10 Best Xbox One Games With Realistic Graphics.

Why is an Xbox one called Xbox one? It is because the game which was made in China in the Shanghai free trade zone is all in one entertainment. X box One wins over other sports because X box One has great media. These next 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics

The audio is undoubtedly superb to the extent of being overpowering, and you get a hardcore gaming experience with Amazing 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics. We present the ultimate Xbox game’s list. Upgrade your ps2, ps3 to Xbox one and get games from Xbox store.

X box one offers excellent games every month, and you get unlimited play. Xbox one is entering its 6th year. You should know that the team behind the Xbox one is Microsoft. Some of the games are first party exclusives, some are multi-platform blockbusters, and some are indie gems.

All the below games are featured games and stand on a top 10 list.

HALO – The Must-Play Game


The first game which you must play when you are an X box one owner is the Halo game. There are the Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 games. Halo is set up in the 26th century where the player is the master chief, and he is a super-soldier.

This is an artificial intelligence game. The world is shown to be ring-shaped and which is being tried to be uncovered by the players as the players try and battle aliens.

This game has been both – commercial success and critical success. It has also been voted as one of the best games in its time. Not just that, it has been proposed as the fourth-best first-person shooter game all across the world.

The game Halo started a multimedia franchise that has earned up to 4.6 billion dollars around the globe. Bungie studios initially began the franchise. The name ‘Halo’ comes from the powerful, ring-shaped super weapons created by Forerunners to destroy the flood. 

FORZA – The Driving Game

The second game which develops a great sense of excitement among fans is the best driving game set in the British countryside and is called Forza, the scenery changes with the seasons depicted in the game. Forza surprises with a scene from the Halo and Halo fans loved that part.

This car race game says it has been developed only for experienced and keen players.  There are 450 cars in all to be collected. The weather conditions are extreme. To keep yourself warm, get the game’s purchases such as boots, and a hat is there.

CUPHEAD – A 1930s Comics Game

Cup head is the next game on the list. This game takes people back to the Disney world. This is the 1930s cartoons we are talking of. There is a collection of weapons, you get to learn super moves, and there are hidden secrets to be uncovered, and the player is meant to repay his debt to the devil.

This game is award-winning and has won the award for outstanding achievement for character animation in a video game. The game’s good for animation, the art direction is brilliant.

It is a new game so earning awards even in the debut category, the game music is out of the world, and the game has won a BAFTA for the same. The soundtrack and art and animation all have been awarded in this game.

WITCHER GAME – Great Reviews for This Game

The fourth game on X box one which every player has given good reviews is the Witcher game. This game has also been awarded game of the year. When the game level called ‘Hearts of Stone’ promises 10 hours of entertainment then the game makers are not lying. The monster is fighting the bandit, and the romance and storyline are very entertaining.

There are many in-app purchases to be made, then there is the final conquest called ‘Blood and Wine’ which is 30 hours of adventure, it is shown that till now the land was untouched by war and comprised of noble ladies but now the nation sees war, and it is not tomfoolery from the makers, it is serious gaming. You could purchase merchandise such as bags and T-shirts when you start playing and become a fan of the game.

NIER AUTOMATA – The Adult Only Game

NieR automata – become as gods edition is the fifth game on this list. The game came out in December 2018. It is a role-playing action game. 97 % of people have liked this game, and it has been rated 9 out of 10 on the game ratings, the soundtrack is pretty amazing, and the concept is equally compelling.

The idea is that machine life has landed on Earth, and they are sending humans to the moon. Yorba is shown to be reclaiming the planet earth. You would go through a rollercoaster of emotions as you play the game.

HITMAN – Sophisticated Crime Game Set In the Big City

Hitman is the sixth game on the list out of amazing 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics. It is simple yet sophisticated. At each level, you have targets; you can approach the goal or target in whichever way you want.

The location of your presence in the game could be in a market, a villa, or a hotel and you will be impressed with the details, the challenges are many and severe.

The costumes are impressive; the targets are blink and miss, if you like spy movies, then you would love the game. Hitman is both action and stealth, the motto of the player is live, kill and repeat. In the middle of the game would be some Parisian fashion shows, and the game talk’s glamor and all things beautiful.

The game shows real glamor and crime which go together even in real life and thus the concept is pretty simple with the details that are the main attraction of the game, and the overall idea is a posh culture where crimes are getting committed.

THE GARDENS BETWEEN – The Cutest Game Concept and Animation Ever

The 7th game on this list is called The Gardens Between. This game came out in 2018. It is such a cute game amidst so much crime and violence that you get to see in video games. This game offers surreal graphics, music, art, and content.

There are beautiful garden islands, two best friends are lost there, and they can manipulate time to solve the puzzle of each garden that they see around them. This is another award-winning game which is being awarded for being innovative as far as the concept is concerned, and the technology used in the game has also won an award.

These best friends can go back in the history of time, for instance, they can retrace their steps, and there are machines because of which the characters can travel to space. It is an adorable friendship game in all. The friends live in tree houses, and the beauty of the islands that is shown is beyond compare.

DISHONORED 2 – Scary Crime, Action and Adventure Game

The 8th game of the list is called Dishonored 2. It is a mix of action and adventure. Arkane Studios have developed the game. Amazing 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics.

The player gets powers, weapons, and gadgets that they have to use to win over enemies.

The graphics are realistic, and the wooden backgrounds of the site of crime are very real too. The doors of the crime scene unlock with fingerprinting, murders take place and the strategy of the game in addition to dialogues makes your hair stand and you get goosebumps if you are faint-hearted. That is what the makers of the game intended.

ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST – The Heroic Life of an Orphan

The 9th game on the list is Ori and the Blind Forest.

An orphaned character saves a forest in this game. Ori is the orphan guardian spirit, and Naru has adopted him. So, Naru is another kind spirit that raises Ori who is the orphan and who became an orphan by falling from a tree, and then there is Sein who is the eyes of the spirit tree.

Sein can shoot light to fight enemies, and Ori communicates with the forest to solve puzzles. The game won critical acclaim, and the music, art, style, and action are all heartwarming.

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER – No List Is Complete Without Some Soccer Game

The last game on the list is PES or pro evolution soccer. You get to play games of European championships; you get the latest news of the online tournaments, the regions showed on the game are Asia, America, and Europe.

The rules are clearly defined, the player has to clear the screening, and an eligibility requirement would be given, and there is a real game like cheat checking.

All miscreants and all suspicious activity would be punished, ratings of each player are given, and you could choose to be a part of your favorite team or club if you play well. Amazing 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics.

The rules of the game are simple, and just like real-life soccer, the game does not tolerate abuses and violent behavior towards other players and coaches, team and crew.

The realistic graphics would blow your mind, and the players look so human, the attitude of this pro evolution soccer game players is the replica of what you see in real life. The commentary adds the feel of real-life as well-excellent gameplay with this video game.

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