives easy experience to beginners.


You can have a video that talks about all the work on the website. You can also see how the site looks in HD. If someone does not like your work data they may want to spam your page with ill will comments so there is a Plugin that filters out comments that are lewd or not in good taste.

Not just lewd comments but the next Plugin will also delete waste articles that are not getting any input, waste data would all be cleaned up with this next Plugin called WP-Optimize. Nothing to drag your website down now.

WP Rocket

-One of the best plugins from WordPress, you will not believe the speed and optimization you will get from this plugin. Simple to configure and it is ready like a rocket. 

Contact Form 7

-Create your own contact form for the website, this plugin helps you to connect with your audience with just one easy form. It is so simple and flexible to create and use.


-Configure your mail by linking your mail id with Gmail, Mailgun, SendGrid, and SMTP. Easy setup and fast configuration with the help of cpanel.

TinyMCE Advanced

-TinyMCE is the advanced plugin that you can use over the classic editor. The classic editor has many limitations but TinyMCE advance doesn’t. This is a perfect visual editor for everyone.


-Elementor is very much advance in the field of page building. Build your page with this builder along with many freely available templates.  Many website designs are provided free with this plugin. This is the perfect plugin for beginners who have no knowledge of website building.


-Compress and reduce image file size up to 70% than the original size. Perfect image optimizer for your website, fewer media size increases page speed and reduces page load times. Ultimately improves the performance of your website and boost your SEO optimization.

Insert Headers and Footers

-Avoid direct editing your theme files using theme editor, you can crash your website if you do something wrong. But now it’s easy and safe with a free plugin from WordPress, it’s called Insert Headers and Footers.

Any AdSense code, API key codes or analytics code you can easily insert in header or footer with zero failure.

Cloudflare CDN

-Cloudflare CDN is a completely optional optimizer for your website. The free version from Cloudflare can increase your website speed up to 40 % and it can increase drastically more with the paid version. Cloudflare comes free with SiteGround hosting.

Cloudflare also protects your website from hacking. Many more advanced and amazing features you can get from Cloudflare CDN.

Google analytics

Track every activity on your website with this plugin. Tracking reports generated by google analytics will help you to improvise and optimize your website for better performance. A deep analysis from Google Analytics gives you full control of your website.

Advanced Ads

Insert Ad-sense code at desire place within a post or on any page with this simple plugin.

Next is your Clickdesk Live Chat if you wish to chat with your visitors.


You can have a lot of fun with what is called Wassup; it makes for an exciting experience and you can continually see what your visitors are doing such as leaving or entering a page, subscribing to newsletters and it makes you be able to connect correctly with the visitor.

Woo-commerce free plugin

When your website is a sales page, then you must get the Woo Commerce free Plugin. It gives you shipping options and payment options.

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