10 Best Worth Buying Non-Chinese TV Brands in 2021.

TVs are an essential part of our lounges nowadays. Everyone desires to get the best home appliances to make their houses comfortable and graceful. Due to the low quality of Chinese products including TVs and the increasing tension between India and China, no one wants to waste their money in buying Chinese products. This even gave India a chance to strengthen its TV industry. Here we are having list of “10 Best Worth Buying Non-Chinese TV Brands in 2021″.

If you have made up your mind to buy a TV from a non-Chinese brand, then you are at the right place. Here’s my handpicked list of non-Chinese TV brands that offer excellent product quality.


Philips is one of the best non-Chinese TV brands based in the Netherlands. Its televisions will add value to your well-furnished home. This brand ensures high picture quality resolution and thus, you will enjoy watching movies or even playing games.

Choose the TV that suits your needs and discover the spark of smart connectivity. This household brand is widely known for its trimmer and ultra-HD resolution and is considered more valuable than expensive brands.

Best in design:

Philips 65PUT6703S is a 65-inch LED smart TV with 4k resolution and built-in ambient lightning. Apart from 2USB ports, you can connect Wi-Fi router with it. On top of that, it comes with 2-year warranty. Philips holds first place in our list of “10 Best Worth Buying Non-Chinese TV Brands in 2021”


Onida is one of the strongest competitors in the TV industry-based in India. We also know it as Mirc electronic. Furthermore, it has been in the market for over a decade and is widely known for its picture resolution synced with premium sound.

Over the time this brand expanded and now it offers many home appliances including LED, LCD, and Plasma televisions. Buy a TV from this brand and take your entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Best TV:

Onida Full HD Smart TV is 43-inch ideal room size TV. Just connect it with Wi-Fi to stream your favorite shows. Its wide-angle view is light for your eyes. There is 1 USB port on this TV and it offers 1-year warranty.


Micromax is another non-Chinese brand and a well-known electronics company in India founded some 20 years back. Initially, it was built as a smartphone brand but now it has diversified its range. It also makes impressive TVs along with smartphones and ACs.

Micromax TVs are specifically built, keeping in view enhanced entertainment features. Based on its price range, it is a good option to consider adding a classic look to your home. With its smart TV range, delight your senses while watching movies.

Best affordable:

Micromax 32TA6445HD is a 32-inch smart LED TV. It displays HD resolution and all smart features at an affordable price with I year warranty. You can connect it to any external device, it works smoothly.


Thompson is also one of the prominent TV brands in India which specialize in making quality LEDs. This brand is becoming more and more popular in the market nowadays. Thomson TVs are well-known for their immersive visuals and cinematic sound quality.

Benefit yourself from a rich viewing experience from HD to 4K resolution with Thompson’s phenomenal range. Its sleek and elegant design will enhance the elegance of your house’s interior manifolds.

Best Android TV: 

Thomson 43-inch Oath Prois a compatible TV based on Android 9.0 pie OS and thus, supports all smart TV features. It has 2 USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi facility. Its 4K resolution will give you immersive watching experience and it comes with 1-year warranty.


Toshiba is a Japanese brand that makes budget-friendly televisions. With the quality range of this brand, you will surely receive admiring compliments from your guests. It provides its users with excellent picture resolution and an easy-to-use interface.

Turn your home into a theater by getting your hands on this brand’s spectacular television range. Toshiba offers a wide range of beautifully designed TVs that are smarter than ever before. Moreover, the phenomenal specs make it stand alone in the market.

Best for durability:

The 43-inchToshiba 43L5050 comes with a sleek design and dynamic view with Vidaa OS system designed specifically for TVs. This TV is compatible with Netflix, Prime video etc. Along with powerful Dolby audio it offers comprehensive 1-year warranty.


Just like the above brands, Samsung is also a non-Chinese TV brand founded in 1938 in South-Korea. With Samsung, you can easily find a TV to cater to your needs.  Apart from TVs, Samsung offers various home appliances and even smartphones.

Samsung televisions offer plenty of features in addition to a fantastic viewing experience. Their sturdy design will flawlessly blend with your home décor. Samsung TV range is more dynamic and has distinctive strengths.

Best stylish:

Add grace to your room with Samsung UA32T4310AKXXL, a 32-inch glossy black TV with 60 hertz refresh rate. Its wide color enhancer brings out the best in its picture. Just like other TVs, it comes with 1-year comprehensive warranty.


The next TV manufacturer on our list is a Japanese company, Sony. Being in the market since 1946 Sony has a competitive edge over other TV dealers. It wins customer’s hearts with its top-class technology. On top of that, it has a strong presence in the electronic market of India.

With the latest Sony Bravia series, feel the real-time beauty of everything. Its versatile TV range lets you enjoy lifelike visuals on-screen with a dynamic display. Sony TV range is no doubt expensive but delivers a premium quality product with a better frame.

Best Runner-up:

The best of Sony Bravia Series, 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV 55X7500H is a fully-functional Android TV with bass reflex speakers and 2 USB ports. You can even connect game console with it and it comes with 1-year warranty.


While talking about the best non-Chinese brands, one cannot sidestep Panasonic. It is also a Japanese electronics manufacturing company that came into existence in 1918. Besides, this brand goes way back to CRT television models.

As of now, its superb 4K image quality is one of the reasons for its wide presence in the electronic industry. It is unbeatable when it comes to product life and reliability. Once you install Panasonic TV, its breathtaking theater-like view will amaze you.

Best from Panasonic:

The Panasonic LED TV TH-58HX450DX is one of the very best. Its Dolby vision along with 4K Ultra-HD resolution and 60 hertz refresh rate offers all smart TV features. It also has 1 year warranty.


LG can’t be left out in the race of best non-Chinese TV brands. This South-Korean brand covers a great deal and has grown immensely since 1947. LG has paved its way into the list of best TV brands by ensuring a premium quality product and excellent resolution.

In the race of OLED technology, LG surely wins the ground as it was the first brand to focus on this technology. Additionally, this brand outperforms the competition because of its exceptional reliability and outstanding sound quality.

Best overall:

LG 55UN7300PTC with 4K display and built-in Alexa feature is ideal TV for smooth and real-life entertainment experience and gaming. With 2 USB ports and Wi-Fi router connection its easy to use. Lastly, it has 1-year warranty.

Shinco India

Shinco is an Indian TV brand launched in 2018 under the parent company Videotex International. In a short time span, this brand earned a really good reputation. Moreover, keeping in view customers’ needs, Shinco offers a broad range of affordable LED televisions with a wide-screen.

Also, its breathtaking picture quality will fulfill your satisfaction of viewing your favorite movies in HD resolution. The wide-screen of Shinco smart TV will let you see even the minute content details very clearly.

Best Range:

With the Android 8 operating system of Shinco SO43AS, binge Netflix, stream live movies and news. Its quantum luminit technology works like a charm. This TV provides 60 Hertz refresh rate and 1-year warranty.


Our list of “10 Best Worth Buying Non-Chinese TV Brands in 2021” covers all price-range, television manufacturers. This is not an order-based list but includes all brands you should consider when buying a TV. Similar to mobile features, TV features also vary from brand to brand.

We hope that this list will help you in making a wise decision. While choosing a TV make sure to pick one that fits well with your home decor. Too big size in a small room will wear your eyes out. So, be careful and think wisely.

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